Temple Defense Solutions

TDS Personal Shield


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Contact @Drakolith#9440 on discord for purchase.

When combat flows from ships to on foot, which it often does, one of these effective yet low cost shields could easily save not only your life, but the costly purchase of a replacement ship as well.

Our shields offer not only defensive, but stealth, and tactical advantages as well. For defense, these shields are invulnerable to many types of small arms fire, and can even take a few hits from ship weapons. They give an advantage of stealth in that with their octagonal fronts, it is easy to mistake them for an asteroid, or in the case of being near a damaged or destroyed ship, a bit of wreckage. As for the tactical advantages, our shields also allow for zooming in with weapons while floating in space, whereas without one you cannot. In addition they offer a multitude of angles for you to peek out of, making it an absolute nightmare for anyone attempting to preemptively aim where they think you're going to peek out of, and therefore allow you to surprise your enemy from an unexpected angle. Also the personal shield variant is extremely portable as you are able to put it into your inventory, in which it only takes up one slot.

Custom painting, decals, company initials, and a battle damaged or worn look are available at an extra charge, depending on the amount of changes, additions, and time required to detail them. I can spawn at many of the origin stations, if I can spawn at yours or you come to a station that I can, delivery is free, but if you are at one that I cant and don't want to do that, I can still deliver there at a small delivery fee. Please keep in mind that my timezone is CDT or GMT-5 when messaging me, but don't be afraid to send a message if its late for me, I will try to respond as fast as possible.

If you venture out without a Temple Defense Solutions Personal Shield™️ expecting a fight or heading into dangerous zones, you’re heading out at a serious disadvantage.


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