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Maximus Depot II


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The Interstellar Trading Corporation presents the all-new ITC Maximus Ore Depot II - the only modular and scalable solution for Origin, station, base, and capital ship shared storage you will ever need!

Anyone can slap together a cube of 2000 crates, but only ITC has engineered a fully scalable, modular, and towable rack storage solution of 48 independent cargo racks that you join with a simple pipe tool enabling you to scale up your inventory into the managed inventory solution of your dreams.

Capable of independently storing every single ore and alloy this game has to offer and then some, this near-voxel limit wonder allows you to pipe together racks of crates to create any combination from 5 to 2000 crates to satisfy your growing inventory needs anywhere in a single spawn!

  • Thirty-six 50 crate racks make up the central core of racks arranged in rings labeled A-E
  • Eight 10 crate cracks are arranged on the upper and lower levels
  • Four 5 crate racks supplement the upper and lower levels

We make organizing your storage as easy or as complicated as you desire!

Labeled for easy indexing, you can join racks together via your pipe tool by simply piping adjoining blue crates for easily visibility and configuration. All racks have a dedicated resource port and a configurable Progress Bar for easy labeling as you configure each rack. A central stack of basic chips is available to index your depot for easy reference once configured.

Join 9 or more racks, and you will go over voxel limit easily, which securely locks the container in place giving you the added benefit of preventing it from ever being bumped or moved.

When empty and unconfigured with pipes, the Maximus is fully towable, so feel free to print it and tow it anywhere!

Designed in the perfect orientation for side-loading hangars, feel free to rotate the depot in your editor to the orientation you wish before you print it.

As the lastest depot storage offering by ITC, the Maximus II has been re-engineered to fit inside hangars as small as 16x16x16 (Origin SSC is 34x34x34). This is maximum scalable storage inside the most minimum footprint!

The ITC Maximus II: for solo players, to small groups, to mega corporations, this is the perfect player-made solution for shared corp storage until the devs can design something better. A set of these depots will enable you to scale any storage operation from the solo industrialist, to the mega conglomerate.

We are ITC, and we can help you put the C in Corporate Cargo.


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ITC Shipyard

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

219,000 credits


Ore Crates:

2,000 crates

Resource Bridges:

48 bridges

Required Ores


472 stacks

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