(OSA) Bentley's Flying Circus

OSA Yog-Sothoth Mk1


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800 crate armoured hauler, made for speed in high risk environments like Elysium.

40 rings of plasma, double redundancy for prop and power, with Oni plate shielding for the pilot and the power nacelles.

Can be used solo, or can be armed with heavy amount of tripods and gunners due to the ships impressive power gen.


150 m/s max speed dry, 148 m/s wet with exutium alloy while in gravity.

40 plasma rings total.

All speeds recorded at 60 fps, using both transponder settings and speedo, ship breaks speed limit when using uncapped fps settings.

19529268 kg in weight.

800 crates directly on the centre of mass.

16 large prop tanks for 192 million prop, 3 hour 15 mins estimated flight time.

16 T3 fuel chambers + 48 T3 generators + 48 T2 enhancers, gens idle at 20% while charging plasma, 3 hour flight time.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.

Requires a repair hall to operate, it is best used between dev stations and your own with hangers.


Built for speed, and to last as long as humanly possible under fire while being pursued.

Two 20 ring plasma thrusters haul 800 crates, 2 oni plated power nacelles with over double the power gen needed to fly and double the expected amount of prop spread across the hull in separate prop nacelles.

This redundancy and armour buys you time to escape harmful situations should any jealous pirates try to "salvage" your hauler and cargo.

However no cargo ship can survive attack forever, but any attacker must also deal with the high speed this hauler travels at, with no speed loss for all ore/alloy out of gravity, and only goes 2 m/s under max speed in gravity carrying exutium alloy.

To add further security, the high weight capacity and power gen allows for a more liberal use of tripods should you have the players to act as gunners, meaning an attacker must also face return fire.

Because of the max speed, the pursuing ships must also be max speed, limiting the ship in size making it killable by tripods, or expensive making the attacker invest more capital to attack you.

But finally if all this fails, and the ship is brought to a standstill, all explosive components are placed away from the cargo, ensuring that possible recovery of the ship/cargo is possible.

Unlike some who prefer to deny the pirate the chance at cargo, I prefer to leave it intact, so that I may attempt to recover it myself, and engage in further PvP.

Due to the size of the ship, any attacker will have to commit time and resources to recover it or transfer the cargo away, giving you the chance to turn the tables.

As a final added bonus, the ship can take off the moment the plasma has finished charging, having enough gens and battery's to launch the moment you need too, some fighters can not even gen fast enough to pursue if both are spawned at the same time.

Sold as Bp.

Contact forgetemplar on Discord or Bentley in game to buy today.




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(OSA) Bentley's Flying Circus
Kai's Basement


Ore Crates:

800 crates


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

150 m/s

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