Origin 16

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Primary Thrusters: 22 units

The Wyvern is a multi-purpose fighter that is focused on long range operations outside of most enemy fighters’ reach. Equipped with Charodium/Ageisium exterior armor for mid-tier balance between armor durability and speed, the Wyvern sports a separate, internal Charodium cage to house all critical device and machinery systems. During internal combat testing and valuable data from the FB siege event, the Wyvern’s hull design allows it to take a considerable amount of punishment while still remaining in the fight, making it a reliable, affordable and effective fighter. Default color scheme is: Blue. Any requests for a color scheme change will incur a 100K fee upon purchase. **Features:** - Max Speed: 138 - 4x standard gun slots and 1x underbelly gun slot allowing for weapon customization - Hull-mounted and Rangefinder reticles - Aim Mode - Reinforced cockpit glass canopy - Distributed battery placement to prevent sudden and complete power loss - Ship’s top-side frame can support half-cover while standing or ¾-to-full cover while crutching for specialized operations - Standby/Eco/Combat Generator Switch - Weapon Charge Up speed display to indicate when able to fire weapons on Combat setting via generator switch toggled to 1 - 4 lasers - Adjustable sensitivity - 1 Large Fuel Tank or 4 hours of operation time - 2 sets of spare fuel rods - Internal refueling pocket for mid flight refuels - Heat Sink and Radiator compliant - CTI compliant (Cruise mode, Transponder, ISAN V2) ** Please join our discord and submit a ticket to purchase: **

BP: 750 K




Wet Max Speed: 150 m/s

The Razor is a small one seater designed to quickly and affordably get you from A to B. A simplistic design that sets great focus on reliability, making it a perfect addition to any endo’s ship park. And for those that are expecting trouble on their journey: the Razor is built with the modules necessary to quickly mount a weapon to its frame. ** Features: ** - Max Speed: 150 - Great maneuverability - Compact size - Very cheap to build ** Please join our discord and submit a ticket to purchase: **

BP: 75 K




Ore Crates: 504 crates

Omnivore was created to fill a void of miners to just eat everything as it's name suggests. It's relatively cheap for what you get. Ship contains a basic bench with all upgrades to allow you to build repairs and fuel rods on the fly. There are other ring miners available, but none like this. A purchase of this miner, includes the BP for all future upgrades. Ship is already designed with radiators, for the heat mechanics update. Check our video demo here: Please join our discord and submit a ticket to purchase:

BP: 6 M