Important Links

Rule #1

For Discord & Comments,Keep all conversation courteous and respectful. NSFW content does not have a place in the website. Do not swear at someone. Do not discuss anything inappropriate or NSFW. This includes, but is not limited to: sex, drugs, illegal activities.

Rule #2

No Political/Religious discussions are permitted in this website.

Rule #3

We have absolutely zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, impersonating, making fun of others, or other such nonsense. This will earn you a straight ban. Treat everyone equally and with respect here.

Rule #4

Inappropriate or NSFW usernames/statuses will be requested to be changed. It goes without saying that any kind of trolling, harassing, racism, discrimination, bigotry, hate speech or homophobia of any kind towards any group or individual is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with appropriately.

Rule #5

Follow rules from the Discord TOS, Community guidelines, and Starbase Server rules.

Rule #6

Both the buyer and the seller should finish the transaction in terms decided on, if someone from either side tries to scam another or does not finish the transaction on agreed terms this is rule breaking and a bannable offense from using Starbase Ship Shop service. If you submit a ticket about this kind of behaviour you should have evidence about the matter.

  • At this state of the game there can be errors while sharing blueprints or buying fully built ships.
  • These errors do not come from our sellers or server but because of the game bugs.
  • For the Seller side; If you want to sell the Blueprint (as a file) you also accept the risk of person who you sold it to can use that blueprint file to sell as you do without your consent and manipulate the price. So all Blueprint transactions for the seller side should know these risks and act accordingly.
  • Fully built ships that are decommissioned may disappear.
  • Blueprints you saved may disappear.
  • As a buyer & seller you should know these risks and make the transaction accordingly.
  • No party can be held responsible for these kind of bugs.
  • Starbase Ship Shop holds the right to remove or suspend any listing if it deemed necessary.