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Reclind LCAEG MK2

ITC Shipyard


Primary Thrusters: 8 units

**Reclind LCAEG MK2** - **IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THE RECLIND MK1 YOU WILL GET A 50% DISCOUNT** - **Aegisium Plated.** - **Single Seated Fighter** - **4 Front Facing Laser-Cannons.** - **8 T2 Triangle T3 Nozzle Thrusters (Main)** - **16 Maneuver Thrusters** - **1 Resource Bridge** - **2 T2 Fuel Chambers** - **6 T2 Generators** - **4 Small Propellant tank** - **4 Batteries** - **Advanced Yolol Scripts & Eco scripts for a longer non-combat flight time** - **2 Hours Flight** - **Durability Error readout** - **Single Navigation Receiver ** - **All hatches close when combat mode is engaged** - **Designer: {ITC}Chesty** - *Need this BP modified to your needs before purchase? Feel free to DM me on discord to discuss*

BP: 450 K




Primary Thrusters: 272 units

The Wyvern-Innovations T10 is a large warpable freighter with a capacity of 1116 Creates. It is inexpensive because it does not use Plasma-Engines, but it still achieves 149m/s when empty. A sophisticated system of tripod turret cradles makes work difficult for any pirate, even without a crew. The engine room is protected by double armor made of charodium. In addition, there is a redundant emergency cockpit with all functions in the armored engine room. The main cockpit offers space for the pilot, co-pilot and one passenger. It contains understandable controls and a switchable HUD. --- ## Features: - Proven asteroid evasion system even at full Speed - "Compass" from Firetar99 for an easy Navigation - Easy Destination set throug progressbars - Save the current Position with a single click and if needed set them as the new Destination - Fuel and Propellant ind % and in time - Anti-leakage system in the event of damage to pipes - Generator script - Repair system - Transponder timer (ping) that can be set via progressbar - Real speed display via cargo lock - Doubble charodium layer armor for the engine room - Emergency cockpit with all control and display systems - 2 advanced tripod turret cradles in the rear, which cover a very large part of all potential attack vectors --- ## Ship data: - 1116 Crates Rated to 40,000kg per crate - 272 Main Box T2 Thrusters (T3 Nozzles) - 44 Box T2 Maneuvering and Braking - 16 Fuel Chamber with 48 T2 Generators - 16 Enhancer Module T1 - 6 Large Propellant Tanks - 116 Range Finders - Speed (Empty): 149 m/s - Speed (20T): 102m/s - Propellant Range (Empty): 1096km - Propellant Range (20T): 734km - Weapons: 2 Advanced-Tripod-Turret-Cradles - Generator Tier: T2 - Thruster Tier: T2 - Mininglaser: No - Ore-Scanner: No - Asteroid Avoidance: YES - Fast Travel Core: YES

Ship: 7 M




Primary Thrusters: 18 units

Mid range heavy weapon fighter with lots of suprises for your enemies. - ISAN 2.5 (Quad) - remaining rod and fuel time display. - all Aegesium armored to keep the weight low. - ndividualy adjustable yaw and pitch sensibility. - 3 double autocannons (6 in total) and 2 single plasma cannons (hidden inside the ship). - 2 emergency passenger seats. - all weapons can be powered off to save energy and go back online if you hit the fire button. - small cargo frame for more ammo mags. - 14 T2 Triangle and 4 T2 Box Thrusters push you through space - 28 Maneuvering thrusters 2 T2 Box Reverse Thusters and 4 T2 Triangle Trusters keep you extremly maneuverable - 9.000.0000 propellant, 2 T2 Fuel chambers and 12 T2 generators with 25 small batteries - one spare fuel rod - very automated but the cockpit instruments informs you about everything. - 2,5 h of flight time

