Happy Little Accidents

Ghidorah MK2 (Free BP)


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Ghidorah MK2 [FREE] MaxSized Asteroid Miner

Ship Specs:
1010 Crates
Speed: 144-147
Mining: 14 Lasers, 4 Collectors
Power: 26 T3 Fuel Chambers, 78 T3 Gens 78 T2 Enhancers
Propellant: 216M Prop Plus 24M Reserve
Fwd Thrust: 162 T2 Box w/ T3 Nozzles, 72 T2 Triangle w/ T3 Nozzles
Maneuvering Thrust: 64 T2 Box w/ T3 Nozzles
Rev Thrust: 34 T3 Box w/ T3 Nozzles

Ship Systems:
All Systems/Code, Tuning, and Optimization by DarkyShadow

  • AA: Asteroid Avoidance with Movement Display and Event Counter
  • Approach: Improved PID, Aproximated Profiled Motion Controller
  • Inertial Dampeners AKA Antidrift
  • Moon Landing: Point at a Moon Surface, Press a Button and Safely Auto Land
  • Gyro w/ Calibrate and Auto Ship Reorient to last Calibrated Orientation
  • Tow Beam with Display & Multiple Safeties
  • No Need to Rebind: But I Recommend a double bind of Fwd- and Bwd+ to Ctrl
  • Flight Profiles Lever Controller: Allows you to set custom settings to each mode of the ship via a multi-function display in cockpit, 6 Modes Automatically Switched: Approach, MiningMode, MiningOn (Lasers On), Turtle, Avoidance, Normal
  • Adjustable Laser Sweep Pattern
  • Automatic Generator Warm Up and Automatic Power Management
  • Ore Scanners: 3 Selectable Modes: Fast Scan, Safe Scan and Hybrid
  • Long Range Scanners: Can Determine Asteroid Size at 1000m
  • Selectable Crosshair/Reticle Styles with Selection and On/Off
  • Option to only use 1/2 the lasers, this replaces the no longer working laser pulsing since the last update
  • Laser Banking for Power Management as Gens Warmup - Automatically monitors Generator Warmup and turns on the lasers in banks until power can fully support lasers at 100% Mining
  • Auto Cruise with and without Asteroid Avoidance: Set a Distance and Automatically Travel To It
  • Speedometer and Odometer (TripMeter)
  • Status Display with Realtime Speed, Safezone, Station Placement Ability, Ship Strength Factor, Durability
  • Refill Station w/ 2 Large or 2 Medium Tanks for Refueling and as Backup/Reserve
  • Fuel Rod and Propellant Time/Distance Remaining Estimation
  • Navigation: Custom 4 Quad Array ISAN Setup, AutoPilot w/ 30 Waypoints (Rename and Set Custom Waypoint XYZ from Cockpit), Compass with .6s Refresh Rate (More Accurate at Speed due to the Quad ISAN Arrays), Heading Display with Orientation Vectors that work while stationary or at speed). The Navigation System in general is more accurate and faster than other systems due to the 4x ISAN Arrays and Chip Queueing.
  • Streamer Mode: will hide any current XYZ information
  • Multiple Safeties: Chair Safety for Disabling Mining if Endo Leaves. Safety Disables Cruise/AA/Nav/ and others if pilot is more than 1000m from ship. Collision Safety Cancels Cruise/AA/Nav If Damage is Taken, with Optional Override. Backup Cockpit for Emergency. Low Prop/Fuel Warning.



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Happy Little Accidents
Origin 15


Ore Crates:

1,010 crates

  • Updates
    • Heat

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  • Role
    • Miner
    • Hauler
    • Explorer

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Multicrew
    • Automated
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