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Sutler Mk2


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Fastest miner of its class. 150 m/s even with full cargo with light ores.

  • State-of-the art automatic asteroid avoidance system tailored specifically to this unique ship design.
  • 6 hours of flight time, 3000+ km range.
  • Automatic laser pattern for mining.
  • Fast auto-approach system.
  • Incredible attention to details and fully polished interior.

This ship is built upon the foundation of Sutler Mk1P. It is the ship you all know and love, but better. It's bigger, it's faster, and it's much safer. If you ever wanted a premium model of the original -- this is it.

  • Compass navigation system by Firestar99 / ISAN
  • Warp capable
  • Generators powerful enough to sustain uninterrupted laser fire.
  • Enough batteries to fully support cold start of lasers and engines.
  • All workbenches

-- Heatsink updated


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1 year ago

Crit Happens#8167

Devs are very responsive and are actively maintaining this BP. It has been updated for the heat change and the devs will respond to questions on features, bugs, or additions the user wishes to add.

With the asteroid change the number of collisions I've had due to oddly angled T1s has wildly decreased. As a whole the ship is very designed, intuitive to use, and a safe pick for deep belt mining due to its ACAS, ISAN, and speed.

In order to buy the ship you will have to contact spiral directly via DMs on discord. His tag is Spiral#3197 as of time of writing. As there are a lot of people in the Starbase discord it may take a while for discord to display all the Spirals.

1 year ago


I would like to buy the blueprint if its still possible. I tried joining the discord and add Spiral but with no success.

1 year ago


Great ship. AA works great just had one asteroid hit and only broke a rangefinder and knocked a thruster nozzle loose.

1 year ago


If you are looking for the fastest miner then Sutler Mk2 is it no other ship comes close.

1 year ago


It's an excellent ship, a great performance and balance that makes it a lot easier to mine to fill a hauler. Ship with an incredible finish, richness in details and not to mention the excellent support of the store. With a few modifications you can make it more resistant and just the way you like it!

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


@Spiral please check the discord, I want to buy this ship and can't contackt with you? the "buy ship" link dont work, thx

1 year ago


Can't recommend this ship enough. The asteroid avoidance isn't perfect, but it's easy to repair after any collisions (take a bit of bastium, valkite, ajatite, etc with you!). It has long range and enough crates to make it worthwhile to go anywhere in the belts.

The only modifications I've felt the need to make to it are more yolol addons (waypoint system, delta system). Mines well, controls well, room to work in and room to modify!

1 year ago


By far the best moon ship hands down. Out of the box ready to go! Mount a tripod or two with some friends and have at it! The yolol is sweet as well! I took a hit with an asteroid that slipped through a couple beams, and all it did was knock a thruster loose, those decorative railings are insane for deflection! Another company mate of mine on his first print and first trip to the moon (didnt understand the gravity pull) ended up crashing and taking out the whole read end, almost all the triangle thrusters and a couple fuel tanks, and flew it back to Origin just as fast as he hit! I'm not recommending that you crash into the moon, just saying it holds up well!! Price is cheap to build so it won't suck to lose one! Best overall ship in the game! o/ Spiral

1 year ago


This is a good ship. Flying at top speed didn't hit me up to 1000km. However, small strangely shaped asteroids can slip through them. On the way back, I was at it.

2 years ago


I'm loving the Sutler Mk2 that I purchased from Spiral Designs. It's a ship I could see myself in if mining around a gas planet was a thing IRL. I am too scared to scratch it by going through the gate and getting ganked, but I have had it out of the SZ and have confidently used the avoidance system at full speed to keep all my parts attached. With most ships I make or purchase I end up doing hours and hours of modding, but I have not had to touch a thing with the Sutler Mk2.

2 years ago

Admiral Conan#0328

This is an awesome mining ship. I loved the first Sutler, and this one is even better. It is damn fast, has decent cargo, great range, and boy is it a pretty ship. But here's the thing, you don't just get an awesome ship when you buy this bp. Spiral and his team are amazing. You won't find better support for your ship from any other ship makers on this site.

2 years ago

Spammy (US, Arizona)#8322

So, Spiral does have a lively Discord about their ships, with both maker and fan support being excellent. As Starbase continues to go through painful contortions from patch-to-patch, that should be a deciding factor. Oh, and the ship is awesome.