Ship: 2.5 M
BP: 600 K

AMP GP-106

Ser Bus


Ore Crates: 504 crates

THE asteroid dodging extraordinaire! The ship is ONLY 3.5 CRATES thin. EXTREMELY SLIM profile makes asteroid avoidance unbelievably reliable. AFK cruising to Zone 5 is no longer a pipe dream! - High tech avoidance script, with automatic braking and resume, it'll remember your previous throttle setting when resume from braking, average ~1000-2000km between asteroid hits, and have not lost anything more than a few plates thus far after over 40 hours of live testing. WARNING: The ship is at MAX voxel length! Do not attempt to change heading while cruising out of safezone! Stop the ship before making pitch/yaw inputs! - Ridiculously overbuilt generator and propellant setup, 10.5 hours flight time before even needing to change fuelrods. No need to ever warm up generators. - 32 spare fuelrods, this is in case they bug out and you need to get home. With this kind of endurance I doubt you will ever be changing rods in the field. - Basic bare-bones mining laser homing setup, no buggy turret cradles. - Includes BOTH 30 point ISAN-Waypoint system and Compass system. - Fuel/Propellant time estimates. - Of course, generator script. - Minimalist cockpit design, no BS, no fluff, only useful info and useful buttons. - No plasma thrusters, just good old angled box thrusters so replacing the ship will not cost an arm and a leg. - Backup cooling cells and overbuilt radiator setup, keep going even if they are damaged! - Fast travel core already built in. - Adjustable pitch/yaw sensitivity.

BP: 5 M


Slavic federation


Dry Max Speed: 150 m/s

light fighter armament: 4 x lasers

Ship: 900 K

Titan Plow

Roman Shipyard


Ore Crates: 960 crates

Capable of demolishing T10 asteroids with ease, the Titan Plow is the latest in shipping lane clearance technology. Equipped with a bucket 4x as large on its face as the Roid Plow, 20 mining lasers in a pulse configuration, and 7 ore collectors, and 960 ore crates, and 14 rings of plasma thrust, this ship is more than capable of handling all safezone mining operations without compromise. Best used solo. Terms of Purchase: You may not resell this in any form. You may not print more than 367 copies of this ship per blueprint. You may not share this blueprint on Pirate Bay,, or any other public sharing site, Discord, or other medium. You may not telepathically transfer this blueprint.

BP: 3 M

Thunder Clap

TTL Industries


Primary Thrusters: 8 units

Thunder Clap is a compact single plasma sniper that comes equipped with adequate power to operate while keeping the ship as small as possible. Great for sniper support a long side your friends during dog fights. Ammo doors included where the resource bridge and weapon is located and with the possibility of changing on of the propellant tanks in the same place. Back hatch for easy access for fuel rod change. 1 Plasma cannon installed. Speed - 150 m/s ISAN mono installed. Combat and ECO generator Yolol modes. Fuel time script to give clear indications of fuel/gas time remaining, also with a generator off switch that can be activated once both combat and ECO are disabled. T3 triangle thrusters with T2 converters. 75% Charodium plating and the rest is Aegisium. !Blueprint only! - 250k Credits.

BP: 250 K




Primary Thrusters: 192 units

Buy fullship and you'll get blueprint chip for free when it comes to game!! Just a giant cargo lock frame ship. Can hold up 960 cargo crates of voxel inside with max virtual mass without durability error. Speed 150m/s empty, ~90m/s depend what you load. Ship size is 42m x 30m x 17m which is one of the biggest cargo lock frame ship you can find. Comes with 'Portable Tractor beam' now. Stack up asteroid even better with your own hand. Additional features : Cargo lock beam front and back for safety and easier stack up asteroid. Sound alarm and light alarm warns you if cargo lock beam activated. Interior plates for minimize asteroid lose Ore Scanner with stacks calculator NAV beam Isan 2.0 Cruise, turtle Generator control BP price : 990k temporary until blueprint chip is in-game. I'll sell blueprint chip in 490k! Ship price : 4mil Without ores 1.7mil with ores but ship price can be change by ore prices and real life occupied situation.

Ship: 1.7 M
BP: 990 K




Ore Crates: 200 crates

ZONE 5 ! ----- // Very loong but smal Profile 8x15m for maneuvring through AsteroidBelt. Asteroid Avoidence System Automated Laser System: (simulare to that one on the OKI Magnus) 2 Laser 2 Collector 1 Scanner free space for Fast Travel Core. 65m/s without Plasma T2Generators - 4Ring Plasma 3.73 warp fully loaded And everywhere Space to upgrade/repair easy. 1 Player ship. Zone 5 able. was alrdy few times there and get Corazium back 200 crates made me 5 mill. but yea, its a few hour trip. but mostly AFK over the belt the Dive in. U might wanna take Exorium with u for refill ur rods when go zone 5.

