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[FREE] small Eco grabber


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This is the small ECO grabber, please note that this is the super cheap version of the big grabber https://sb-creators.org/makers/Happy Ship Shop/ship/[FREE] ECO Big grabber If you have the resources, I highly recommend you print the big version rather than the small

It's meant to be a nice and very easy way to make a lot of credits in very very little time ( up to 1 million credits per hour if used properly )

It's also a nice introduction to asteroid hauling and can carry about 1 to 2 T10 asteroids with the rest being T9 ( the ship is more suited for T9 than T10 ) As with the ECO ships, it's very cheap to make and fun to use 😁

I also put a lot of Yolol on it to make it as pleasant as possible to use, thus it has :

  • ISAN Quad
  • speedometer
  • range calculator
  • warning system
  • 4 independent grabbing systems to make asteroid catching easy
  • projector system
  • advanced scanner ( with resource stacks )
  • 3 different cockpits for both redundancy and making the ship as easy to use as possible
  • very easy maintenance ( everything is easy to access )
  • sensitivity manager system to allow you to accurately grab the asteroids with low effort

Important note regarding it's usage : do NOT let the battery level reach 0, this will cause a release of all of the asteroids and cause a MASSIVE disappointment

You can download it for free here : https://discord.gg/KAqjK3W98z The link is a discord forum, you need to write the name of the ship in order to have the right post


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1 year ago


Can not recommend this ship enough for getting going you can easily earn 10 mill an hour just hauling rocks using a free ship whats not to love, thank you very much for this

1 year ago


I got the ECO grabber big from the discord site which is free as well... amazing bad ass ship for almost nothing to build. I made 800k in my first trip. I can easily do a mil an hour and its a fun change up from pick mining and lasers!! Great work and thank you!

2 years ago


A good and fast ship with which you can earn good money.
Thanks for this ship

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


It Works eaven when overloaded!

2 years ago


Very good ship. Does exactly what it says and had no issues.

2 years ago


very very late reply sorry about that ( I have no warnings / alerts / ... ) but you can get the ship for free on my discord at the link provided in the description

2 years ago


hi, looking to try ur ship design.

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Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

120 m/s

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