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The Rigger is a fast medium sized mining ship. Although it has a limited autopilot and crash avoidance systems, it is mainly designed to be used in the safe zone. The blueprint is provided for free. All in game tips (in-game name Egomaniac) are appreciated. However support will be limited but I will try my best.

Please give the ship a "like" if you use and enjoy the ship. Designed by EGOTech. Join the EGOTech Discord server.

Download the blueprint

View the ship manual

The Rigger (v1.2.0) is also available to buy in game at Hangar Showroom 2 of Rando 7 Ship Shop at stations with Rando ship shops.


Channel Video
Krawll Unchained Starbase - Community Ship Showcase - 3 Ships by "Egomaniac" ( The moon Crasher) 😉😁
Softwerker Ship Shop Tour: Rando 7 (Teil 1/X) 🦾 Let's Play Starbase [S2E81] [German/Deutsch]


The ship has the following features:

  • 100 Ore Crates
  • Standard Cruise function
  • Turtle and Sloth function with adjustable rates
  • Transponder system with ping function
  • Two mining lasers on turrets that point towards asteroids with pulse and sweeping
  • Two ore collectors that point towards asteroids
  • Material scanner that will point towards asteroids
  • Approach and auto mine functions
  • Two external and two internal resource bridges
  • Auto generator rate script with adjustable minimum rate
  • 16 T2 generators with six T2 fuel chambers and 16 spare rods on racks
  • Radiators and ehat sinks that provide more than adequate cooling
  • Eight medium and six small propellant tanks with 38,000,000 units of propellant
  • Estimated flight time of 6 hours and range of 3,000km
  • Propellant time and fuel time panels
  • 40 batteries
  • 32 T2 box and 16 T2 triangle thrusters providing forward thrust
  • Four T2 triangle thrusters providing braking thrust
  • 40 T2 manuever thrusters with plenty of space for more
  • Basic crafting bench to craft refills (will need to bolt own meter upgrade for T2 refills)
  • Extra small propellant tank with its own resource bridge for emergency refueling
  • Totally unnecessary amounts of extra hardpoints (all cabled and piped) all over the ship
  • ISAN Quad Waypoint System by Archaegeo with custom interface that supports 18 waypoints
  • NavCas (Autopilot and Crash Avoidance System) by fixerid, customised to integrate with ISAN Waypoint System, running on separate set of three ISAN Monos
  • Compass by Firestar99, customised to integrate with ISAN Waypoint System and share the receivers with NavCas
  • Alert panels and visualisations for obstacle detection
  • Timer panel
  • Odometer panel
  • Two passenger seats
  • Many extra slots for YOLOL or memory chips
  • Top speed of 140m/s when empty

More detailed information can be found in the ship manual.


v1.2.3 (Current) - 09/04/2023

  • Fixed material scanner pitch (properly this time)

v1.2.2 - 11/02/2023

  • Fixed material scanner pitch

v1.2.1 - 29/12/2022

  • Added Discord link to help chip
  • Added cruise safety chip
  • Added laser safety chip
  • Added EGOTech logo decal
  • Removed laser pulse function

v1.2.0 (Ship Shop Version) - 23/05/2022

  • Painted thrusters black
  • Removed coolant cooling systems
  • Added four heat sinks
  • Reduced radiators to two bases and four extensions
  • Replaced RadiationRate panel with HeatTransferRate
  • Added StoredHeat panel
  • Fixed piping for emergency propellant tank
  • Adjusted laser pitch limit from -50 degrees to -35 degrees to avoid hitting ship nose
  • Added bench meter upgrade
  • Added adjustable turtle rate
  • Switched cable plugs to small control stands to free up more console space, rearranged displays and buttons
  • Changed lights from white to light blue
  • Removed help chips except chip with URL to ship manual

v1.1.2 - 27/12/2021

  • Painted external hardpoints and maneuver thrusters black
  • Replaced two YOLOL chip readers with memory relays to allow for remapping, giving some nicer labels on the consoles
  • Upgraded Compass to v1.2.1

v1.1.1 - 16/10/2021

  • Updated mining lasers script to turn off immediately when button is toggled off
  • Improved scanner to not "flash" results on display
  • Reorganised YOLOL chips and added labels to racks
  • Retuned approach script to be a lot more conservative and safe
  • Increased ship strength factor to 4.978

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10 months ago

Comte Cetric de Cornusiac#3889

Should emphasize the richly instrumented cockpits are state-of-the-art. Now I am modding a Rigger to a gunship with partly concealed weapons.
It is a pain in Starbase to keep the ship fast, as minor durability problems which are hard to fix (bolting the hell out of it does hardly help ever) are hostile to any additional sculpturing plating.

