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Solar Pioneer


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This is the Solar Pioneer, a ship capable of flying over 90'000 km with a Navigation Data Logger system attached to the front

The ship is designed to allow you to do the trip while being as AFK as possible

WARNING : This is a ship that has been tested on the PTU only ( the Navigation Data Logger cannot be used in the live universe for now ). It will be updated if needed should an update send it over the voxel limit or any other related issue

Here is the trip it has already done to Szellem https://www.reddit.com/r/starbase/comments/sc1f7k/awesome_trip_to_szellem_and_its_sub_moon/

Here is the trip it made to Neso and it's moon : https://www.reddit.com/r/starbase/comments/t4d95c/awsome_trip_to_nesos_moon/

Here are the screens I was able to make on Caecus and it's moon : https://www.reddit.com/r/starbase/comments/t5r86r/caecus_and_its_submoon_after_neso/

Link to the Discord : https://discord.gg/swwQHKaNFP

in order to be able to do the trip is packs a lot of features :

  • 4.42 billion of propellant
  • speedometer
  • range calculator
  • speedometer
  • auto solar rotation
  • auto solar energy preservation ( pause the ship when the solar power is insufficient )
  • estimated travel distance
  • aim assist
  • ground avoidance system ( handy for landings )
  • a spare set of rods
  • 8 crates for emergencies
  • enough generators + fuel chambers to be able to run without solar for a few hours ( enough to escape the EOS shadow )
  • a very big plasma to allow you to fly at 147 m/s ( more if your computer allows it )

In order to fly properly please follow these steps :

  • make sure you are aiming AWAY from the EOS belt. You do NOT want to end in it
  • make sure you have the basic crafting table fully equipped in your inventory ( NOT bolted to the ship )
  • put 2 Exorium stacks in your PLAYER inventory
  • the 8 crates are for emergency resources. These may include more Exorium / crafting materials
  • Equip ALL the tools with ammo ( double and triple check that )
  • Make sure you have the 10 navigation chips equipped in the ship before you leave

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1 year ago


A really nice ship, i do 85.000km aprox with him <3

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90,000 km

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