Ship: 5 M
BP: 1 M




Battery: 40,000 units

75000 + Ore or 200420 total. The Lance is a small handheld dual mining laser setup. The Lasers converge a bit less than 20 Meters away. The Lasers pulse by default, but this can easily be changed if you have the power to support them. You will need a Cargo lock frame or cargo lock beams to transport them with your ship as The Lance is too large to fit in your inventory. You also must link the Lance to another ship with a properly configured resource bridge, or it will run out of power.

Ship: 75 K

Quasimodo v1.5



Ore Crates: 169 crates

The ship called Quasimodo is a medium versatile mining ship. Capable of performing many peaceful tasks. ๐™Ž๐™ฅ๐™š๐™š๐™™. The ship is equipped with T2 engines with T3 nozzles., accelerating it to 136m / s empty and 100m / s fully loaded. ๐™‚๐™š๐™ฃ๐™š๐™ง๐™–๐™ฉ๐™ค๐™ง๐™จ ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™™ ๐™›๐™ช๐™š๐™ก. 12 T1 generator fuel chambers. 30 spare fuel rods. 50,000,000 propellants provide a travel range of about 1,700 km in one direction. ๐™ˆ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™ค๐™ฅ๐™ฅ๐™ค๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™ช๐™ฃ๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™š๐™จ. There are 169 modular ore cargo crate. The ship is equipped with 8 adjustable mining lasers, 2 ore collectors, 1 mineral scanner, 3 resource bridges. In addition, the ship is equipped cargo lock beam allowing to transport large asteroids. ๐™”๐™ค๐™ก๐™ค๐™ก ๐™จ๐™ฎ๐™จ๐™ฉ๐™š๐™ข๐™จ. The ship is equipped with an automatic approach to asteroids and an active avoidance system. ISAN. Mining laser control - 3 beam modes and auto sweep system ๐™Š๐™ฉ๐™๐™š๐™ง ๐™ฅ๐™ค๐™จ๐™จ๐™ž๐™—๐™ž๐™ก๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™š๐™จ. All 3 workbenches are installed on board the ship, medium cargo frames for grabbing cargo, pullout panels for bolting personal tools and weapons, special seat for observation and control of the cargo lock beam. 8 passenger seats.

BP: 1.5 M

Viper FP MkI

Werwรถlfe Fighter Brigade


Primary Thrusters: 10 units

The Viper FP is the Release Version of WWs First Fighter as a cheap and replaceable fighter. Its intended use is as an scout and escord vessel, it has a total range of 1158km with a fuel time of 7.68h and a propellent time of 2.62h and can escort haulers deep into zone 3 for zone 4 and beyond I would recommend a pocket gas station or a tanker ship for propellent refueling. On order as soon as I receive the order I will contact you for an appointment. In the first appointment the customer can then test fly the Viper FP and can add modifications (armor change 10K fee + ores, stock armor is aegesium 6 stacks armor material is needed) (Custom paintjob 10k fee) after that the customer states how long it will take to get the ores and credits and a second appointment is set (you can perpare in advance if you know what armor you want, painting takes about 30 min usually) Discounts Fighters are made to fly in squads this is reflected in our discount system 2 or more Vipers -5% per Fighter (22,500 credits) 5 or more Vipers -10% per Fighter (45,000 credits) + Free modifications (except armor ores) 10 or more Vipers-15% per Fighter (62,500 Credits)+ Free modifications (except armor ores) Customer service all Vipers get an FP-XX serial number by order of production, this is to link the blueprints to the customers when your fighter gets destoryed or lost you can order a replacement for just the ore and assembly costs given no further modifcations are made. Repair service for minor damage like a lost wing (everything small enough to drag and weld/bolt back on) Disclaimer Blueprint is not for sale only the ship price equals 150% of the assembly costs, ores are rounded to full stacks Appointments preferably with discord voice calls English or German

Ship: 715 K


United Mole Enterprise


Ore Crates: 400 crates

The OCT-400 was in the first set of ships developed by UME in EA. It was designed in a record of 3 days to account for the new release of Starbase. Features a large 3-person bridge, dedicated multipurpose room, boarding ramp, room to add crafting benches to catwalks, ports to connect weapons or tools, fuel efficiency code, and more.

