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Gloria Class 2250


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Lucky Industries proudly presents:

Gloria Class 2250, is a high-end passenger liner. A high-tech ship with advanced functionality, impressive top speed, high levels of redundancy, and passenger protection. Plus, it looks stunningly beautiful! Designed with invisible bolting tech, no bolts are visible inside & outside, not even on displays. While plain looking initially, a lot of functionality is hidden from view and protected by movable armor plates until extended.

I'm proud to present you this high-end masterpiece, which did require several months of effort and many hundreds of hours to design, program, and optimize:


- Gloria Class 2250 - User Manual

##Feature List:

Designed for a crew of 2+ (but possible to operable solo) 48 Passenger Seats Top Speed of ~150m/s (game limit!)

Hidden, extendable Weaponry (2 pilot-controlled Railguns, Turret with 4 Laser Repeaters) Double layers of Light Armor protect passengers. Heavy armor for all vital components. Extendable Armor protecting Bridge, Passenger seats, and Plasma Engine Good range with 34 Mio Units of Gas Advanced Navigation Suite Pilot Assist for automated asteroid avoidance Fully walkable interior with 3 decks Password protected access Landing capability

Lucky Industries - “Invisible Bolting” tech (no bolts visible inside & outside) Lucky Industries - High Redundancy Design You can find a complete manual with links to videos of the ship here

The ship will safely allow you to travel from one place to another. Big boarding ramps allow convenient access. Your passengers will enjoy the view while traveling looking through (protected) side windows while seated. Your crew enjoys the advanced navigation suite, allowing import and export flight plans to guide them to their destination. Automated asteroid avoidance helps prevent accidents while AFK. Arrive safely and conveniently! Your landing gear will allow the ship to touch down safely at the destination, allowing for convenient disembarking.

Being capable of reaching maximum speed ensures short travel times and the ability to escape. Nonetheless, this innocent-looking ship is perfectly capable of combat, extending hidden weaponry and a heavy turret. High redundancy ensures the ship remains functional and combat-ready - even if batteries, fuel tanks or heaven forbid - a whole reactor block - get blown up.

Ideal for guilds hosting events. The ship is also designed for boarding or landing operations, however, keep in mind that being lightly armored and avoid exposing the ship to extended direct fire.


For custom paint jobs, or alternate variants (e.g. you may sacrifice speed for a heavy-plated warship variant) please get in touch with me and I'll gladly consider your requirements.


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1 year ago


Amazing work!

Lucky Industries
Not given

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

418,937 credits


Ore Crates:

12 crates


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

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