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[Free] OSA Ghast Mk2

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Latest variant of the Ghast, now with 20 missiles for bombardment.

Since its release the Ghast has been used as my test bed for missile and torp testing before committing to a specific new design.

When the 5 pod launcher was finally added, they easily attached to the Ghast, and was very reliable (for missiles anyway).

The default scout variant has also been updated with some of the new additions made on the launcher variant.



Comes unarmed for scouting or with 20 missiles for bombardment.

LaunchMissile+ and LaunchTube+ are your missile triggers, bind both to the same key, this system uses no yolo and is a simple way to cycle and launch missile tubes.

CenterSensePlus and CenterSenseMinus is your standard sensitivity, Adjust both to your preferred flying sensitivity.

AimMax- and AimMin- is your Aim hotkey, Bind both to the same keybind, this will lower your sensitivity, Adjust MinSensePlus and MinSenseMinus to change Aim sensitivity.

AimMax+ and AimMin+ is your Boost hotkey, Bind both to the same hotkey, this will raise your sensitivity, Adjust MaxSensePlus and MaxSenseMinus to change Boost sensitivity.

Ship is set to both fly and aim at a smooth sensitivity (tune to your taste), Aim keybind lowers the limits for sniping, Boost keybind removes these limits allowing for faster pitch/yaw.

150 m/s max speed using T2 manoeuvre thrusters, no trails.

104255.96 kg in weight without missiles, 131225.469 kg armed with missiles.

Two small prop tanks for 2 million prop, 1 hours 10 mins estimated flight time.

One T1 fuel chamber + Two T1 generators, gens idle at 14.5% for 8 hours 30 mins idle time, estimated flight time 2 hours 30 mins.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.

Uses basic FCU, roll is performed using Roll_Left and Roll_Right buttons, this is to allow fast handling by isolating the roll thrusters from the FCU/MFC.


Despite the very hindersome bugs launchers and their munitions have, the 5 pod launcher is surprisingly reliable.

Reliable enough for them to be mounted onto the cheap, fast and stealthy hull of the Ghast, making it a fun and easy way to deploy the max amount of missiles onto a target.

Unfortunately all missiles/torps have a chance of failure on launch due to bugs, and the ordinance itself is well known to fail at hitting moving targets, limiting there use.

Where I personally see use, even if bugs are fixed, is in station bombardment and breaching.

Small or large bombers may be a key aspect to siege warfare, and thus I believe small, cheap and stealthy bombers will be very valuable in the possible future.

The Ghast has excellent range for a tailless ship, and can carry all its missiles at max speed.

Low tech components keep the potentially one way mission more cost effective, missiles are only cheap to a point.

Could possibly be used to ambush stationary ships, like surface miners.


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