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Model Number: HHAHL-098F

Name: Hnoss

Type: Roid Hauler


  • Speed: 150 m/s dry, ~135 m/s wet (3x T10 charodium)
  • Capacity for 3x T10 asteroids
  • Auto alignment and auto load
  • Darkyshadow's approach system
  • Ore scanner with memory for 3 scans
  • Cargo lock failsafe
  • Credit yield calculator
  • NavSuite
  • Extensive automation

Ark's Sparks' first production asteroid hauler is specialized for hauling 3x T10 asteroids, and incorporates some automation features to make the job less of a chore by automating initial alignment and asteroid loading. A conscious decision has also been made to prioritize wet speed over range through the use of T3 thrusters, with the goal of reducing turnaround time and improving credit yields over time to offset the increased refuelling costs. Note that the ship lacks an avoidance system and is not optimized for unsafe zone operation, so fly carefully if you choose to do so.

Thaccus' NavSuite will also be a feature, enabling autopilot back to your Origin of choice after choosing your 3 T10 asteroids.

The ship also features a credit yield per load calculator that estimates the total income for each individual asteroid you have loaded up, based partially on Egomaniac's yield calculator found on his asteroid haulers. It takes time to do its job, but it gives you a good idea of how much credits you're bringing in per run, and coupled with the onboard timer can help you to better understand your earnings over time.

Note: Buyers with non-English language settings may need to change the ore names on the chips to reflect their language for the yield calculator to work correctly.

Special thanks:

  • Egomaniac for the original yield calculator

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Ark's Sparks
Origin 2


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

135 m/s

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated