Ambry Trading Company

Origin 05

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Plug and play style console

Ambry Trading Company


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**Looking for a simple Plug and play style console? Look no further!!** Fields displayed include ```Haskell Propellant Battery Fuel GenLimit GenRate Forward Backward Yaw Pitch Roll RightLeft UpDown DrainPerSecond=Depends On The Number Of Batterys (installation below) EnergyPerSecond Manual=Playerset GeneratorLimit and 9 Progress Bars For Misc. Setup ``` **Uses Network relay to allow for Plug and Play installation** ```haskell MasterChip1 RelayChip1 1)GasContainerStoredResource = Propellant 2)StoredBatteryPower = Battery 3)FCUForward = Forward 4)FCUBackward = Backward 5)FCURotationalYaw = Yaw 6)FCURotationalPitch = Pitch 7)FCURotationalRoll = Roll 8)FCUUpDown = UpDown 9)FCURightLeft = Rightleft ``` ```haskell MasterChip2 RelayChip2 1)GeneratorUnitRateLimit = GenLimit 2)GeneratorUnitRate = GenRate 3)FuelChamberFuel = Fuel ``` **Comes with 4 chips** Simple Generator Script EnergyPerSecond Script DrainPerSecond Manual Gen Rate script **Installation** ``` 1)All of the relative fields must be named default to be able to be used by the Memory Relays 2)Place the Yolol Racks and Memory relays and connect all power inputs 3)Install the panels where ever is best to see add a cable connection to allow for power input 4)Install the manual lever where ever is reachable to be able to manual set a minimum GenLimit (most leave it at 20) 5)Enjoy ``` **If you have an suggestions on how to improve it message `Cycle_Of_Insanity#3074` or if you would like more information.**