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Big Bigger Orus The Orus is a massive Cargo Hauler with a whopping 1440 Crates. It is powered by 16 T2 fuel Rods and 48 T2 generators Radiators and Gens can sustain multible Lasers and Collectors at 100% for safe zone mining.

  1. 4 Big Rangefinder panels scan the Horizon in front of you giving audio signals in case of detection.
  2. The Main thrust system is comprised of 40 T2 Box Thrusters and a 6 Ring Plasma. This ship will reach 100m/s empty. (PTU tested) Loaded: less... 3.8 T2 Box Thrusters for Breaking and 32 T2 Box Thrusters for Maneuvering
  3. 20 Batteries 19.7 Mio weight 54 Mio Tank

This has been a passion Project of mine and its far from perfect. Obviously it has a very large surface area so you have to work around that. Also the ship is not very fast especially loaded. I definitely recommend having an escort. Multiply its speed by the number of times you would otherwise have to go back and forth. It is possible to force more Plasma Rings on it but due to voxel limit you will have to make sacrifices for example Backthrusters. The beam structure is very strong and will allow a fast travel core almost everywhere but again voxel limit.

Few things will ever beat a box in terms of efficiency, i however strife for a healthy balance between creative and useful, this has been my biggest attempt at that so far. The Ship is ready to go from the buy i do however recommend buying the BP to customize for personal needs and not miss out on the massive amount of research points that are packed into this ship. Disclaimer the RF Panels do not replace or constitute AA since its pointless with these dimensions and there are no defensive systems like plating, this ship is soley meant to carry maximum payload in a safe environment like empty space of sz.


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2 months ago


dry speed is a 100 m/s, wet will be around 75% to 50% of that depending on payload

2 months ago


What are the dry and wet speeds on it?

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Ore Crates:

1,440 crates

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