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Baragon (Free BP)


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Baragon [FREE] Surface Scraper Miner

Ship Specs:
1113 Crates
Speed: 144-147
Mining: 30 Lasers, 4 Collectors
Power: 3 Large gens -2 Exo tanks
Propellant: 144M Prop
Fwd Thrust: 72 T2 Box w/ T3 Nozzles, 88 T2 Triangle w/ T3 Nozzles
Maneuvering Thrust: 64 T2 Box w/ T3 Nozzles
Rev Thrust: 32 T2 Box w/ T3 Nozzles

Ship Systems:
All Systems/Code, Tuning, and Optimization by DarkyShadow

  • Moon Landing: Point at a Moon Surface, Press a Button and Safely Auto Land Surface mining ship!
  • Auto Cruise with and without Asteroid Avoidance: Set a Distance and Automatically Travel To It
  • Flight Profiles Lever Controller: Allows you to set custom settings to each mode of the ship via a multi-function display in cockpit, 4 Modes Automatically Switched: MiningMode, MiningOn (Lasers On), Turtle, Normal
  • Adjustable Laser Length
  • Adjustable Laser Rake Angle: Helpful when mining up or down a hill
  • Auto Stop Timer: Set a time and mining will automatically stop to prevent overusing fuel
  • Selectable Crosshair/Reticle Styles with On/Off
  • Low Fuel Prop Warning
  • Gyro w/ Calibrate and Auto Ship Reorient to last Calibrated Orientation
  • Automatic Generator Warm Up and Automatic Power Management
  • Fuel Rod and Propellant Time/Distance Remaining Estimation
  • Laser Pulsing for Power Management as Gens Warmup: Automatically monitors Generator Warmup and turns on/off the lasers until power can fully support lasers at 100% Mining
  • Speedometer and Odometer (TripMeter)
  • Status Display with Realtime Speed, Safezone, Station Placement Ability, Ship Strength Factor, Durability
  • Multiple Safeties: Cruise Cancel on Full Reverse, Fuel Low Cutoff, System Shutdown on Damage Taken, Safety Disables Cruise and others if pilot is more than 1000m from ship. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_wPcpFfs4UAGBqwzSu35FhL_8N6nXiIs/view?usp=drive_link

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Happy Little Accidents
Origin 15


Ore Crates:

1,104 crates

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