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Duh idk


Dry Max Speed: 150 m/s

- Bike made for transportation and racing,remove the chair for racing. download [here]( - You def need to turn safemode off to fly this ship at its full speed, this ship is not meant to last any update , expect it to break beyond build922

Modular HP Crammer

BBQ Meats & Utensils


Warp Class: 39.888 

Cramms up to 125% more hardpoints per unit of area. Structurally Sound, Cable Free, weight-optimized, bolt-optimized. Weld-only stackable side-wise, height-stackable with a few added beams. Distances are ajusted to fit maneuvering thrusters, but testing of such efficiency is not yet tested.

BP: 1

[FREE] Fledger



Ore Crates: 36 crates

The Fledger is a starter ship that is targeted towards aspiring mechanics that want to learn about how ships work. It starts with the basic machinery but has plenty of space for upgrades, allowing the ship to grow as the player progresses. With an exposed frame, upgrades and repairs should be easier than most ships. Please look at the [ship manual]( for recommendation on how to upgrade the ship. [Download the blueprint]( Website: The blueprint is provided for free. All feedback is welcome and in game tips (in-game name Egomaniac) are appreciated. However support will be limited but I will try my best. Please give the ship a "like" if you use and enjoy the ship. Designed by EGOTech. Join the [EGOTech Discord server]( # Videos | Channel | Video | | --- | --- | | [FarPointe]( | [Starbase 1-50 (Playlist of live streams)]( | # Features The ship has the following features: - 36 ore crates with designated space for up to 148 crates - Standard Cruise and Turtle function - Two resource bridge - Auto generator rate script - 12 T1 generators with four T1 fuel chambers and nine spare rods on racks - Radiators and heat sink that provide more than adequate cooling - Eight small tanks with 8,000,000 units of propellant - 24 batteries - 16 T1 triangle and 16 T1 box thrusters providing forward thrust - Four T1 triangle thrusters providing braking thrust - 32 T1 maneuver thrusters - Basic crafting bench with space for other benches - Exposed frame for easy repairs - Lots of extra hardpoints for tools and upgrades - Plenty of space for extra machinery and devices - Top speed of 140 m/s empty


Debug Ship



Assembly Cost: 0 credits

This is a debug ship. please ignore it.


Solar_Explorer mk2



Ore Crates: 0 crates

144m/s full load - will max out as she burns prop. 16 T2 Box 16 T2 Triangle thrusters can run for 91:18 prop limited on 30 large prop tanks. This ship is built to augment Rods with Solar power - she should be able to sustain a 48,000KM trip. Fly for days just on a single set of rods. Extras to handle flying in the shadows. This is part of my utility series. No frills - cheap to make - gets the job done. Solar Explorer mk2 has traveled well over 100,000 km and made several moon / satellite landings Includes rotational yolo to keep the sun in line with the panels Includes an 'autothrust' yolo that is necessary for very long trips on solar ships Includes simple gen yolo that works best with solar

BP: 250 K


PinkGoo‘s Surplus


No attributes :-(

Stealth scooter, looks like a little piece of scrap so easy to hid in graveyards

BP: 16

STARBOMB [Explosion] [Nuke] [FR] [France] [français]

[La Garde] Yonax


Assembly Cost: 8,686,907 credits

I made the biggest explosion possible in Starbase using the exorium tank which has the largest explosion zone. - Style-------------⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - User-friendly----⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Pvp--------------⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Armor-----------⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ - Firepower-------⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Speed-----------⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ *Shoot the red tanks* I challenge you to do better than me ! I very strongly recommend using it in the ship designer, as it can have an impact on the experience of other players on the live server. ** NO MONEY ? YOU CAN BUY THIS SHIP/BLUEPRINT WITH ORES ** ==>Contact me in our faction discord : <== ⚠️All files are safe, as they have all been checked by Google Drive's antivirus software.⚠️ ⚠️Warning: computers with poor performance can suffer, so keep them safe!⚠️

