Ark's Sparks

Fafner MkII 858


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Model Number: MMAPXL-079F

Name: Fafner MkII 858

Type: Superheavy All-Purpose Miner


  • 858 crates
  • All-purpose 12-laser drill system for both belt and surface mining
  • Tractor beam assist
  • Speed: 150 m/s dry, 100 m/s wet
  • Darkyshadow's profiled PID approach system
  • Heavy automation allows the ship to be flown with a single pilot
  • Dual-mode asteroid avoidance v2
  • Full interior with meeting room
  • Rear turret-mounted tow beam, 22kt towing capacity
  • Ark's Sparks signature triangular cockpit with incredible field of view
  • Onboard reconstruction machine
  • Andargor's gyro direction finder
  • Thaccus' NavSuite

The next generation Fafner is even better equipped than its predecessor. Compared to the MkI, the MkII has a more lightweight and responsive 12-laser drill, and has a plethora of extra features including tractor beam assistance while mining, surface mining capability, a built-in tow beam and an onboard reconstruction machine. No other miner is kitted out to perform exceptionally well at both belt and surface mining in a single package, making the Fafner MkII indispensable for long trips out to moons where you may be doing both kinds of mining. The inclusion of a pair of tractor beams allows the ship to wrestle an asteroid into optimal position in front of the drill for mining, with an option to hold on to the asteroid for when you're dealing with pesky falling rocks in Alstel's belt.

The interior has also received a makeover and now features a meeting room with separate displays for each participant. As such the Fafner is now fully equipped to act as the flagship of your mining fleet and can even help recover stricken members of the fleet that have been disabled by asteroid impacts with its new rear-mounted tow beam.


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1 year ago


This is the Ferrari of mining vessels. Worth every credits i paid and ores i gave for it.
Easy and pleasant to pilot, mining is a joke. Manually, it evaporate t10s in no time, or take seat and drink your coffee while the ship does the mining for you! It's fully equipped with bench forge and a reconstruction machine as if it was not perfect enough already. This isnt a mining vessel, it's a work of art.

Legends are told that Arkhonus doesn't actually "craft" his ships, he create giant blocks of different well placed ores and sculpt them out of it.

Ark's Sparks
Origin 2


Ore Crates:

858 crates

Resource Bridges:

8 bridges

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Credits + Ore

  • Role
    • Miner
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated
    • Crafting