Ship: 2.5 M
BP: 4.5 M

"Bob" The Bruiser



Primary Thrusters: 6 units

**You like cruisin' and doing a bit of bruisin'? Well do I have a deal for you!** **The "Bob" is a Light Fighter** and might sound like a calm and fun fella, but the performance is all serious business: the maneuverability is honed to perfection, the sights have been aligned to a T, and it contains all necessary functionality without any compromises. - No complex rules for operating: just press the big red button and set your sights on the enemy combatant/poor miner! - Big Charodium plates where they matter the most with a second layer of Aegisium when needed - 2 well covered autocannons - ISAN Mono ready, meaning that the yolol, hardpoint, and display are configured but the receiver is optional/can be installed afterwards - A cozy and secure cockpit with an unobstructed view and all the combat goodies: Aim/Turbo-modes, Combat-mode, adjustable sensibility, informative displays - A t2 fuel chamber with 2 well-tuned t2 gens and a small prop tank that will get you cruisin' at about 148 m/s for a couple of hours - A light 300 ton weight that'll save you money and resources - A placement and a resource-bridge for a tripod+gunner - Dumpy asteroid shaped looks that are hard to love but even harder to hit Customizations on request! Price negotiable if you got the ores/guns. *If you're on a bruisin' job or just looking to clear a mob: Hop on the Bob!*

Ship: 333 K

Mini Roid Netter



Primary Thrusters: 36 units

New to the game but can't afford a larger ship yet? Introducing the Mini Roid Netter, the smaller brother of the Roid Netter and the Roid Catcher! Comprised completely of Tier 1 components, and in a smaller compact design, this is a perfect ship for new players who want to haul asteroids for a great profit margin. Fly out to the belt at max speed, catch your asteroids, then pass the asteroids off to one of your 3 cargo lock frames with the automated locking system. Powered by 24 Tier 1 Generators configured in an optimal layout, with 8 Tier 1 Fuel Chambers. Capable of 150 m/s when empty and full, unless you've really packed those roids in! Specs: - Double layered cargo lock beam net using 40 cargo lock beams - 3 cargo lock frame sections - Ore Scanner - Mono Isan - 8 Tier 1 Fuel Chambers - 24 Tier 1 Generators - 19 Batteries Ship Features Include: - Fully labelled ergonomic cockpit - Automated cargo lock frame locking system - Guide Rangefinders to line up asteroids - Automatic Generator Management - Snail (5%) and Turtle Mode (30%) Price: - 1.5mil Credits or 800k Credits + Ore

Ship: 1.5 M

Silent Mist

Dawnstar Shipyard


Dry Max Speed: 150 m/s

Want something quiet and hard to track? Something quick, very maneuverable, and no trail to be seen!? Silent Mist is the stealth ship you have been looking for! Super cheap to build and easily disposable if you can pirate another big ship!! Ship BP comes equipped with 1 Fuel Chamber(T3) and 3 Gen units(T3), 2 autocannons, 1mil prop, and 8 batteries for a continuous dog fight. Cheap BP + Cheap Ship = EZ fun DM me on discord for more details. Enjoy! Company Discord: (Request for the business center) -Defalco

BP: 125 K




Ore Crates: 336 crates

Price only credits - 4000000 Credits and ore - 3000000 + ore What is flugegeheimen? - Approach, updatet avoid-asteroid system, 8 lasers with script, good speed ( 110 on isan, but i think is lie) scanner, good control settings, really god ship for farm in pvp zones.