2 years ago


This is a very nice ship! The only thing that bothers me is the max wet speed: when loaded with the heaviest ores, this ship will NOT go 150ms, yet it's wet speed is set to 150. I've been testing and measuring my wet speed in test mode and I never reach 150ms full of Lukium. It's one thing to mention that the ship goes almost max speed with light ores, but the wet speed should be set to the ACTUAL speed when filled up with Lukium iirc.
Besides that, amazing looking ship and very nice features!

2 years ago


I suck at discord, so I can't figure out howe to message you on there. I sent an in-game e-mail. Looking to grab the BP

2 years ago


There was a bug in Yolol on Jason's ship after he replaced some parts. I've just helped him fix it. It's not in the BP, you don't have to worry about that. All of the BPs in Spiral Designs are going through testing and we are fixing any issues and improving the design constantly. It is a very popular ship with great community supporting it!

2 years ago

Spammy (US, Arizona)#8322

Curious what the YOLOL mistake was, and if it's been fed back into the blueprint. Does Spiral Designs update their customers with BP improvements?

2 years ago


Great ship for your money! There was a mistake with YOLOL - they quickly helped to fix it. Thanks.

2 years ago


Such a great ship. Its not perfect and has a few tweeks needed but the creators are open to all voices who want to make this ship better. Great Job guys!

2 years ago


This ship its totally worth every penny. Tested it with idiocy at maximum level in order to see how idiot-proof it was, and its great. Good protection, great maneuverability, good anti collision system and mining system (though its kinda weird) and its not a brick. Conclusion: Buy it, you'll enjoy it.

2 years ago


Small update to my previous post:

After some investigation it turns out that the asteroid strike was most likely caused through the well known LOD bug, since there are 2 angled rangefinders below the canopy, taking care of that area.

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Was excited to take the sutler MK2 out deep into the belt after doing a few test runs and getting acquainted with its systems. Unfortunately due to the LOD bug I had a t4-t5 sized asteroid hitting the canopy while in one of those dark clouds, and bouncing off portside, taking out the rangefinders and most likely glitching through the ship.

After fixing it up to get rid of durability errors it didn't seem possible to get the ship back to a working state, the avoidance system got stuck in closing mode, with the thrusters reversing all the time. Apparently the asteroid took out the yolol rack responsible for the avoidance system, hard to debug with that one gone, heh.

Unable to get it working again I decided to decomission it. It's free for the taking at ISAN XYZ: 8020 -31539 119958

Other than that it's a pretty nice ship.

2 years ago


HEY commented before back again now that ive used the ship great ship AAvoid works really well, im veryu comforatble when im out there mining not worrying baout hitting asteroids :D

2 years ago


m14srv i think its because the SSS discord got shut down or something i am not sure because the link to their discord doesnt work for me

2 years ago


hey i want this but its not coming through on discord

2 years ago


Huge improvements over the original, which was an amazing ship as well. Well worth the extra cost.

2 years ago


I usually make adjustments to every ship i buy but honestly didnt touch anything perfect the way it came.

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


@spiral is doing a great job and the addition of Roecastle to the team at Spiral Designs things are just getting more and more exciting, love both the sutler MK1p and MKII would recommend for anyone who wants a bugfixed well supported Long Range Prospector/ Miner LOOK no Further!! Oppps Forgot to mention its fast LOL

2 years ago


Great to see the ship just getting better and better

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Great price for a great ship

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


This is exactly what I was looking for

2 years ago


The Sutler just gets better and better. New upgraded version is worth every credit. And as always, after sales service is top notch with consistent updates and support.

2 years ago


Recommend for purchase

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Spiral Designs
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Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

1,619,713 credits

Warp Class:



3,000 km


Ore Crates:

256 crates

Resource Bridges:

3 bridges


Dry Weight:

9,116,781 kg

Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

150 m/s


960,000 units


40,000 eps


96,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

140 units

Flight Time:

3 hrs

Required Ores


82.7 stacks


28.9 stacks


6.6 stacks


146.2 stacks


155.1 stacks


1.2 stacks


14.6 stacks


69.4 stacks


2.4 stacks


11.6 stacks


37.8 stacks


0.02 stacks


99.2 stacks


2.4 stacks

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Miner
    • Hauler
    • Explorer
    • Other

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated
    • Warp
    • Crafting
    • Armour