JamsJelly Edition

Origin 19

Making what I feel like, sometimes iconic ships that still function in their own way. Working more to make it form over function, but with many features


Freedom Convoy (Truck)

JamsJelly Edition


Warp Class: 1.43 

Are you tired of those Devs not releasing the update you want? A foreign country taking over your land? Well you Need a Freedom Truck that you can put your message on and put wherever you like! block an SSC, get a group together to block the moon portal! Your imagination is the limit! Disclaimer: This is a joke please do not purposely block or ram people in game. You can be banned for ramming. - Heat Updated Versions coming: -Box truck filled with crates -Box truck empty(cargo lock) -Party truck -Battle truck Features: - prop and fuel usage calculator - side cab doors - semi-realistic transmission and driveline - 102 m/s dry - working windows - speedometer - undercab space - ISAN - update/ fix by Forty (balanced it better)

Ship: 300 K
BP: 500 K

Centurion Falcon Mk ll

JamsJelly Edition


Ore Crates: 55 crates

The Centurion Falcon MK ll - Heat Updated - More realistic design (completely redesigned rear section) - Ship exterior styling update (exterior pipes boxes/decals) - Ship interior 95% complete MK 2.5 (no sense in doing all the tiny corners) - Entire wall of ship data - Classic drop down ramp entrance on drivers side. (completely hidden inside and out) - Operational landing gear with hidden storage when not in use. 2 stages of movement - Full triangle thruster set up which has an overall increase in thrust from MK l - Hidden Cargo space can hide 2 endo's inside - On board fuel, propellant, time, and speed calculator (speed NOT based on Isan) -Isan single -Doors and ramp close after 5500 thrust input -Upgradable hardpoints for 2 mining lasers and top resource bridge can be replaced with collector (made with enough generators to sustain mining lasers) -Refueling transfer in and out port (ducted) -Dedicated fuel only port -Eco Generator script -Turtle, Cruise, GEN on/off -Fully ducted {1 duct piece at each prop. tank and gen pipe connection} (excluding resource containers fully piped and cabled) -18 spare fuel rods -36 Million propellant -55 resource containers -10 generators -8 cooling cell slots (4 racks) -1400 coolant (will have a heating update patch as soon as the patch hits the live server) -Tier 1- 62m/s -Tier 2 - 62m/s (something breaking causing it to slow down unable to find the 1 thing breaking) Top/bot fuel rod hatches + service hatch arkanium/kutonium used for lights only (can be removed) Disclaimer: This was hard to build, extremely hard to plate, a NIGHTMARE to balance. 2 months of time and id say around 150-200 casual hours (Price Reflects This) That being said there are 4 crates inside the ship that should be filled with either Charodium or Exorium 100% of the time for balance purposes. (this has its own resource bridge on the interior of the ship) 106,000 KG weight to the front left for good balance = Exorium

Ship: 3 M
BP: 5 M

The Saucer Office

JamsJelly Edition


Ore Crates: 0 crates

Cant get your endo's in a row? To many arm beams and head gaskets in your view? Well look no further the saucer office provides stunning views as well as a professional 360 degree work space and meeting room. Different priority chairs in the central meeting area. This is meant for around an origin or transport to your home Station (version with 2 triangle thrusters is available. - Heat Updated

Ship: 60 K
BP: 100 K

Flag(s) Art

JamsJelly Edition


Bastium: 3.4 stacks

50,000 for each design comes with the small and large version USA, Australian & Chinese Flags will get stars when a more accurate one can be found/ designed (might use the Star of David for them instead) Large size: 1728 X 864 cm Small size: 288 X 144 cm Canadian small flag: 384 X 144 cm

Ship: 7.5 K
BP: 50 K