Ship: 3 M
BP: 500 K


Sousou Industries


Dry Max Speed: 145 m/s

This ship is a huge amount of research and optimization. It's an armored fighter equipped with 8 weapons and a double layer of charodium. What makes this ship unique ? - Outstanding maneuverability with a huge power of push from bellow and brake ! - Full access to any part of the ship, a repair facility that no other ship has with an unique engine room ! - A perfectly aligned center of mass and thruster for perfect optimization ! - An incredible maximum speed of 145 m/s ! - Unusual firepower with the possibility of putting 8 weapons ! - A ship full of technology : ( Combat Mode, Auto Generator Management, Ship Status Panel, ISAN, Cruise, Turtle ) - Double layers of large charodium plates to withstand any assault ! - A Fast Travel Support for the moon ! - A fully open cockpit to have control over the battle ! - A price to get out of only 200,000 credits, enough to build an entire fleet. - And finally to complete a flight time of 7 hours enough to go around the galaxy ! The first day of its creation, this ship was tested on the moon, The result was the destruction of 4 fighters as well as 7 kills, and the ship had almost nothing except bullet impacts on the beams which did not not even pierce the first charodium plate. The last screen contains an example of a ship destroyed by the behemot in just 10 seconds. I can assure you that with this ship you have never been so safe !

BP: 500 K

Mav Runner [FREE]

Karmani Designs


Item Crates: 0 crates

**The Mav Runner** It is a long flight time Asteroid Hauler for those long grind sessions. While She might not be the fastest when carrying those 3xT10 Asteroids at 90-100 m/s. She makes up in the 7 hour flight time of non-stop hauling, keeping the downtime to a minimum While making 1.2 - 2 mill a run. While she is built to haul roids, we have noticed that she makes a good fuel rod/propellant tank hauler when your friend goes full stupid on ya and forgets to refuel. She's also a pretty fancy girl with some Yolo behind her skirt. **Yolo Includes The Following Features** Auto Locking Frames Using Range Finders Frame Override Buttons in case the auto-lock bugs out (Rarely happens when grabbing asteroid too quick) Gen Mode Hud With four different Selectors Shutdown, Auto, Half, and Override A run Time Calculator for both Propellant and Fuel And plenty of open YOLO racks for your codes and features you would like to add She also comes with the basic buttons like Turtle, Cruise, Guide, and a handful of others for the Auto Locking Frames and overrides. If you would like the BP Please message me on discord @ Rainy April#0029



Spacetraveller inc


Ore Crates: 760 crates

Large mining ship with 760 crates, 7 lasers, 147 m/s unladen, 96 million propellant (~2000 km range), full visibility cockpit to find t10 roids, powerful up and down strafe for orbital flight and asteroids avoidance, 24 fuel chambers, 70 generators, 48 spare rods right next to the fuel chambers for easy maintenance, detachable warp core. Yolol scripts : - isan 2.5 mono - compass by Firestar99 - automatic asteroid avoidance (including titans) to fly for hours without looking at your screen - asteroid auto approach by Whitestrake - material scanner with display in stacks Terms of Purchase: Please do not redistribute this blueprint ;)

Ship: 4.8 M
BP: 450 K


<>Phoenix Industries<>


Dry Max Speed: 150 m/s

V7mk2 is agile medium fighter -price is 900k credits only / 600k with ores / 400k with ores and weapons -150m/s in 4 sec -6x autocannon ( inside ) -ISAN,ECO,FlyTime,SafeBAT -80% Charodium 20% aegisium plating

