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Annihilator Torpedo Frigate



Primary Thrusters: 7 units

**__Description:__** Since the beginning of the closed alpha ORION has been designing combat ships, ready to take on any challenge they may encounter. And with the ever changing complexity of space combat, we now bring you our newest weapon from our arsenal the ANNIHILATOR Torpedo Frigate. This weapon platform is designed to take anything out of the sky at the press of a button or make a station disappear within seconds. Featuring 12 torpedo launchers with advanced tube selection and the newest tech in the cockpit, you can be sure that your strike will hit its destination. Fitted with a utility bay, in which a reconstruction machine is placed, your ship is suited for any scenario you are facing, no matter where it may be. With the newest state of the art ORION Navigation System you can be sure you find your destination with no trouble on the way. And don't think the ANNIHILATOR can't stand its ground, with two autocannon turrets even smaller targets can be taken care of if necessary. Now its your choice, will you adapt to the changing phases of combat? **__Features:__** - ONS (modified ISAN Quad) - Automated ship systems - SDMRS (Ship Damage and Machinery Report System) - Combat focused armor - Durable ducting throughout the ship - 12 Torpedo tubes - Transponder with ping feature - Radiators with additional Cooling - Gunner Seat - 6 additional passenger Seats - Asteroid Avoidance **__Want to test it out first?__** If you are not sure about your purchase yet, please contact us with the information provided on the right site in the creator profile. We may address any concerns you have or take you on a test flight inside the ship. **__How to buy?__** Please contact us on our faction discord to complete your purchase. https://discord.gg/XnyWEcdFxx

Ship: 8 M
BP: 10 M