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The Rocker is an asteroid hauling ship. It is designed to be used in the safe zone and haul small asteroids. It uses a tractor beam to position asteroids into five compartments of cargo lock beams in a circular pattern. It has load automation to approach and load asteroids in the right order as well as a material scanner that gives estimated credits for selling the asteroids.

The blueprint is provided for free. All feedback is welcome and in game tips (in-game name Egomaniac) are appreciated. However support will be limited but I will try my best.

Please give the ship a "like" if you use and enjoy the ship. Designed by EGOTech. Join the EGOTech Discord server.

Download the blueprint

View the ship manual

The Rocker (v1.1.0) is also available to buy in game at Hangar Showroom 2 of Rando 7 Ship Shop at stations with Rando ship shops.


Channel Video
CrispyChestnuts Crispy demos the Rocker Duo (and Rocker) by Egomaniac
Krawll Unchained Starbase - Community Ship Showcase - 3 Ships by "Egomaniac" ( The moon Crasher) 😉😁
Softwerker Ship Shop Tour: Rando 7 (Teil 2/X) 🦾 Let's Play Starbase [S2E82] [German/Deutsch]


The ship has the following features:

  • Standard Cruise function
  • Turtle and Sloth function with adjustable rates
  • 12 T2 generators with four T2 fuel chambers and eight spare rods on racks
  • Radiators that provide more than adequate cooling
  • Two small and two medium propellant tanks with 10,000,000 units of propellant
  • 40 batteries
  • 12 T2 box and 28 T2 triangle thrusters providing forward thrust
  • 56 T2 manuever thrusters
  • Tractor beam which will load asteroids into five compartments with cargo lock beams
  • Load automation that will load asteroids into the right container in the right order
  • Material scanner that will output the materials in stacks as well as the estimated credits you will get for dropping the asteroid off at Origin stations
  • Rangefinders to help judge forward distance and asteroid fit
  • Resource bridge for refueling
  • Pretty much max speed 150m/s when empty

More detailed information can be found in the ship manual.


v1.1.0 (Current, Ship Shop Version) - 23/05/2022

  • Painted thrusters, generators and fuel chambers black
  • Painted propellant tanks red
  • Fixed typo on load position label
  • Added two heat sinks
  • Reduced radiators to two bases
  • Replaced RadiationRate panel with HeatTransferRate
  • Added StoredHeat panel
  • Added Unload button which turns off all cargo lock beams

v1.0.5 - 03/02/2022

  • Changed material of some beams that were accidently changed back to Bastium

v1.0.4 - 02/12/2021

  • Fixed a broken cable
  • Added Aim button
  • Added some missing decorative plates
  • Changed material of all plates to Ajatite to reduce mass
  • Added some additional painting & decals
  • Added device mappings to have better labels for fuel and min gen devices
  • New Approach script by Darkyshadow

v1.0.3 - 19/10/2021

  • Locked Turtle and TurtleRate to only forward thrust
  • Added Sloth and Sensitivity to limit yaw and pitch thrust
  • Retuned approach script again as it is not dependant on Turtle mode anymore
  • Replaced two chip reader racks with 3-slot racks for more chip space

v1.0.2 - 17/10/2021

  • Increased move step of tractor beam to 30 degrees from 20 degrees for slightly faster loading
  • Added load position switch to be able to load asteroids from the sides (see the ship manual for more details). Thanks to Udrakan for the idea.

v1.0.1 - 15/10/2021

  • Retuned approach script to work better and more reliably
  • Added credit calculations for Aegisium and Exorium ores for the more adventurous Endos
  • Increased ship strength factor to 4.743

v1.0.0 (Ship Shop Version) - 02/10/2021

  • Initial release

How much can I make from hauling safe zone asteriods?

It is not very lucrative, but here is an estimated breakdown of 45Mv asteriods (with a rough breakdown of 35Mv shell and 10Mv core) from the safe zone I got during testing.

Material Volume Credits
Ice/Vokarium 45Mv 36k
Ajatite/Charodium 45Mv 58k
Valkite/Bastium 45Mv 27k
Ice/Nhurgite 45Mv 56k

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2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Heya, side loading is great! I have another suggestion for you. A display that shows you total projected profit from all your docked roids combined!

2nd suggestion: Could you perhaps make a YOLOL chip which lists an ore and it's market price per line with maybe the bonus% multiplier on top that gets applied for asteroid deposit? It would be up to users to update the prices for them selves very simply by changing the lines, add additional ores or simply look at the base prices. Price projection display would automatically use this data, if possible. This would be great if additional ores got added or maybe some other place was added for roid depositing. Maybe longevity isn't needed now, but it might in the future.

