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[Free] OSA Migo Mk5


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Latest Migo redesigned to be a true micro fighter, under 400 tons and made of accessible Eos mats.

This new model of the Migo has returned to its roots, using 2 copies of the largest plate, then form fitting the ships internals into these plates for a compact, high HP micro fighter.

It is also overgunned with 4 autos to give it a chance of delivering a fatal hit, and to overpower other ultra light fighters.

Micro fighters generally can not circle fight with the majority of ships, so the Mk5 utilises a more jousty, evasive strategy to make use of the ships high speed and small size.

Perfect ship for infantry bombardment, swarm tactics and a intro ship for pilots starting out.

Included is a experimental missile variant, armed with 20 missiles tuned to be as safe to fire as i can, use at your own risk ;)



4 mounted weapons with a staggered fire trigger system.

Shoot_1+ and Shoot_2+ are your triggers, bind these to your weapon hotkey (space by default).

LaunchMissile+ and LaunchTube+ are your missile triggers, bind both to the same key, this system uses no yolo and is a simple way to cycle and launch missile tubes.

Rapidfire button switches between staggered fire (gun 2 will stagger behind gun 1 creating a machine gun effect) and alpha strike (both guns fire together).

Sensitivity settings are adjustable from a yolo chip located in the cockpit, this chip only adjusts your sense settings and is not vital to the operation of the aim system, you can use the U-tool save feature to save your sense settings to the ship post print.

CenterSensePlus and CenterSenseMinus is your standard sensitivity, Adjust both to your preferred flying sensitivity.

AimMax- and AimMin- is your Aim hotkey, Bind both to the same keybind, this will lower your sensitivity, Adjust MinSensePlus and MinSenseMinus to change Aim sensitivity.

AimMax+ and AimMin+ is your Boost hotkey, Bind both to the same hotkey, this will raise your sensitivity, Adjust MaxSensePlus and MaxSenseMinus to change Boost sensitivity.

Ship is set to both fly and aim at a smooth sensitivity (tune to your taste), Aim keybind lowers the limits for sniping, Boost keybind removes these limits allowing for faster pitch/yaw.

Armoured using known methods of meta plating, including big plate health, voxel armour, segmented and layered plating.

Materials and components are on the low end, Incredibly cheap, still recommended to craft the guns to fully lower the print cost.

Comes in 4 auto/4 auto 4 missile launchers.

357877.469 kg in weight, 145ms at 60fps.

1 small prop tanks for 1 million prop, 1 hour 40 mins estimated flight time.

1 T1 fuel chamber, 1 T1 generator, 3 T1 enhancers 2 hour 40 mins estimated fight time.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.

Uses basic FCU, no reverse, Roll_L and Roll_R are your keybinds for roll.

Entry is through a small gap from the front of the ship.


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Dry Max Speed:

145 m/s

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