Ship: 600 K

Not Enough Asteroids

Not Enough Shipyards


Primary Thrusters: 288 units

**Are you tired of crawling to origin with your asteroids? Are you tired of ships claiming false speeds under load?** Well, me too! The Not Enough Asteroids is the new best asteroid hauler in town. Capable of carrying 3 maximum sized asteroids, this puppy will never go lower than 140m/s while carrying any mix of 3 maximum sized asteroids (only applies to Charodium, Bastium, Vokarium, Nhurgite or ligther asteroids). Due to it's max speed and simple design, Not Enough Asteroids is both more profitable and much cheaper than most miners. You will be expected to make on average between 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 credits per run. # **Other Features:** --- - Enough propellant for 1-2 runs (depending on your skill and luck) - Enough fuel for 2-3 runs (also depending on your skill and luck) - Automatically manages generators - Automatically throttles thrusters down for a brief moment to avoid batteries being completely depleted - ISAN + Compass system by Firestar99_ ([How to use]( - Scanner and range finders - Customizable pitch, yaw and roll sensitivity controls with 10 pre-sets - Ship strength factor of 20.350, making it the asteroid hauler of choice if you pretend to adventure into danger zone - Great manoeuvrability along all axis. Trust me, you don't want to run your sensitivity at maximum # **Frequently Asked Questions** --- โ€€ ## **Where do I buy the blueprint?** Create a ticket on the SSS Discord or message me on discord, SmOkEwOw#0398 ## **Why is my ship turning by itself?** This happens if you don't center your asteroids well enough. Check your center of mass and move asteroids around to center it. To check your center of mass, open your durability overlay, the center of mass matches the left side of the "Ship strength factor" text. ## **How is this profitable? Maximum sized asteroids are so hard to find.** Maximum sized asteroids are not as rare as you might think, I suggest you watch [this video](

BP: 500 K

Tie-Hauler MK2



Ore Crates: 156 crates

Inspired by the iconic design originally created by Sienar Fleet Systems, the Tie-Hauler is a fast and agile Hybrid Freighter/Miner. Originally a rework of the Momento, it has been built up from the ground completely, with the MK2 Version introducing additional improvements. Its 40 Triangle-Thruster give it superior maneuverability while an equal amount of box thrusters deliver the main thrust, propelling the ship up to 150 m/s when empty. When all of its 156 ore crates are at maximum capacity, the Tie-Haulerโ€™s speed drops to 80 m/s, though after a usual mining trip, fully loaded with a variety of ore, itโ€™s speed will drop only to 110 m/s. The Tie-Haulers main feature is it's turret mounted cockpit. It allows the pilot to fly towards any target and then use the mounted mining laser to precisely mine the rock from any angle. The design features a set of two reactors, fueled by 5 rods each, giving it the necessary energy to continuously power itโ€™s mining laser at full capacity. Due to the power hungry nature of the laser, the ship also comes pre-equipped with 12 spare fuel rods to exchange on the fly. With 4 large and 16 small fuel tanks, each one easily accessible for in-flight refueling, the Tie-Hauler has a massive capacity of 52 million units of Propellant. Discounting the use of the mining laser, this gives it an operating time of 5 hours for fuel rods and 10 hours for propellant at max speed, translating into a range of over 2500 km, making it a useful ship for exploring deep into the belt. In combat, this design has to rely on itโ€™s speed and maneuverability to evade enemy ships, as it is not armed and only lightly armored, thus making it suitable for safe zone mining or as miner/hauler in a group with larger ships. However, weapons can easily be retrofitted to the four available mounts. Auto- and Plasma cannons are available options to buy at extra charge. Additional features include ISAN V2 with the ability to save 16 waypoints and a navigation system in relation to those waypoints, basic and tools/weapon crafting benches, Generator Script, Lights, as well as 2 unused hardpoints in the center section of the ship, allowing to mount additional weapons or devices as desired. Price is for ore delivered by buyer without weapons. Additional weapons or only credits will change the price.

Ship: 1.25 M

[Free] Voyager

Faulty Designs


Assembly Cost: 235,469 credits

Specifically built to travel through the warp gate and onto the moon, with relatively generous range & speed at a reasonable cost. Listed build costs include the properly-constructed [Fast Travel Gate Core]( removing this assembly will reduce the ship cost by about half (in addition to increasing both range & speed, of course). As the creator is incredibly lazy, the blueprint may be [downloaded immediately]( at no cost. For exactly the same reason, it is provided with absolutely no warranty or support. Instead, it's offered on a pay-what-you-believe-is-fair donation basis: the minimum is simply a request to send a message to the creator (`Fault` in-game or `Fault#9610` on Discord) if you end up printing & enjoying the ship. Live long & prosper. -- Many thanks to `Lovel#0509` for his brilliant space photography & permission to share it here!

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