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Since more and more videos popup about Self Destruction devices and players in the comments ask about how it works. Here it is and for free. The Self Destructor doesnt require any power, thats because the Yolol inside the Torpedo is executed even when no power is available. Most players dont seem to know that, lol.

This is no fancy design, i mean why would you paint a target at a crucial device? The Torpedo will detonate by itself if its removed from the launcher or if the launcher is hit or unlocked. It will also start its countdown if the buttons are damaged or removed. So the yolol is basically not accessible from the outside and one would have to cut into it and that would always trigger an explosion no matter from which side one tries. Even disconneting the torpedo launcher from the rest of the destructor will activate it. The only option an attacker has is to cut the whole thing out of the ship and move it quickly (for grabbing it is to many parts). For that he only has 60 Seconds. Thats the Coutdown.

The self destructor is activated by setting :Trigger to 1. It can be disarmed with a password of your choice thats hardcoded in the yolol chip and by then turning the :Disarm handle.

As said the destructor needs zero energy, so you dont need to connect it with your ship, but if you do then you can trigger and disarm the destructor from anywhere in your ship. Just dont forget your password.

The Self Destructor can also be activated from a far with a laser designator if you know the right frequency, so you should set a uniquo to it.

Message me in Discord for the free blueprint


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2 years ago


fast delivery

2 years ago


nice contact, very fast response and delivery

2 years ago

MysTerioN Soull#1589

💥Explosive 💥 work 💥! Congratulations 👍👏👏

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