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[Free] OSA Night Gaunt Mk1

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A experimental 6 gun stealth ship, made to target slow vulnerable civilian ships like surface miners, comes in autocannon and laser variants.



6 mounted weapons with a staggered fire trigger system.

Shoot_1+ and Shoot_2+ are your triggers, bind these to your weapon hotkey (space by default).

Rapidfire button switches between staggered fire (gun 2 will stagger behind gun 1 creating a machine gun effect) and alpha strike (both guns fire together).

BoostMin and BoostMax act as a aim keybind without yolo (yolo is avoided where possible due to the 0.2 delay) these should ALWAYS be bound to the same key.

Ship is set to both fly and aim at a smooth sensitivity (tune to your taste), Boost keybind removes these limits allowing for faster pitch/yaw.

This can be altered to be the more common method of aiming, having higher sense as standard, and having the ships pitch/yaw slow down for aiming. (Swap the BoostMin/BoostMax Off values with its On values, remember to set it in the pitch/yaw lever fields too)

140 m/s max speed using T2 maneuver thrusters, no trails.

354387.656 kg in weight.

3 small prop tanks for 3 million prop, 50 mins estimated flight time.

3 T1 fuel chambers + 6 T1 generators + 3 T1 enhancers gens idle at 16.7% for 7 hours 40 mins idle time, estimated flight time 4 hours 50 mins.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.

Uses advanced FCU.


Aeg 4.1 stacks (7072 kv)

Aja 2.3 stacks (3942 kv)

Ark 0.1 stacks (220 kv)

Bas 21.0 stacks (36362 kv)

Cha 16.3 stacks (28107 kv)

Exo 1.2 stacks (2140 kv)

Ice 2.4 stacks (4224 kv)

Kar 0.1 stacks (192 kv)

Kut 0.0 stacks (43 kv)

Nhu 8.1 stacks (13993 kv)

Vok 24.4 stacks (42079 kv)

Total ore 80.1 stacks (138375 kv)

Assembly cost 59158 credits

Manufacturing cost 886970 credits

Total cost 946128 credits

Stats based on autocannon, other versions will differ.


Starting as an attempt at a new armoured fighter, i changed the goal when plating was not providing the needed protection i wanted.

The frame was reworked into the largest amount of guns i could keep above 140 ms, without trails.

Most if not all miners, haulers and any other civilian ship are unarmoured, 6 guns will make quick work of them.

Most dont go max speed either, so you are not missing many targets of value.

Where i believe this ship will do best is hunting surface miners, as most are slow, and are practically stationary when mining.

Endos should be easy to kill with 6 guns, but remember that they can kill you too.

The unarmoued hull means you are relying on gank tactics, the element of surprise is your main advantage.

Dodfights should be avoided, even a tripod skiff can crit you.

There is no shame in running away from a fight in this ship, you have already left honour at the door when you pilot it.

I believe the hull of this ship is ripe for modification, different weapons, higher tier components, even armour and regular thrusters to convert over to the original goal.


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Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

59,158 credits


Dry Weight:

354,387.656 kg

Dry Max Speed:

140 m/s


3,000,000 units

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    • Fighter

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