10 months ago

Comte Cetric de Cornusiac#3889

Amazing features! Has almost anything which is existing in the world of endos and Yolol! In the civilian purpose section, that is.

1 year ago


Love the ship! One big note as per most recent update:

Material Scanner will not point toward rangefinder without small tweak.

1. Rename 'sp' to 'spc' on the material scanner turret itself
2. Add 'spc' to one of the four memory chips
3. Update line 4 of the scanner yolo to:
d=:Distance+x if:Distance>0thend=y/d*r end :spc=d

The reason I could find is the speedometer. The speedometer part has a device parameter sp. I don't know if this is stock, or from a recent update to the game or to the ship blueprint. But, this was the issue causing the material scanner to pitch up and down. I left the pre-existing variable 'sp' on the memory card because I wasn't sure if it had other uses in other yolo code.

1 year ago


You are an absolute legend. Ship was easy enough to get the mats for and works amazing.
Very few things I could say are odd, the biggest one being that after turning off the "Avoidance" system all the range finders stay on but for some, that might be wanted. I feel with the avoidance system off though, they are not doing anything at that point so the yolol could just turn them off when the button is not active. Easy enough change to make though.
Power management seems perfectly fine and I don't seem to ever need to throw the ship into overdrive or increase cooling at all.
Everything is pretty well accessible except the propellant tanks but that is okay since you shouldnt need to really access those anyway.
The manual laid out for the ship was very well done and very helpful as well.
Overall amazing work for a free blueprint.

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Stick_Bernard, thanks for your feedback!

1. Agree here, changed it to Aegisium cause thought could save on weight but it didn't make much difference then didn't bother changing it back. Which is why the FAQ in the ship manual I addressed this from the beginning. Since there is access to the blueprint, material of the plates can be easily changed.

2 & 3: I got similar reports about this but I didn't experience this myself. But ship was built when they switched from WarpClass to StrengthFactor so there might be some discrepancy there. I will try and increase the StrengthFactor in future versions. As I design more ships I am learning more about this so definitely something that can be improved on.

4: This is due to YOLOL optimisation, it runs through the whole cycle before checking if the button is toggled on instead of each step. I am sure it is possible to squeeze the checks in but I am still learning about advanced YOLOL tricks. But I will keep this in mind.

5. Thanks!

2 years ago


Have been checking this ship out in the ship editor and there's a few things that stand out as odd.

1. Big one: 100% of the plating on the ship is coded Aegesium. For a safe zone miner that makes no sense, and is really expensive in terms of ore.

2. Some of the batteries and crates and propellant tanks have low durability at max mass. Improving the bolting on just 4 batteries, 4 ore crates, and 2 propellant tanks improved the warp / strength rating by 50%.

3. The strength rating for the blueprint was around 1.0, not 1.5. Easily fixed via the improvements in 2 above.

4. The mining lasers continue quite a while after the 'Lasers' button is turned off, both with pulse and without. Feels like this takes longer / uses more energy than it needs to.

5. Automining laser pattern is good and the ship controls are easy to understand and work with.

2 years ago


Absolutely amazing ship. Can't wait to see what you might make next.

2 years ago


Amazing ship... all of his ships. He is obviously a programmer. Great job

2 years ago


This is an amazing ship! Worth every stack to build. I have to say thanks to the creator as well. Kudos to you for making this an enjoyable game by giving away the BP for free. If I see you in game, Im buying you a beer.

2 years ago


Cool little ship!


Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

668,797 credits

Warp Class:



3,000 km


Ore Crates:

100 crates

Resource Bridges:

4 bridges


Dry Max Speed:

140 m/s


400,000 units


16,000 eps


38,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

48 units

Secondary Thrusters:

4 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

40 units

Flight Time:

6 hrs

Required Ores


36.6 stacks


6.9 stacks


0.6 stacks


59.2 stacks


49.3 stacks


6 stacks


22.6 stacks


0.1 stacks


15.8 stacks


37 stacks

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated
    • Crafting