Hyperion Trading Co.

Haulzilla MK5


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Haulzilla MK5 is Optimized from the ground up to do one thing, Speed!

This ship has hours of maximizing voxel space for performance! Using a new method to bolt crates together, saving more space for more engines! Using this unique stack design, we use 20% fewer bolts per crate than our leading competition!

We told our endo engineers that we must transport 800 crates full of Exorium at top speed at no expense! 150ms test using Nav Settings/ISAN 160 Bounces

Working on acquiring 800 stacks of max heavy ore but I'll say roughly 145. SSC crates are filled to 30k for testing and hit max speed according to ISAN bounces at 156, but I need to verify it live.

This Mecha of a hauler is equipped with the following

  1. Tripple Plasma 11 rings. 3 Plasma Body, 96 superconductors, 36 superconductor structs.
  2. 162 rear Triangle Thrusters
  3. 800 Ore Crates
  4. Quad ISAN Nav
  5. Avoidance Ready In the testing phase, Working on new systems
  6. 500M stopping distance with front assist thrusters
  7. Can hit max speed before leaving Arma Save Zone.
  8. Can Enter Low orbit max speed going to Arma from Gate
  9. 614km Range. Range can be extended if you don't plan on moon hauling but this has a full time balanced warp core

Discount for Repeated customers Discount with purchase Fueldorah, Package Deal 1175000

Haulzilla MK-1 variant available without a Warp Core. Adds another 200km to range


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1 year ago


I would like the bp are you still playing?

Hyperion Trading Co.
Orgin Station 2


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

145.9 m/s

Required Ores


174.013 stacks

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Warp