Skytanker E3.8


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Ship price: BP: 15M

The price of the ship is a right of access, this right allows you to have the following versions free of charge (1.1 1.2 1.3 for example).

Useful information: 1216 crates 2 Tanks of liquid exorium. 1 Exorium processing unit. 2 Capital Ship Super Generators. 228 FULL T3 triangle maneuvering thrusters. 20 Large Hydrogen tanks (Propellant). 12 Batteries. 8 ore collectors. 30 Mining Lasers. 1 Alloy Crafting Furnaces (Moon Atmosphere). 1 Equipped Crafting Table (yellow)


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11 days ago


I've been using this solidly for the last month and it has made a huge amount of money for me. It mines quickly, has a huge storage for AFK mining and lasts an insane amount of time without refuelling. Definitely worth buying if you are able to scrape some moons!

16 days ago | Edited 16 days ago


I will draw up the list that I was able to establish after ~24h of use

Good points :
- The number of crates clearly
- The ship maneuvers well for its size and mass
- Autolanding
- mouse mining is very usefull for finish the first pass
- The system that prevents us from leaving the safezone is amazing
- Autonomy

**Bad point** :
- Maybe the speed but that's not what I asked him for, so it's not very annoying, just have a carrier nearby.

**Conclusion** :
this ship is really amazing. And if you don't buy it well... you're missing out on the million profit credits it can bring you

19 days ago | Edited 19 days ago


this is some next level mining right there. kudos to the creator, i don't even have to play the game to get resources now.

i'm still learning and have a little difficulty adjusting the hover height, but i'll definatelly learn with time(and more miners xD). for now, it is performing amazingly.

(note, if you have a older than 10th generation cpu(like me), you might want to turn off the volumetric lamps option in the config menu. lasers light lagged me quite a bit before i turned that off, but that might be just my particular config, idk)

1 month ago


Lexifer excellent feedback I will respond to the points you raise!

- So the glass plates are indeed a good upgrade, I noticed myself that I sometimes lacked a little visibility.

- Turtle mode: actually it is NEVER on my ships, in general I adapt the bind move speed to the forward or reverse lever. I confirm at the beginning the E3.7 may be a little nervous.

- The ship remains stuck: This painful little moment occurs when the rear cockpit begins to enter the trench. This is a bit that I will have a hard time resolving so knowing that this problem exists I am monitoring the start of the farm launch. You simply need to regain control, move forward a little and raise the ship a little sometimes at this precise moment. Once the ship has moved forward 1 meter the problem no longer returns.

An E3.8 update is planned but I'm waiting to get more feedback. I should have quite a few because sales are daily and surprisingly numerous

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


Good ship ! Very efficient, I will provide more detailed feedback when I have used it more

1 month ago


After 3 days of use yes I confirm

Very good ship

1 month ago


This ship has only one fault

She is in the Starbase Game. Be careful of the lights which can multiply stupidly and break the ceiling (+30 lights) but this is a problem of the game and not of the ship.

I took the risk of creating 4 like in the video! It honestly lags but damn. It's beautiful.

Everyone who has commented has already listed the qualities of this ship which is just CRAZY it is clearly a game changer for me.

I'm considering buying the M4 skytanker which seems to me to be the same but asteroids version and again I don't think I'll be disappointed

1 month ago


(Continuing from previous) - This is where turtle mode would be helpful because tapping forward or backward to fix it seems to jolt you rather than easy you into place. I feel like this might be able to be fixed with a min dist on the aim assist finders using maneuver thrusters since they output less thrust that triangle that way it possibly doesn't dip below 3-5m on the skiffs. Just a thought though. Otherwise I think its a great ship! Thank you Colt for your time making ships and being so kind and helpful! Appreciate you!

1 month ago


Very fun ship to use! Colt was very helpful in the purchasing process and gave me tons of advice. The mouse mining is a lot of fun. Some changes I would like to see, the plates under the bottom 2 mining seats could be glass. I feel like it would create more visibility when looking down. I also couldn't find the turtle mode. The ship is quite jumpy when trying to make small adjustments, unless I missed it somewhere in the massive amount of stuff, I think adding it would be awesome. I would also like to see more stuff condensed into the grid displays. I've been toying with this on my own ships and have managed to consolidate a lot into them. My biggest achievement was getting ISAN into one. Though that will probably not be needed soon with the update thats coming hopefully soon. Also not sure if this has to do with the hover mode or the ship but sometimes it gets stuck when it first gets its body over the trench and dips really low and taps the ground. Then its kinda stuck bouncing.