2 years ago


Nice looking ship, and the very good functionality. I add an auto landing system and the compas system.

2 years ago


Just uploaded version 1.0.2 with side loading. Please see ship manual for more details on how to use.

2 years ago


The latest version (v1.0.1) has an updated approach that should work better. You can also get the code from the yolol folder in the ship manual and update the yolol chip in existing ships. Please give it a try

2 years ago


As somebody else has already pointed out, don't use the Approach function. It's useless and it usually leads to smashing into an asteroid in front of you. Just park your ship near the roid.

2 years ago


It looks like a 45Mv roid fits into the side spot okay even in the widest orientation

2 years ago


When designing the ship I did try the yaw method but it has the same issue with the COM. With the back thrusters and loaded asteroids the COM of the ship will never be exactly at the center of the "circle" so yaw will not rotate around that point. However you can try position asteroids using yaw by disabling the beam just when it starting rotating and using the yaw without the beam. DO NOT do this outside of the safezone.

Side loading is an interesting idea. I'm not sure it will fit 100% of the time but if it does, I can get something working.

2 years ago


The reason why it doesn't go full thrust is that the asteroids loaded on each side have different mass causing the center of mass to shift so the FCU tries to compensate so the ship will fly (mostly) straight. There may be some drifting if there is more asteroids on one side, meaning the FCU can't fully compensate. So it is working as expected, to get 100% efficiency a balanced ship is needed, ie. the asteroids on each side have the same mass and position.

2 years ago


I have brought back 2xCharodium and 3xVokarium roids for a total of 238,943.23cr in 28minutes, which is 512.021cr/hour, not bad! Also, I was a bit slow there, I think I could bring it down to 20 or so minutes. For some reason, on my way back, thrusters refused to go 10k forward force despite me forcing the reactor unitrate to 100. Any ideas why?

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


I absolutely love this blueprint and am having tons of fun with it. One suggestion though is this: Consider allowing players to begin loading from the SIDES (left right). It will make the loading process much faster. Excellent work!
P.S. One other issue: the letters on the cockpit buttons have bad glare from sun and I cant read them. Maybe the chair could sit a bit further front? Might also be the game's problem.
P.P.S. Could you make it so that player yawing the ship to get the asteroid to proper place will make the tractor beam turntable "catch up" and adjust to the new roid location? I find myself helping the roid to get to the rear beams faster by yawing, but the tractor beam base is too slow to rotate.

2 years ago


I have never tried it myself but I heard you can make millions in one trip hauling T10 (450+Mv I think) asteroids using those big haulers that can carry 3 of them. I believe it is possible to find those in the safe zone as well but may be harder to locate.

For me, with the Rocker I just target 45Mv ice rocks which are easy to spot and sometimes I will get lucky and get Nhurgite instead of Vokarium. Of course if I see any big chardonium ones thats good as well. It's pretty easy to get these around 10 to 20 km from Origin stations.

Within an 1 hour or so session and 5 trips I can usually get about 1 million credits this way.

2 years ago


Manual says safezone hauling isn't very lucrative. What is? Is the traveltime worth it going for higher tier roids?

2 years ago


I just got done with my 3rd trip bringing in some charodium roids and I've gotta say, this thing works pretty dang well. Averaging well over 100k credits per trip is nice! I'm sure when I find some juicier ones, it'll be nicer.

I do see why you say it's experimental and safe zone, sometimes the automation doesn't quite work right, and the approach feature will ram the asteroid or it just won't complete the move around for whatever reason. Still 100% worth it!

2 years ago


Amazing work !!! if you can made one bigger I buy the BP !!!

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Got one to try out asteroid hauling. This ships automation makes it a very simple task. Very manoeuvrable, economic to use, bp is free, manual is decent and building it is cheap as chips, what more can you want or ask for to try something out?.


Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

352,433 credits

Warp Class:



Resource Bridges:

1 bridges


Dry Max Speed:

148 m/s


400,000 units


12,000 eps


10,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

40 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

56 units

Required Ores


13.8 stacks


9.1 stacks


0.4 stacks


24.7 stacks


24.5 stacks


0.7 stacks


5.8 stacks


0 stacks


3.7 stacks


15.8 stacks


18.9 stacks

  • Updates
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  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

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  • Features
    • Automated