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HLA Pathfinder


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The HLA Pathfinder is a medium range exploration ship with all the bells and whistles.

Only Sold As Blueprint
FREE for Ghidorah MK2 Owners, 2M for everyone else

This is a min/maxed ship that doesn't waste ore or credits to build and is designed to a very high degree of quality. We never just throw cables/ducts/etc... around in a lazy way. This is an optimized and clean build taking advantage of all the SSC and Yolol tricks.

Distance: 4800km

Overview and Quickstart Video

Ship company Discord:
please purchase the ship from the pathfinder-aa info channel on discord or contact Darkyshadow in the HLA discord for any questions, concerns, or issues

  • Navigation Recorder
  • Max Speed 150m/s (Of Course!)
  • Asteroid/Collision Avoidance (HLA is known for our premium and trustworthy AA)
  • AutoCruise (Just set a distance and press a button, the ship will go that distance and stop)

    Full Navigation:
  • ISAN, Compass, Autopilot, 30 Waypoint Memory
  • Waypoint Editing from Cockpit
  • Waypoints Preloaded with Origins, EOS Belt Positions (Center/Edge), and Special Points of Interest
  • 16 Crates just in case you need some storage, maybe crafting, maybe extra ice/exo for a really long trip, or maybe you just found something and really want to take a picaxe to it =)


  • 4800km (Fuel/Prop Matched)
  • 4800km Propellant (6 Large)
  • 2400km per set of 4 Rods, There is one extra set ready to use for a total of: 4800km

Strength 3.53


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Happy Little Accidents
Anthony5002 (Aj)#8991 | Acidjr#5661 | DarkShad#0801
Aja | Acidjr | Darkyshadow
Origin 2


Ore Crates:

16 crates

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Explorer

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Multicrew
    • Automated