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Tournament winning 1k joust fighter, with 4 rails with staggered charge and max speed.

Piloted by myself and Scipion during the Starbase 3vs3 Ship PVP Tournament.

Hits hard, fly's fast and can take punishment with its min-maxed armour.


Three Bp's provided, 1k tourney variant, 1.2k live variant, 1.5k live variant.

4 railguns with a staggered charge system.

Shoot_1+ and Shoot_2+ are your triggers, bind these to your weapon hotkey (space by default).

Sensitivity settings are adjustable from a yolo chip located in front of the pilot seat, this chip only adjusts your sense settings and is not vital to the operation of the aim system, you can use the U-tool save feature to save your sense settings to the ship post print.

Armoured using known methods of meta plating, including big plate health, voxel armour, segmented and layered plating and plasma/rail sacrifice plates.

Materials and components are on the high end, the 1k tourney variant uses corrium, making it exceptionally expensive, I recommend the non corrium variants for production.

150 m/s at 60 fps, overthrusted for high acceleration, highest speed I have reached is 160 m/s at 140 fps (uncapped)

999998.25 kg for 1k variant, 1158852.88 kg for 1.2k variant, 1429843.25 kg for 1.5k variant.

1 small prop tanks for 1 million prop, 20 mins estimated flight time.

4 T3 fuel chamber, 12 T3 generators, 6 T3 enhancers 50 mins estimated fight time.

Uses premium FCU, no reverse, Roll_L and Roll_R are your keybinds for roll.

Entry is through a small gap above the pilot seat.


After testing the Xothian with Pinkgoo in prep for the upcoming tournament, we became addicted to railguns and jousting.

I had 2 rails vs Pinks 1, so Pink matched me, then he made his overthrusted to hell.

This led to a arms race of speed and railguns until i started fresh with a new design.

This led too the Cthulhu, a 4 rail monster that quickly set a new standard of firepower.

My teammates then matched this ship, the Terrorbird, the Raymond and the Glaveo all furthered our arms race, all overgunned with 3 to 4 rails, and each trading armour for firepower and speed.

I can confidently say that the force multiplier of so many railguns plus the rapid top speed of a light craft such as this can devastate any foe not practiced in team fighting and jousting.

Jousting and speed buy you the time to apply strategy and tactics to a very chaotic situation.

Im selling this Bp knowing that i may have to face this in future tournaments and live combat, and that some may even share it without consent, but i honestly value competition and participation above all else.

Here is a link to Scipion's view including multiple fights in his personally tailored Cthulhu.

Sold as Bp.

Contact forgetemplar on Discord or Bentley in game to buy today.




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Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

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