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[Free] OSA Gyaa-yoth Mk1


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160 crate early game low cost miner/hauler, made for speed in high risk environments.

Made for starting players looking to get a foot in the door in Elysium.

Can be easily mass produced by individuals and corporations.



150 m/s max speed dry, 130 m/s wet with exutium alloy.

4300612 kg in weight for hauler variant, 4381982.5 kg in weight for miner variant.

160 crates for for two t10s of core mat.

4 medium prop tanks for 16 million prop, 1 hour 15 mins estimated flight time.

8 T1 fuel chambers + 24 T1 generators, gens idle at 10% for 8 hours 30 mins idle time, 1 hour 30 mins flight time.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.

Miner has 4 fixed mining lasers, 1 collector and 1 mat scanner using Happytriggers advanced scanner yolo.

Requires a repair hall to operate, it is best used between dev stations and your own with hangers.


Back in the "good old days" before cap ships, flying through the gate could be dangerous.

While this is less of a issue these days, for newer players without cap ships looking to mine in Ely they need to pass the iconic chokepoint.

Should piracy ever return to its former glory, this hauler and miner serve to help start out in spite of the danger.

A new player can grind mats/credits in SZ and build a small fleet of these haulers/miners to prevent being stone aged trying to set up on Ely.

I personally recommend setting a station in the Ely belt and building a small hanger to refill and repair the ships.

While not meta tanked, the ship has a generous 2 layer char firewall at the rear, and a char cockpit shield, meant to make easy crit hits a little less easy.

These ships are also ideal for individuals and corps to operate out of dev stations like moon city and arma.

The ship can take off at 10% gens, making it possible to leave you location very rapidly from spawning the ship.

T1 fuel rods are not as economic as T2, but T1 can be sustained with local nhurgite, where as T2 requires exorium to be hauled out for refills.

Combined with a SZ CLF hauler to generate credits, a new player can easily fund trips to the Ely belt, and can mine the materials for better ships and there own cap ship in time.


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Ore Crates:

160 crates


Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

130 m/s

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