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[free] JellyBean travaler


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  • TEST FLY BEFORE PRINT (also are you sure you are supposed to be here?)
  • The full-size version of jelly bean traveler aka Navlogger prototype #6
  • Designed to be a staged nav logger (exploration) ship for deep-empty space navigation chip logging
  • use with caution, reduce tank as needed
  • download here
  • credit to duke and rain for the fuel time script
  • tips for using the ship
  1. calculate the flight time needed to reach the target, and reduce propellant tank and box thruster in a 16:4 (or 8:2 as you can remove diagonally paired box thrusters) ratio.(if you care about that part of the cost.
  2. pack raw exorium and bolt on to the racks made for them at the back of the ship, depending on the flight time carry 2~8 of them, and pack the crafted empty chip into the nav logger or bolt them onto the frame somewhere. AVOID storing recorded chips on ship structure(for any longer than a minute) AT ALL COST.
  3. change the "prop" field on the active set of prop tank to "pp" to get the prop time est working.

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5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


fuck off and learn to read.

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago

Comte Cetric de Cornusiac#3889

And complaining is not spamming. Do it right and you don't get complaints, pal.

5 months ago


A lot of appreciation to Satomi, cause that's an awesome ship and it's FREE!

5 months ago

Comte Cetric de Cornusiac#3889

never had to edit keybind via v -key so this is a first for me, thanks for answering, I will try that.

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


Those are individual levers below the seat, you are supposed to bind the + side of those lever to your hotkey, and no you can not have normal controls, the Yolol would be laggy and heavy(abit).
edit: wait you know you can edit keybind with V(when seated in a pilot chair) rite..

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago

Comte Cetric de Cornusiac#3889

and the instructions bolted to the seat don't give me the solution either. What the hell are PU, PD, YL, YR, RR, RL and where to find???

impossible to maneuver, why this can't have regular keybinds like every other ship? I have no idea how to configure the controls so I do not bump against Origin structures when leaving ship designer.

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago


Thanks!!! perfect

1 year ago


This ship is a no brainer choice to go long distances and save a nav chip. It's literally 1/100th the price of a solar/plasma ship or better and goes further at a full speed 150m/s. It's not a big deal to lose or ditch the ship with an insurance transfer. Why would you use anything else, when this is orders of magnitude better in every way and the bp is free... Thanks for putting this out there

1 year ago


i'm 1 week into a trip with this. incredibly reliable ship, very good at what it was designed to do.

1 year ago


just what i was looking for - thanks for putting out the free BP!

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Common Statistics


140,000 km


Dry Weight:

2,500 kg

Wet Weight:

2,790 kg

Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

145 m/s


80,000 units


6,000 eps


768,000,000 units



0 m

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