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Hello. My name is Simon. I make free ships and scripts for the community to enjoy. Please contact me if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Have a good day!


Big Bertha [FREE]

Silverstar Spaceships


Ore Crates: 272 crates

# Behold the Big Bertha! A core mining fast and agile armoured miner. Perfect for low-medium range trips. Asteroid approach, miner patterns, ISAN, compass and other info panels. # Crates are expandable! Simply add more on the inside or outside! You can add hundreds of crates! # Setup Bind "MiningLaserBeamLenghth" + and - Bind "TurretPitch" + and - # Known bugs Stuck in chair - solved by changing the "Chair" button "ButtonOnStateValue" value to 160 # Blueprint and more of my ships Enjoy!

Ship: 1.02 M
BP: 261.1 K

TriMoon [FREE]

Silverstar Spaceships


Ore Crates: 0 crates

# Behold the TriMoon! A free fast cutting edge moon miner. Perfect for getting all of the precious moon ore. The ship features a full automated mining process that will go as deep as the ship itself within 30 minutes. The ship also has a full grid display cockpit with many cool features for you to play around with. # Super cheap and super fast! This super fast and cheap moon miner will make a giant hole shown in the thumbnail in under 2 hours! # Setup Controls: Bind "FD" + and - for forward thrust Bind "BD" + and - for backward thrust # HOW TO 1: Face the ship towards the ground 2: Activate turtle mode 3: Activate align and look at the pitch and yaw panels to the right. 4: Gently tap pitch and yaw accordingly to get the panel values as close to zero as possible (use the universal tool to see if you are going in the correct direction if you are having issues) 5: Deactivate align mode 6: Activate mine mode and the ship will now automatically dig in to the ground until you stop it 7: Once at desired depth deactivate mine mode and activate clear mode 8: Once satisfied with a large enough hole deactivate the clear mode. 9: Done! You can now harvest all of those juicy ores or get another ship down the hole and continue making the hole bigger. Enjoy! Note! You can mine the ore whilst digging/clearing the hole. This is actually recommended to make sure that no ore is going to touch the ship. Also note that if you de-load the area any exposed ore will most likely disappear. For example when logging out and when leaving the area. # Aligning: Press "Align" and look at the "pitch" and "yaw" values to the right to align the ship to the surface. When done with the alignment press "gyro" to reset the gyro in case you accidentally touch the controls. # Mining: Press "Mine" to enter mine mode and let it do its thing (make sure the ship is clear of any debris). When the ship is at your desired depth deactivate mine mode. To open up the hole click "clear" to clear the hole. (make sure the ship is clear of any debris) # Known bugs If ship looses power scripts might act up # Blueprint and more of my ships Enjoy!

Ship: 258.98 K
BP: 59.26 K

[FREE] The thrusticle

Silverstar Spaceships


Item Crates: 0 crates

# Behold, The Thrusticle! A free 1024 crate hauler with a autopilot (Nav Suit) and many other features such as a smart generator script. # Crates are expandable! Simply add more on the inside or outside! You can add hundreds of crates! # Setup Make sure to let the generators spool up for about 15 seconds before going full thrust with the plasmathruster active. # Known bugs None. # Link to the ship ## As well as many other of my ships: # Questions? Dm me on Discord: se-ssi#0295 Enjoy!

Ship: 3.1 M
BP: 288.31 K

[FREE] Long Range Avoidance Ship

Silverstar Spaceships


Battery: 240,000 units

# The LRAS (Long Range Avoidance Ship) Is a free avoidance ship made for navigation data logging, transport and exploration. Simply have the navigation module in you inventory and assemble it once you have arrived. Features Normal system info, eco mode, cruise, supercruise, trutle, diffrent levels of avoidance stop when obscructed to full afk automation, station/capship area available for claiming light, warning lights, fully customizable Setup To activate cruise mode press the big blue cruise button as well as the others down to the left and enjoy! Known bugs None. # Blueprint and many other ships

Ship: 185.13 K
BP: 46.43 K