Shipwright Co.


Just Shipwright Co in game. We build ships.


Stargazer Shuttle [Free]

Shipwright Co.


Battery: 100,000 units

A shuttle for going between Origin, or going deep into the Eos belt to Markka and beyond! Has 18M Propellant, and quite a bit of thrust! (Max speed) Speedometer included. Features: Lots of YOLOL -- Autonomy by Happytrigger, Speedometer by Moriwatari, Autonav by Standpeter, Compass by Firestar99 18M Prop! Go a while :) Automatic waypoint system. Looks awesome. Should also mention there is some legacy stuff on here, but totally up to you whether or not you want to replace it, specifically the speedometer. ---- For purchase message me in game or on Discord! NoPlansMade Intended purpose of ship is either exploration, and transportation for stations out at 900KM+ from Origin. 1500KM+ Range on Rods (*2) 3500KM+ Range on Gas Be sure to take it with you on Capitals for easy transport around your stations! If your frame rate is high enough the ship caps out at 155-157! (Edit: Currently free to recieve, please contact me for it if you want.)

BP: 1

Bellow [Medium Fighter]

Shipwright Co.


Primary Thrusters: 8 units

Medium fighter! Solid controls. Features: Long sustainability, solid DPS with 8 laser cannons! Rangefinders act as aim assist when gun script is on! Overthrusted for damaged state! (Disable safe mode) Baltium Beams for Armor, and Bastonium plated for weight and armor! Looks like a comet when in flight! Separate ammo containers for 8 guns! 8400 total laser ammo! Autonomy (HLA based) for range! 2.5 Engines! Efficiency + Speed! 2.5 Generators, total of 12k EPS! Tips for use: Make sure "Guns" is on before engaging in combat, ship requires fully spooled generators to ensure maximum DPS output! All controls are behind pilot seat. Notes: Ship has no resource bridge as of right now for using tripods, you can add one if you want to, but is specifically designed to be used solo. For purchase, message NoPlansMade on discord and provide screenshot of your IN GAME MAIL sending me the credits! All updated BP's provided for free upon request, if you send me back a custom one that is on you! Recommended: Craft engines, weapons (storage as well), generators, and other items as necessary to reduce cost!

BP: 1.25 M