BP: 100 K




Primary Thrusters: 234 units

The next gen haulers From Dragon_Ventures are here! With the support of our amazing customers and their feedback, combined with 100's more hours of SSC, YOLOL and gameplay to draw upon, we have created an even better hauler than our last-gen 480! As a thank you, returning customers of the Dragon_Haul_480 will receive a 500,000 credit discount on all models. This craft was created with the intention of offering 3 models for any customer to find one to match their gameplay style, and deliver exceptional performance to boot The 3 models are P-retty, E-fficiency and M-ining/military) (M model coming soon)! P model purchases include the E versions (E2 and E3) as a bonus, and can upgrade later to the M model for only 500,000 more! This is the P model, which is short for Pretty Plates! The target customer of this version is for players who do not care about pure stats, and want a nice looking ship that can still do it's job! This is perfect for running hauling runs with your mates to markka and killing time out and about in the belts! She is a bit on the chunky side, but due to her T3 propulsion and maneuver thrusters she is just as responsive as lighter craft! This also enables her to withstand assault for a couple seconds more than the E model, giving you time to react to the threat! All models include the new 2.0 system of Asteroid avoidance, which has been updated to handle more edge cases, and fit onto one chip, whilst maintaining the same .6-.8 detection time of previous iterations! It will automatically cut throttle, hit the breaks and strafe away from the threat. Afterwards it will resume it's previous thrust, so you don't have to manually interact with it! But that is not all the protection you have! A 1 meter gapped and plated grille also defends your precious bits from the cold, hard, uncaring rocks, so anything your AA misses, it will catch for you! It also doubles up as a shroud to cover up the ugly look of hundreds of rangefinder beams. Also in the P model is a live editing YOLOL work station, and crew accessible controls , allowing your crew (or yourself, the AA is pretty good) to walk around the ship and do more than stare at the clouds ahead. The bifurcating generator doors for the front and rear bay separate the exploding bits from the crew, reducing the chance of accidentally blowing yourself up with misclicks. Repairability was also considered, so engine clusters and the front rangefinders are all able to be accessed from behind the grille of the ship, and the cargolock is perfect for bringing spares along. All models include Cargolock frame to haul items and spare parts to where they need to go, all 3 crafting benches and ISAN navigation waypoint system, which can be operated from both the pilot seat and cabin. An avoid counting system lets you know how much frustration you have avoided while AFK, as well as blinking lights and sounds while the AA is avoiding if you are nearby so you can watch it go! A warp core is included by default, but can be stripped before printing your ship for additional space, which you can cram more ore crates, fuelrods, prop, a cargolock or more into! Blueprint Files will be delivered in a .rar file so you can choose which models and version to build, as well as a bundled user guide .txt so you can have common questions answered! This model's speeds as measured by transponder hide settings are as follows: --Dry speed is ~135 m/s with 920 meter stopping distance. --wet (14,000) speed is ~110 m/s with 650m stopping distance --wet (24,600) speed is ~92 m/s with 550m stopping distance 5893 km Rod range, 36 gen units, 12 chambers w/ t1 enhancers. 24 backup rods 1801 km propellent range with 9 large prop tanks. More can be added in the access halls/warpcore room if you need more range w/o a pit stop.

BP: 2 M

[FREE] Pioneer

Von Braun Raumschiffbau


Ore Crates: 108 crates

The pioneer is a multirole, multicrew ship, able to perform well in a variety of different tasks. It excels however as a deep space exploration cruiser, due to it’s warp core and reconstruction chamber, allowing for easy travel to Elysium, as well as on the fly reconstruction in case of any mishaps on expeditions. It is the ideal ship for a small group of Endos to explore, set up a base or mine in faraway places. Two separate cockpits allow for precise controls, one on top giving access to ISAN Navigation and waypoints while the other one is located in the very front for mining tasks. Crafting benches are provided. For defence, the Pioneer is clad in lightweight but sturdy Aegesium plating and is equipped with turrets waiting to have guns bolted to them. Each component of the ship is designed to be easily expandable and reachable, allowing on the fly repairs and upgrades without any problem. If you want to encourage me to design more ships in the future, you can donate some credits to me via Email.


The Kraken [FREE]

Roman Shipyard


Ore Crates: 720 crates

The Ship you have all been waiting for, THE KRAKEN. View the new operation manual here. - 12 robot tentacles with mining lasers attached, - Full auto pilot just input cords and fly, - Full ACAS system to have peace of mind whilst flying, - Full a pattern system with 8 included pre programmed patterns including 3 different sized - Automatic Asteroid Annihilation patterns and 8 more on the horizon. - Warp core and Reconstruction machine for long safe voyages. - Armoured core where it matters and most important of all 720 crates to increase profit from runs. Join the Roman Shipyard Discord to find out more and browse the rest of our fleet.


