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Jormungandr B

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Model Number: MMAML-055EL

Name: Jormungandr B

Type: Surface Miner


  • 592 crates
  • 30-laser drill
  • Large generator setup for endurance
  • Dual cockpits with independent controls
  • Capable of autonomous downwards descent while drilling, can be toggled off. (manual descent by pickaxing the central pillar)
  • Autobalancer - RF first to level with the ground, and then gyro to maintain attitude while drilling.
  • Reconstruction machine

The pinnacle of drill surface mining. The Jormungandr series of ships all feature utterly massive 30-laser drills that dominate almost the entirety of the ship's rear end. There is no ship better than a Jormungandr at moving lots of earth really, really fast. Like other Ark's Sparks surface miners, Jormungandrs can fit into the holes they dig autonomously by itself, allowing them to create deep mining shafts with little supervision beyond shutting down the lasers every now and then to allow an endo to get at the leftover ore nodes.

Be warned, the ship is lightly armoured, slow and cannot survive in contested space! Your neighbours may not appreciate what amounts to a flying apartment building taking up their view of the moonscape!

There are 2 variants of this ship planned for the far future.

Special thanks to:

  • Sasqtch for the nose art

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