Happy Little Accidents



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HEAT UPDATED A complete redesign of the classic free bp with some of the best open source and many never before seen proprietary yolol systems for mining...

384 Ore Crates
4 Mining Lasers, 2 Ore Collectors
150m/s Unloaded Speed, 130m/s Typical Wet (Mixed Ore), 100m/s Full Lukmium
Fast Travel Gate Supports, Propellant Refill Station 2nd Cockpit on Time, Connected Fulltime and Properly Buffered The Best Approach In The Game with Auto Asteroid Alignment/Centering on Approach
These are custom systems designed by an engineer with 15+ years xp in control systems Full Navigation, Autopilot and an awesome Collision Avoidance System
Credit for Nav Systems : Archaegeo, Firestar99, FixerID, Thaccus

Overview and Quickstart Video

Ship is for sale as BP only for 500K credits.
Note: The price is low and reasonable so everyone can have access to an awesome ship and promote new features and concepts. Sharing BPs on an already reasonable price is hurtful to us and the community.

Ship company Discord:
please purchase the ship from the rodan-xl-aa info channel on discord

--- Mining System Highlights ---

  • Automated Asteroid Approach - ImprovedPID Profiled Motion Controller by Darkyshadow, the smoothest & safest automatic flight algorithm to an asteroid. More details and a manual of this algorithm can be found on my Personal Github: https://github.com/GameName-Darkyshadow/Starbase
  • Asteroid Alignment on Approach - by Darkyshadow, helps to align the ship and keep it centered on the asteroid before and during approach. This is a new and never before released system that thus far is only found on this ship.
  • Automine - Automatically engages the mining lasers and ore collectors
  • Autopulse - Automatically monitors Generator Warmup and pulses lasers until power can fully sustain the 4 lasers at 100%.
  • Mining Laser Oscillating Pattern or Fixed Pattern, User Selectable
  • Long Range Scanners - Estimates asteroid size from up to 1000 meters away
  • Automated Material Scanner

--- Navigation System Highlights ---

  • 30 Waypoints
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Autopilot
  • Compass, Manual Waypoint Editing from Pilot Seat, Heading

--- Other Systems ---

  • Realtime Speedometer - MoriWatari Cargolock method - Improved for 0.2s refresh, Works on the moon and outside ISAN range!
  • Odometer, high accuracy, Works on the moon and outside ISAN range!
  • Flipup Reticle - Just for fun =)
  • Fuel Rod and Propellant Time/Distance Remaining calculated from Realtime Speed, Works on the moon and outside ISAN range!
  • Status Display with Realtime Speed, Odometer, Safezone, Station Placement Ability, Ship Strength Factor, Durability
  • Pitch and Yaw Trim, just incase you end up with a really uneven weight distribution that causes a slight pull in a direction while trying to fly straight. I haven't had to use this yet in all my testing, but it's there just in case.

Recent Additions: Refueling Station with Medium Tanks, Resource Bridges and Progress Bars on top of ship Backup Cockpit

16 T2 Chambers, 48 T2 Generators, 38 Batteries 18 Medium Propellant Tanks 56 T2 Triangle Thrusters 112 T2 Box Thrusters 32 Maneuvering Thrusters

NOTE: All bugs and issues in the original Rodan Free BP have been fixed. These include but are not limited to: ore crate bolting & mass issues, offset thrusters, thruster naming issues, minor flight control issues with reverse, offset propellant tanks, and structural issues at max mass. This ship looks similar but has been almost entirely redesigned and thoroughly tested. Feedback I've received thus far from many testers is that this is one of the most pleasurable ships to mine in because of how well all the systems work with each other and how smooth the controls.

Lifetime Updates and customization upon request. This is a design that I will continue to maintain with the latest community yolol improvements as well as my own yolol improvements.


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1 year ago


Good and Sturdy ship, crshed into

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Good and Sturdy ship, crashed into nox station lost front pilot seat, thruster and crates.
The extra seat and control on top saved my hauls and was able to take me ship back to origin.
AAS is good enough to stay afk while going to Z5 and front asteroid bumper does it's job pretty well.

1 year ago

Bernie EccleZone#3999

The Rodan XL AA is absolute perfect ship -> I love it!
You built in so many quality-of-life-features, long range scanners, auto-avoid, auto-align, auto-approach, flight profiles and much more stuff ...
There's no other ship on the market with those features!
Strongly recommended

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


From now on my favorite ship, Really nice one.

1 year ago


Great ship. Paid for its self with one good mining run to the moon belt.

Happy Little Accidents
Anthony5002 (Aj)#8991 | Acidjr#5661 | DarkShad#0801
Aja | Acidjr | Darkyshadow
Origin 2

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

251,702 credits

Warp Class:



2,300 km


Ore Crates:

384 crates

Resource Bridges:

3 bridges


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

95 m/s


380,000 units


48,000 eps


56,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

120 units

Secondary Thrusters:

16 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

32 units

Flight Time:

5.32 hrs

Required Ores


60.4 stacks


13.7 stacks


1.2 stacks


165.1 stacks


128.3 stacks


11 stacks


32.4 stacks


0.2 stacks


0.2 stacks


15.1 stacks


85.1 stacks

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated
    • Warp