Handheld Mining Laser

Shipwright CO


Battery: 40,000 units

Sometimes a pickaxe just isn't enough. This incredible piece of utility can be a fun toy, as well as a deadly weapon in combat. Hook this baby up to any ship that can output more than **10,000 eps** and you have yourself a great tool for hacking up salvaged ship, mining rocks with mouse precision and chopping up pirates that get a little too close. The Handheld Mining Laser is not a new concept, but being crafted without beams makes this easily storable with bolts or cargo lock frames/beams for quick access. The device can run for 8 seconds before needing to be recharged or soft-line connected through a ships resource bridge. In addition, the laser is easy to use by only turning it on and pressing **"E"** to pick up the device and dragging it close to the user with the scroll wheel to trip the rangefinder. The resource bridge from the donor ship **MUST HAVE ONLY CABLE CONNECTION** through the **hardpoint** on the back of the bridge, no piping. `FlowOut=1` `FlowIn=0`. The laser is already configured and will work out of the box. I am working on putting out a line of handheld devices in this coming week. So be sure to check them out and drop a like on anything you find interesting. DM me for suggestions or feedback. *Game:* **Shipwright** *Discrod:* **Knox#9473**

Ship: 45 K
BP: 85 K

[Free] Haul Me Maybe

Faulty Designs


Assembly Cost: 223,181 credits

I'd never tried CLFs and was not about to spend >500k just to experiment with them, so this is literally a one-night experiment in building a small, fast 'roid hauler. Even with a few rocks it'll still move >130m/s. Has an array of five rangefinders, four at the corners and one directly in the center, to help guide approach & capture. Also includes my [simple ISAN-based Odometer](, because it's always fun to know how far you've gone. I genuinely didn't expect it to perform well but it has outperformed those expectations so considering that it might be helpful to others I decided to post it. Admittedly though it's not close to perfect & so offers the enterprising ship builder much room for improvement: for one, it does not have roll at the moment and I was way too lazy to bother tweaking it *ad infinitum* to enable it. Handles very well on all other axes, though! :wink: As the creator is incredibly lazy, the blueprint may be [downloaded immediately]( at no cost. For exactly the same reason, it is provided with absolutely no warranty or support. Instead, it's offered on a pay-what-you-believe-is-fair donation basis: the minimum is simply a request to send a message to the creator (`Fault` in-game or `Fault#9610` on Discord) if you end up printing & enjoying the ship. Live long & prosper.


Centar [Free BP]

Cafe Incorporated


Ore Crates: 3 crates

Welcome to the Centar. The Centar is a part of the carrier strike group with the main purpose of refueling and light repairs of fighters. --- ***Specs*** * 12 large propellant * 15 Small Propellant * Total propellant of 159mil * 2 Missile Launchers * Max Speed 148m/s * Nav suite from thaccus * Ship interior * Basic crafting table with all the upgrades * Popup range finders --- To get the blueprint just join our discord at And don't forget to check out our other ships to!


[FREE] Turtler Class - M2

Kenobi Space Industries


Warp Class: 2.4 

**Turtle Class - M2** A versatile ship designed for various applications, including the transportation of parts and crates on deck. It is to conduct rescue operations, support missions, and search for scrap on the surface." **Ship requires interpretation of the manual to operate it** [Manual]( [Download the blueprint]( [KSI Discord](


Skytanker M4



Ore Crates: 1,008 crates **Ship price:** Ships are no longer sold individually. **BP:** 25M // 20M for M3 users only. *Other options.* **150 x Targium = BP** 380 x Ymrium = BP. 450 x Lukium = BP. 415 x Arkanium = BP. **Useful information:** 1008 crates 1 Tank of liquid exorium. 1 Exorium processing unit. 2 Capital Ship Super Generators. 2 Plasma thrusters (2x14 rings). 12 Large Hydrogen tanks (Propellant). 16 Batteries. **9** ore collectors. **16** Mining Lasers. 1 Ore scanner. 1 Alloy Crating Furnace (Belt Atmosphere). 1 Equipped Crafting Table (yellow) And more Challenge completed in less than 24 hours and 8 hours of design! I was told it was impossible so the company (brand) Skytanker did it!

