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Roomba [FREE]



Ore Crates: 428 crates

Space Roomba === ***BP Now Free*** This thing decimates roids, makes mining surprisingly fun, just push a button and fly, automatically mines the roids that gets in the cylinder. 110m/s unladen, 70m/s full. Built with safezone in mind for newer players and as a hobby project for myself, I can't go back to normal bulk mining without this ship, it's that much more efficient. You can take this ship outside of safezone to mine if you are careful but I recommend having extensive ship repair experience and knowledge before you do so since this ship is designed to get uncomfortably close to asteroids and accidents are likely if not careful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes: === - 428 crates - 24 Mining Lasers - 6 Ore collectors - 24 T1 reactor chambers T1 Enhanced, 72 generators - 24 Fuel rod storage racks - 384 batteries - 12 large propellant tanks - Material scanner - Basic crafting bench. - T10 Roid Mining capability "Bigboi" button with Laser Pulse - Automatic Align Assistance - Auto Approach - ISAN Quad - Ship control trim to better customize flight control to your liking - Approach speed sensitivity control - Lights to better see the asteroids getting shredded - AIM mode to even further fine tune your aim for asteroid approach! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See it in action: === - That's pretty much all you need to do with this ship to mine. As demonstrated in the video - you just need to hit Green button, hit White button, hit Approach button and aim at an asteroid until that middle Safety button goes from blinking red to green. That's all! - Alternatively you can mine with the Bigboi button that enables the ship to mine T10 roids! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT ME at Shu#8351 on Discord for BP copy. I no longer play SB but I am happy if you would still like to use my creation. === ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/25/2022 UPDATED by Rukia Barr === * Made the whole frame green used weld blocks and welded up all the gapped beams * Added heat sinks * Moved the Enhancers to the generator units (due to them not working on chambers any more) * Adjusted some crate bolting to reduce the chance of durability errors * Adjusted the gen setup to produce less heat * Replaced the large tanks with new large tanks so there is no buggy ness in the propellant tanks from where they changed how much it stores (9mill to 12 mill propellant) which brings it up to 144mil propellant on the ship * Cleaned the bolts off of the control panel * Added a warm up button for the gens named "50eps" * Set up a sentry battery to control the gen script that way the gen script is even faster on spooling up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BP: 1