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This is the Silure, a heavy duty miner / blockade runner It boasts 700 crates and is FAST : 150m/s empty and 139m/s when loaded with Lukium ( 27'000kg per crate )

The main goal of this ship is to be a ship that is going to allow you to mine in the most hostile of places. Those pirates waiting for you at the gate are in for a very very bad surprise

It's main features are :

  • a heavy duty / mouse aiming defense system made of 14 autocanons + designators ( the red allows you to see them even on Elysium's belt )
  • autopilot : set the waypoint, sit back and let the ship go by itself do it's destination autonomously ( uses a combination of Kompass / ISAN / Waypoint system / custom code ). The autopilot uses the AAS so as long as you are within ISAN range you can use it wherever
  • custom ground avoidance system
  • custom - good - AAS ( manages priorities for the top / bottom and left / right to prevent collisions on numerous and / or big objects )
  • custom scanner that is fast, does not flash, can scan up to 8 different materials per object and does not require you to press 20 buttons+ to get it to work
  • custom warning system for generators / battery / radiators / propellant
  • advanced autonomy calculator ( the calculator gives the times but also the distance you can travel before having to refill the fuel and / or the rods )
  • good range ( 2400 km approximatively but depends on how you use the ship => this information is given by the autonomy calculator )
  • spare rods included in the BP
  • multiple different laser patterns for different use cases. 3 fixed and 2 that move and that are customisable without using the YOLOL ( configuration through memory chip )
  • very very good manoeuvrability and top / down movements
  • very good reverse speed
  • fast travel included
  • 2 completelly fonctionnal cockpits to suit your needs / have redundancy
  • it looks cool ! 😁

Please note that unlike the Pangasius, the Silure puts a heavy emphasis on going through zones that are made dangerous due to players and is equiped adequatly to deal with them ^^

What to chat about it ? Any questions ? Suggestions ? I would be more than happy to talk about it ^^ https://discord.gg/Aftc7Fxb9C


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1 year ago


thank you 😁
I'll continue to upgrade the ship ( updates are sent for free )

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


You have in front of you the ship that allowed me to become rich! Fast, great autonomy, very handy despite its size, best AAS seen to date. The best miner ship I've tried :)

1 year ago


This ship is a diamond !! MULTI ROLES, really FASTTT with a crazy defense system, just killed 2 pirates with him <3 high tech !! NICE NICE JOB

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Ore Crates:

700 crates

Resource Bridges:

3 bridges


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

139 m/s

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Miner
    • Hauler
    • Other

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Multicrew
    • Automated
    • Warp
    • Crafting
    • Weapons