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[Free] OSA Migo Mk3

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A cheap 2 gun meta fighter, an experiment in making a small ship while maintaining meta armour techniques. Comes in autocannon, laser and plasma variants.

4th of 6 free ships to be released everyday leading up to Eos Con.



2 mounted weapons with a staggered fire trigger system.

Shoot_1+ and Shoot_2+ are your triggers, bind these to your weapon hotkey (space by default).

Rapidfire button switches between staggered fire (gun 2 will stagger behind gun 1 creating a machine gun effect) and alpha strike (both guns fire together).

BoostMin and BoostMax act as a aim keybind without yolo (yolo is avoided where possible due to the 0.2 delay) these should ALWAYS be bound to the same key.

Ship is set to both fly and aim at a smooth sensitivity (tune to your taste), Boost keybind removes these limits allowing for faster pitch/yaw.

This can be altered to be the more common method of aiming, having higher sense as standard, and having the ships pitch/yaw slow down for aiming. (Swap the BoostMin/BoostMax Off values with its On values, remember to set it in the pitch/yaw lever fields too)

Armoured using known methods of meta plating, including big plate health, voxel armour, segmented and layered plating and plasma/rail sacrifice plates.

Its primarily plated using alloys, char is used in the prow mounted gun armour (voxel armour).

142 m/s max speed using T2 thrusters.

502681.312 kg in weight.

Two small prop tanks for 2 million prop, 1 hours 20 mins estimated flight time.

1 T1 fuel chamber, 1 T1 generators, 3 T1 enhancers.

Uses basic FCU, no reverse, roll is performed using Roll_L and Roll_R buttons, this is to allow fast handling by isolating the roll thrusters from the FCU/MFC.

Entry is through a small gap on both sides of the glass.


Aeg 2.6 stacks (4460 kv)

Aja 0.6 stacks (994 kv)

Ali (Alloy) 0.3 stacks (588 kv)

Bas 9.8 stacks (17003 kv)

Bas (Alloy) 3.2 stacks (5453 kv)

Cha 7.8 stacks (13463 kv)

Exo 0.5 stacks (940 kv)

Glass (Alloy) 0.7 stacks (1289 kv)

Ice 1.4 stacks (2408 kv)

Kar 0.1 stacks (192 kv)

Kut 0.1 stacks (172 kv)

Nhu 3.0 stacks (5122 kv)

Vok 8.8 stacks (15261 kv)

Total ore 39.0 stacks (67345 kv)

Assembly cost 51874 credits

Manufacturing cost 315494 credits

Total cost 367398 credits

Stats based on autocannon, laser and plasma versions will differ.


"bigger is better" is very often the name of the game in starbase.

This does not help the new combat pilot/designer when starting out, but only those with skill issues ignore the value of micro fighters.

The first advantage is low cost, this ship can be swarm built by players starting out or by experienced players/corps.

This is important for lowering the risk of PvP, allowing even the newest of pilots to get flight time in combat.

The second advantage is tempo, micro swarms are constant, hard to hit, and a waste of time to focus fire, giving new pilots breathing room is large battles.

When used to supplement larger fighters, these micro's act as a reserve fleet for downed pilots of bigger ships, keeping the tempo of the fight in your favour.

The third advantage is dogfights in gravity, the larger the ship, the harder it is to orbit fight without loosing altitude.

When fighting larger ships, they will have to pitch/yaw or apply strafe thrust to manage grav, where as you wont need to nearly as much, flying low to the ground will allow you to force this, causing the larger ship to break off to manage altitude, the perfect chance for you to score free hits.

It is also better to engage endos is smaller ships, as there is little risk of boarding, and large ships have better things to shoot at.


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Kai's Basement

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

51,874 credits


Dry Weight:

502,681.312 kg

Dry Max Speed:

142 m/s


2,000,000 units


Flight Time:

1.2 hrs

  • Role
    • Fighter

  • Features
    • Weapons