1 month ago


Thank you all for your feedback! It is heartwarming

I would like to point out given Noah's comments that comparisons with other ships can be made, but if possible avoid them being perhaps a little too aggressive.

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


I recently purchased the Skytanker E3 and I couldn't be more pleased! With a fleet of 7 Surfaceurs, I was hoping for an improvement over ol' reliable, but the Skytanker E3 has far exceeded my expectations. I love my Surfaceurs, and they'll always have a place in my heart, but the Skytanker E3 is a Cadillac. The mining experience is super smooth, requiring minimal adjustments. Mouse mining is absolutely AMAZING, and the auto landing works flawlessly, making the entire mining process incredibly efficient and stress-free. This ship has everything I could ask for and more. The design is sleek and modern, and the performance is top-notch. Even the cockpit layout is well thought out, providing both functionality and comfort. At a blueprint cost of just 15M credits, it's an absolute steal for the quality and features you get. The Skytanker E3 has truly set a new standard for surface miners. Highly recommend to anyone looking for the best mining experience!

1 month ago


continuation of the previous message

With the Surfaceur you have to sort everything out to eliminate your problems - some are impossible to fix - fortunately the ship was given to me by my mate and I didn't have to spend the 25M credits to buy it because frankly 25M for an average design and adjustments to make is not good

I think your friends have overestimated the real value of their ship.
I much prefer the Skytanker or the ships that Satomi or Freelancer made by far

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


In all honesty I don't think this ship has many, if any, competitors.

I think that here we reach the best in moon mining. I had the surfacer which frankly is an old ship. Overtaken by its competition

I'm sorry I don't want to make the creators uncomfortable but I really want to compare the ships to support my observations and I hope it won't be a problem

I have had two Surfaceurs in 2 years this ship has qualities but in the details it was very poorly designed pretty plates and very good ideas on a bunch of unoptimized beams unbalanced generators on the mass of the unbalanced thrusters a landing system where the creator had to make 45 minutes of video to explain how it works. (no joke) and since I don't speak French sorry but I left after 2 minutes of video.

1 month ago


I will draw up the list that I was able to establish in only about 8 hours of mining
Good points :
- The number of crates clearly
- The ship is quite close to the ground so the lasers at 20 meters go down well
- The ship maneuvers well for its size and mass
- Autolanding works very well
- mouse mining is super super fun (first personal experiment)
- The system that prevents us from leaving the safezone, I tried it and it works very well

The negative points :
- Well... its speed but it is clearly not designed for long journeys, the creator was very clear on this point. So this negative point is never suffered by the user. You actually stay in station with this ship and if it has to travel 10km that won't create any problems.

15M for this ship is really a gift

1 month ago


This ship is excellent, AFK landing on the moon, AFK strip mining on the surface, mouse guided mining lasers on the back to pick up anything the main lasers miss. Fantastic 10/10!

1 month ago


super ship pour miner les surface en plus des laser a l'arriere pour ramasser le reste des minerais je le recommende a tous .... super boulot au createur

1 month ago


This ship is colossal. I regret not having a better set up to run 3 or 4, I am limited to 2 ships. Yesterday I produced almost 40 million credits with Naflite
Without touching my keyboard it changes the game
Thank you thank you

Colt or Colty

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

356,000 credits


Ore Crates:

1,216 crates



210,000 eps


240,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

228 units

Required Ores


114 stacks


9 stacks


4 stacks


388 stacks


272 stacks


2 stacks


94 stacks


0 stacks


162 stacks


2 stacks


2 stacks


70 stacks


61 stacks


0 stacks


5 stacks


0 stacks


0 stacks


0 stacks


0 stacks


22 stacks


169 stacks


5 stacks


188 stacks

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint
    • Credits
    • Credits + Ore

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • Automated
    • Crafting