Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it normally take for the seller to respond after you make a ticket?
Up to 24 Hours. The seller may be asleep, as they are not bots (Yet). The ticket pings the seller, so just wait for them to ping you.

Where do I ask sellers questions?
You can open a ticket on their ship or just DM them through Discord.

How do I get verified?
Have 5 positive reviews, 10 sales or be a big ship group, like SkyJak Industries or Quasar Systems

Where do I apply for a seller level or verified seller?
For ANY tickets that need admin support, read the post at the bottom of this channel.

Can I trade blueprints I bought with others or modify and sell them here?

How do I list a ship?
You need to Sign in, Click My Maker Page on the top right, after filling the form there you can just press Add Ship button and fill that out as well accordingly.

I want to donate where can I do that?
We are working on a patreon program but it's not ready yet, for all the in-game credits donations please mail them to Qaones.

Trading / How it works

Buying a Ship

To buy a ship, find the category you are interested in. Then find the ship you want to buy, and read the bottom post in the channel. Additionally, you can find a specific Seller in their category.

Selling a Full Ship

  • Be in the same group as buyer
  • Spawn ship in a landing pad with a despawn timer (i.e. not the one in ship design workshop)
  • Decommission the ship
  • Instruct buyer to click "claim and despawn"

Trading Blueprints

Buyer: You will receive .fbe files from Sellers. Navigate to %AppData%\Starbase\ssc\autosave\shipblueprints. (If autosave folder does not exist spend some time in the Ship Designer to force a Autosave). Now here you will find files called ship###.fbe The Highest number will later be shown on top of the Autosaves Folder in the Ship Designer. So rename the received .fbe files to for example ship_999.fbe and put it in there. Now Go into the Ship Designer, press File->Open or manage blueprints->Autosave. The ones you have put in there manually will now be shown with a BLANK Name-Field.

Seller: Re-Save your Blueprint. Navigate to %Appdata%\Starbase\Blueprints. You maybe have multiple folders here, sort them by date. Enter the folder with latest date. Usually the highest number is the latest one. In there, copy the .fbe file with the highest number. Send this file to your customers.