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The Shifter is a 450 ore crate capacity mining ship with a spacious interior allowing for multi crew operations. The controls, tools and features are similar to the Stocker. The blueprint is provided for free. All feedback is welcome and in game tips (in-game name Egomaniac) are appreciated. However support will be limited but I will try my best.

Please give the ship a "like" if you use and enjoy the ship. Designed by EGOTech. Join the EGOTech Discord server.

Download the blueprint

View the ship manual

The Shifter (v1.1.0) is also available to buy in game at Central Showroom of Rando 1 Ship Shop at stations with Rando ship shops.


Channel Video
Flames_Yue EGOTech Shifter Asteroid Miner Showcase


The ship has the following features:

  • 450 ore crates
  • Spacious double level interior
  • Two additional seats for co-pilots
  • Standard Cruise function
  • Turtle and Sloth functions with adjustable rates
  • Transponder system with ping function
  • Two automated rotating drills with four mining lasers each
  • Six ore collectors
  • Material scanner with display of materials in stacks
  • Approach and auto mine functions
  • Two external and four internal resource bridges
  • Auto generator rate script with adjustable minimum rate
  • 36 T2 generators (with 40 T1 and 16 T2 enhancers) with 12 T2 fuel chambers and 48 spare rods on racks
  • Radiators and heat sinks that provide more than adequate cooling
  • Nine large propellant tanks with 108,000,000 units of propellant
  • Estimated flight time of 4 hours and range of 2,000km
  • Propellant time and fuel time panels
  • 216 batteries
  • 42 T2 box and 124 T2 triangle thrusters providing forward thrust
  • 48 T2 triangle thrusters providing braking thrust
  • Eight T2 maneuver and 72 T2 triangle thrusters for maneuvers
  • Basic crafting bench to craft refills with meter upgrade plus the other two benches
  • Extra two small propellant tank with its own resource bridge for emergency refueling
  • Two extra hardpoints (all cabled and piped)
  • NavGrid by StandPeter
  • NavCas by fixerid, using custom avoidance system and ISAN 3 in 1 from Compass by Firestar99, with ability to load target from NavGrid
  • Warning lights and alarm for obstacle detection and avoidance, powered by 35 rangefinders
  • Speedometer
  • Timer panel
  • Odometer panel
  • Many extra slots for YOLOL or memory chips
  • Top speed of 135m/s when empty


v2.0.1 (Current) - 28/12/2022

  • Renamed Material panel to Materials
  • Fixed upper limit of laser pitch control
  • Added cruise safety chip
  • Added lasers safety chip

v2.0.0 - 01/12/2022

  • Added EGOTech logo decal
  • Removed chamber numbering plates to give way to enhancers
  • Added four more T2 generators, 40 T1 and 16 T2 enhancers, increasing power generation to 63,000eps
  • Added 22 more heat sinks
  • Added six more radiator bases and 12 extensions
  • Replaced sweeping mining lasers with two automated rotating drills with four mining lasers each
  • Swapped center rangefinder with lower rangefinder to be in line with the drills
  • Moved material scanner lower inside the ship to be more in line with the center rangefinder
  • Added 120 more batteries
  • Moved collectors and added four extra collectors behind the drills
  • Added windows to where collectors used to be
  • Updated dynamic generator script to take into account lasers
  • Added eight maneuver thrusters around drills
  • Remove belt and atmosphere furnaces
  • Increased default min generator rate to 90
  • Adjusted maximum backup rods to 48
  • Added avoidance safety chip to disable avoidance when laser drills are not in starting position
  • Moved a couple of guide rangefinders onto drill, disabled when drills are turned on
  • Removed forward thrust total chip
  • Split side thruster blocks into three blocks each for better balance
  • Changed other rear thruster groupings

v1.1.1 - 27/05/2022

  • Replaced speedometer by MoriWatari with new speedometer
  • Removed fast travel core
  • Added asteroid belt and moon atmosphere furnaces
  • Added 24 spare T2 fuel rods on racks

v1.1.0 (Ship Shop Version) - 27/05/2022

  • Painted thrusters black
  • Added meter upgrade to basic crafting bench
  • Added 10 heat sinks
  • Reduced radiators to four bases and eight extensions
  • Replaced all RadiationRate panels with HeatTransferRate
  • Added StoredHeat panels
  • Moved Canopy button from pilot right console to left console
  • Piped mining lasers in case of heat generation in the future

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1 year ago

Gamer DNA#0001

Sorry I meant to add, I plan to publish comments on my findings once I have been able to try it out some more, but so far the ship seems awesome. I did make one change of my own and that was to add a button outside of the cockpit to open the canopy as I could not find one outside of the ship, please direct me to its location if I overlooked it; otherwise may I suggest including one for the next update on this ship, and others.

1 year ago

Gamer DNA#0001

Is there a way to get an update for my ship. I just bought the version in the ship shop in game and then found you have an updated version on this site. Would it be possible to get any updated scripts, etc. and notes on other improvements so I can bring my existing ship up to the latest version.

1 year ago


As usual your ships are second to none... the YOLOL is top notch. This is no exception. Thank you again for another FREE amazing that is better then any paid BP.

1 year ago


Hey bro, great work

Did you manage to update the ship


Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

1,818,122 credits

Warp Class:



Ore Crates:

450 crates

Resource Bridges:

6 bridges


Dry Max Speed:

135 m/s


960,000 units


63,000 eps


108,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

166 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

120 units

Required Ores


83.7 stacks


14.1 stacks


3.9 stacks


256.4 stacks


161.7 stacks


1.1 stacks


26.8 stacks


63.7 stacks


2.6 stacks


1.9 stacks


85.1 stacks


123.8 stacks

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Multicrew
    • Automated
    • Warp
    • Crafting