DragonHoarder1136(Heat update)


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Updated on 5/31/22- added heat sinks, removed excess batteries, added more fuel rod spares, added yaw thrusters, removed gen script for a simple pinned number, removed warp core, added crafting tables, added cabin floor, removed broken buttons from dash

Price dropped to 2,000,000 credits for BP due to this old design not meeting my current quality standards. Be aware this ship is functional, but not super polished.

Original Description: Tired of making multiple trips? Do you need something that can get through the belts intact? Want to make your friends envious of your supreme power?

Dragon_Ventures has you covered! Introducing the DragonHoarder1136 (H)

Designed from the ground up to be extremely durable, repairable, and to get your cargo to far away destinations safely. This ship is designed for big companies moving huge amounts, or wealthy solo players looking for the best on the market. The entry price is high, but the payoff is only a couple runs away! Build your hoard like a pro!

Over 40 hours of Min-Maxing the editor's build limits has delivered this creation to reality. It features an enclosed engineering section to ensure your explody bits stay unexploded, and ablative beam structures on the front to keep your critical systems in working order for any chance impacts. Ducting is bolted double the normal amount to reduce time spend repairing. Crates are arranged in a protective buffer all around your core thruster and system.

The Asteroid Avoidance YOLOL has been revamped to increase the effectiveness. The cross section was carefully maintained to ensure the ship can avoid threats before they even get into one of the 240+ rangefinders paths.

The asteroid avoidance system is a "Pause and strafe" style system, it checks in 3 sections (top mid, bottom) and then strafes away from the detected threat. For Top and Bottom, it cuts forward power while it maneuvers, and resumes old thrust level once clear. For the middle section, it pitches the ship down slightly, and does not cut power to main engines (however this pitch may trigger the Top section power cut and strafe). after a short pause to allow the vector to change away from the middle detected threat, the ship resumes the old heading.

Known shortcomings of the system as it stands are that it may strafe at low speed (<25 m-s) into a threat on the top or bottom in unlucky circumstance, but this is an edge case scenario, and the ship is robust enough to just bounce off these with little care.

Features: -Avoidance YOLOL with dense checkerboard pattern for comprehensive coverage of threats. -Avoidance YOLOL display, designating when system is active, what action is being taken, stats for number of activations on current trip, and lifetime of ship. -1 20 ring Plasma main drive, with 92 supporting T2 Triangle thrusters. -24 T2 Triangle thrusters for PITCH, ROLL and Up-Down Strafe -NO BRAKES. ship is designed to point towards destination and let 'er rip. -147 M-s empty, strength 1.028 -135 M-s with common ores (14,000 weight) -126 M-s with Exorium (24,600 weight) -1136 capacity for ores. -Turtle, Cruise modes. -MONO Isan 2.5 -Transponder -High cable&pipe budget and still over 1000 bolts available for repairs. -Critical systems are able to be accessed in most cases for repair. Stuff that is not accessible is buried in crates and unlikely to be damaged. -3 resource ports. One for pilot and general use, 2 in engineer bays near back exit with in/out flow buttons for double duty as tanker (roughly 40 million propellent extra will remain once fuel rods are exhausted) -10 generator modules, with 6 t2 units per generator. -50 backup fuel rods, giving approx 2588 km range. -Open "air" control section, with double pane glass to avoid "asteroid-in-face" syndrome -2 passenger seats at the control section. -1 "suicide seat" on a pole at the rear. not protected by AA YOLOL. For those that have more bravery than sense, or do it for the memes. Nice views though! -Non default color scheme of Red, Black and gold. Subject to change from Images.


Need more details? Message me on discord at Tegxra#0836. I will have a model ship to tour soon and allow for test drives and demonstrations within the Safe Zone.


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2 years ago


Is this BP available for purchase yet?

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


not a bad attempt, drop the plating and move your crates over in place of the plating. basically use bulk crate armor instead. Additionally you can use code to replace the need for all those batteries and massive power plant you're using by setting a minimum generator rate limit while the plasma is active. this way when the FCU shuts off the plasma momentarily or when your code shuts off the main engines for asteroid avoidance you wont reset your power generation. Doing this will drastically reduce your weight as well. By several million. You'd need half the generators and only like 10 batteries instead of 160 you have now.

Buy Ship
Origin 28

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

2,940,876 credits


2,588 km


Ore Crates:

1,136 crates

Resource Bridges:

3 bridges


Dry Weight:

19,594,758 kg

Wet Weight:

47,540,358 kg

Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

115 m/s


1,600,000 units


60,000 eps


288,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

1 units

Secondary Thrusters:

92 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

24 units

Flight Time:

4.75 hrs

Required Ores


73.1 stacks


12.1 stacks


132.8 stacks


325.3 stacks


137.4 stacks


25.6 stacks


3.9 stacks


125 stacks


1.9 stacks


72.5 stacks


92.6 stacks


63.1 stacks


174.5 stacks


97.7 stacks

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Warp