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Jormungandr MkII


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Model Number: MMAMXL-097FL
Name: Jormungandr MkII
Type: Surface Drill Miner

  • 864 crates
  • 24-laser drill
  • 6 optionally manned side laser turrets
  • Speed: 141 m/s (dry)
  • Large generator setup for endurance
  • Dual cockpits with independent controls
  • Optional autonomous downwards descent while drilling, can be toggled off. (manual descent by pickaxing the central pillar)
  • Dual autobalancers - RF and gyro
  • Reconstruction machine
  • RF pillar alignment

The Jormungandr MkII improves on its predecessor, the Jormungandr B in many ways. It is the natural next step in AS development of specialized surface miners as the pinnacle of surface drill mining. It retains the ability to drill downwards autonomously, improves in ergonomics by streamlining movement between decks, capitalizes on the latest materials to reduce the bulk of its signature massive laser drill and utilizes the saved voxels for more crates.

With modern advancements in surface drill ship design, the MkII is better adapted to its role with a tapering rear end housing a proper mining cockpit and a smaller 24-laser drill. 6 lasers have been moved to the side onto optionally manned mining turrets, used for widening the pit it drills itself into, or for precision mining of leftover ore in the pit walls by endo control. Downwards speed is slower than its predecessor, but it now excavates a wider pit and reduces time spent pickaxing.

Its predecessor's horizontal/vertical flight mode switch has been removed in order to simplify flight control systems, as it was a feature often left unused in practice.

Note: The Jormungandr does not need gyro stabilization to be on to mine.

Special thanks to:

  • Sasqtch for the nose art

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Ark's Sparks
Origin 2


Ore Crates:

864 crates


Dry Max Speed:

141 m/s

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Credits + Ore

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • Automated