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Bob Head


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Model Number: CVMM-057C

Name: Bob

Type: Flying Head


  • Flying Bob head
  • Fully posable eyes
  • Voicebox
  • Fully featured crafting station

Inspired by Bob from the Boltcrackers series of Starbase videos, this flying head is carefully crafted to match the shape, proportions and design of the Bob head with some reinterpretations of certain parts to make it more amenable to being built as a ship. Some creative liberties have been taken, imagining the right side pod as a wide angle camera pod, and the left side pod as a telephoto camera pod, as can be seen from the markings on the 'lenses'. In addition the eyes are fully posable and come with several presets.

And because I felt it would be a waste for it not to have any proper function... I also built a full crafting station into it. Both furnaces are available on the back of the left side pod, and a twist lever on the left side of the head opens up a compartment with all 3 crafting benches inside.

Perfect for displaying together with the Rechtshandig flying hand!


  • The BP does not come with the pipe mouth by default.
  • Due to creative liberties taken with the thruster layout, strafe right and reverse cause the ship to yaw, though not so strongly that it can't be countered with opposite yaw.**

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