BP: 25 M


Mare Micro Labs


No attributes :-(

LASERBOARD surfboard concept, sometimes you need a little bit of ship class firepower while ratting some wrecks. say no more my fellow endo, this thing has you covered. A+++ for hunting space whales. small enough to be picked up and pointed wherever you need. the entire laser assembly can be picked up as a custom item for recovery if you need to leave the board itself behind. don't ask me how to shoot while aiming, this thing isn't really that practical not responsible for losses while in gravity [DOWNLOAD LINK]( 2 stage safety instructions: * press blue button * press wide red button * press small red button to fire

Ship: 1
BP: 1


Nova Imperium


No attributes :-(

**Leviathan** is a Multicrew Corvette __**It's main features are :**__ - 16 lasers - 4 autocannon - 2 railgun - 4 plasma - 9 tripod on max power - Layered armor like capital ship (Tallium beam+ Exutium plates) - Speedometer - Range calculator - Roughly 2000 km of range - ISAN quad - Pilot railgun aim assist > It's main role is to provide fire support to the fighter close to him ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ **Leviathan** est une Corvette de combat multicrew **__Ses principales caractéristiques sont :__** - 16 lasers - 4 autocannon - 2 railgun - 4 plasma - 9 tripod on max power - Capital ship armure (Tallium beam+ Exutium plates) - Speedometer - Calculateur d'autonomie - Environ 2000 km d'autonomie - ISAN quad - Aide à la visée pour les railgun du pilote > L'objectif principal de ce vaisseau va être d'apporter un trés gros support de feu au fighter alier autour de lui ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Buy order on discord

BP: 1 M

No. 53 "Noise as a Proxy for Ten 'Hail Mary'-s"

Vintage Incorporated (Barkhan)


Ore Crates: 576 crates

Dedicated hauler for high-danger transit: Hard to catch, hard to stop, hard to board. No. 53 is designed around its armored tripod fighting positions; once placed, tripods have much more narrow collision, and can be armored much more tightly through hinged parts, producing a stronger fighting position. Combining this principle with a completely enclosed operating compartment and excessive thrust to weight that has aggressors struggle to catch it even when fully loaded the ship yields a package that is maximally difficult to stop, board, or destroy. Additional information: - 25 Ring-equivalent "cursed" plasma main thruster - 2 tripod fighting positions - top and bottom, with marked placement locations - Multi-section fighting compartment - Minimum two sheets 144x432 charodium armor over all critical hardware - Internal reconstruction machine - Interior weapons crafting bench for field re-arm capability Purchase of this blueprint also entitles you to limited technical support and an introduction to the ship's manual of arms. For further information, inquire within: and ask for "Barkhan" in #ship-sales

BP: 8 M

Midnight Xpress Tug Ship with Heatsink Update

Moon Designs


Range: 4,365 km

Midnight Xpress is a Small but a Very Powerful ship, its is a Upgraded version of my previous ship "Thomas the Tugger" that can Tug a Load of 22 Million Kilograms Midnight Xpress has all the features such as Custom Gen Script that Spools Gens to match the Mass of the Load, Prop and Rod Calc, Speedo, and over 10 Hrs flight time so you have plenty of time to search for the wreaked ship of your dreams. If your worried you might run out the 24 fuel rods, you have a Full extra set onboard. give a shoutout to Proxymine that helped make this ship Great!

BP: 500 K


Happy Ship Shop


Ore Crates: 900 crates

This is the Megalodon, a double 16 plasma rings, 900 crates long range and heavy duty mining ship It has a very potent defensive system and uses the crates as armour and as a way to hide components making it impressively durable This ship takes two things very seriously : player security and player comfort in order to do so it implements the following : - 141 m/s when loaded which 900 crates of Lukium or Exorium, else almost always 150 m/s - a mouse aimed mining laser system that requires no configuration ( you press the MC button - Mouse Control - to choose between controlling the ship and controlling the mining laser turrets ) - a very serious AAS ( 0.2 second reaction time + priority avoid management ) - a reconstruction machine - a bit over 2000 km of range - 2 cockpits - passenger seats to go from one seat to another fast and efficiently - my ground avoid system - my autonomy calculator - my inertia dampener - my scanner You can check it out here : The link is a discord forum, you need to write the name of the ship in order to have the right post

BP: 4 M


UA Shipyards


Ore Crates: 27 crates

Greetings fellow Endos **Updated heat mechanics** UA Shipyards presents the best vessel beginning miners and prospectors. The **UA MiniBee** comes packed with features to get YOU up and running as quickly as possible. Her modular design allows for upgrades and easy maintenance. Her light weight, highly mobility end efficient build will have you running to the belt as often as necessary and may have you refuel once a day. So what are you still waiting for? Get your **UA MiniBee** today at any UA-Shipyards retailer or spokesperson. So Long Oloneus **Price** - Option 1) - **~ 75,000.00 Cr. + Ores** - Option 2) - **~ 285,000.00 Cr.** depending on Ore prices ! **Flight** - **135 m/s**, 2200 km range unladen - **110 m/s**, 1800 km range 20t laden **Specs** - 27 Cargo Crates - for all your precious resources - T1 Powerplant - for the juice necessary - T1 Engines - that will bring you up to speed, ~135m/s empty and ~105 m/s full - ISAN2.5-M - Delt UI. - Gyroscope - 8 Million Propellant - for the extra long mileage

Ship: 75 K

BGK-1096 "Zvezda" [Updated 05.05.22]

Argent Shipyard


Ore Crates: 1,096 crates

**Changelog:** **[UPDATED 05.05.2022] - Added New Heat System** **BGK-1096 "Zvezda" (Bolshoy Gryzovoy Korabl) - is a fast, maneuverable, compact and cargo-lifting cargo ship, designed by the Russian engineer GreenSeven from the Argent corporation.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- **1. Original Version:** **Stock Color: Blue and white.** **Price: Blueprint only cost - 7,000,000 (Discount! Before - 12,000,000)** **Credit only cost - [Due to the ore crisis, the price is not calculated]** **Credit and ore cost - 3,000,000 + ore** **Specs:** **• Speed when empty 150 m/s** **• Speed when full 100 m/s** **• 192 main thrusters T2** **• 6 Resource ports** **• 16 Rangefinders** **• 1096 Resource Crates** **• 8 Large Propellant Tanks (72000000 prop) ** **• 40 Generator Units T2** **• 40 FuelChambler Units T2 (12000000 fuel)** **• 16 Heatsinks** **• 64 Radiators** **• ISAN Quad (All ISAN systems)** **• Transponder** **• Avoid System** **• Approach System** **• Fuel time - 240 minutes (4 hours) flight time.** **• Fuel propellant time - 309 minutes (5,1 hours) flight time.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- **2. Differences of Mk2 Version (It was created at the request of a corporation):** **• 1024 Resource Crates** **• 20 Large Propellant Tanks (180000000 prop) ** **• 40 FuelRods in Chamblers and 80 FuelRods is Reserved (2 reloads)** **• Fuel time - 600 minutes (10 hours) flight time.** **• Fuel propellant time - 772 minutes (13 hours) flight time.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *It is also possible to make an individual or corporate color of the ship, any style you want !!! **When ordering, you can simply make any individual changes to the ship's drawing. Any modifications and additions you want.

Ship: 3 M
BP: 7 M


SK Productions


Ore Crates: 196 crates

A medium starter mining ship.

BP: 360 K

[free] JellyBean travaler

Duh idk


Battery: 80,000 units

- ** TEST FLY BEFORE PRINT** (also are you sure you are supposed to be here?) - The full-size version of jelly bean traveler aka Navlogger prototype #6 - Designed to be a staged nav logger (exploration) ship for deep-empty space navigation chip logging - use with caution, reduce tank as needed - [download here ]( - credit to duke and rain for the fuel time script -credit for darky shadow for the modern kit - tips for using the ship 1. calculate the flight time needed to reach the target, and reduce propellant tank and box thruster in a 16:4 (or 8:2 as you can remove diagonally paired box thrusters) ratio.(if you care about that part of the cost. 2. pack raw exorium and bolt on to the racks made for them at the back of the ship, depending on the flight time carry 2~8 of them, and pack the crafted empty chip into the nav logger or bolt them onto the frame somewhere. AVOID storing recorded chips on ship structure(for any longer than a minute) AT ALL COST. 3. change the "prop" field on the active set of prop tank to "pp" to get the prop time est working.

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