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[Free] OSA Nyarlathotep Mk1


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The Nyarlathotep Mk1 is a hauler conversion of the Azathoth Mk3, with cheaper cost, and the same speed and crates, a basic hauler without expensive plasma.



145 m/s max speed dry using T2.5 thruster setup.

18762662 kg in weight.

1040 Crates.

8 large + 8 medium prop tanks for 104 million prop, 3 hours 50 mins estimated flight time.

24 T2 fuel chambers + 72 T3 generators + 24 T1 enhancers, estimated flight time 3 hours 30 mins.

Reworked cockpit and crash guard added.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.


Aeg 102.3 stacks (176814 kv)

Aja 4.8 stacks (8360 kv)

Ark 22.5 stacks (38892 kv)

Bas 364.5 stacks (629908 kv)

Cha 245.5 stacks (424206 kv)

Exo 2.6 stacks (4575)

Ice 74.1 stacks (128000 kv)

Kar 0.9 stacks (1558 kv)

Kut 28.0 stacks (48469 kv)

Luk 5.1 stacks (8881 kv)

Nhu 31.5 stacks (54475 kv)

Vok 146.1 stacks (252520 kv)

Ymr 17.3 stacks (29880 kv)

Total ore 1045.4 stacks (1806518 kv)

Assembly cost 353881 credits

Manufacturing cost 2050576 credits

Total cost 2404448 credits


Since the Azathoth Mk3 was always meant to be used in tandem with a hauler, being kept at a mining station, while you used a hauler to move your profit, its only fitting i made a stripped down hauler version.

The Nyarlathotep Mk1 is cheaper in almost every mat used in construction, making it an easier purchase and a less costly loss if pirated.

It is recommended by myself to keep miners in the Elysium belt, and avoid doing the gate run with them, instead using a hauler to avoid the loss of you money earner.

With the introduction of hanger halls, setting up a dedicated fleet for a moon mining station is easier than ever, and opens the door to acquiring the mats to make a cap ship yourself.

Both hauler and miner still hold there value as cap ship companions.

This ship still costs rare mats, but is noticeably cheaper than most plasma haulers, which can be an expensive investment.

If doing the gate run, it is recommended to only go solo when empty, and have your full speed to avoid most pirates, but ultimately your awareness is the key difference in making it past a choke point.

Unless followed from your location in the belt, returning fully loaded is perfectly safe bar pilot error in gravity, allowing you to make way more than you risk loosing after a one or two runs.

Ship could be modified to be even cheaper, but i personally value the weight loss and faster gen ramp up T3 gens provide.


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1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Nice hauler.

I made a few changes before printing mine
1) full power yolol is broken due to no mining laser global variable. I edited this part of the power generation yolol out so the full power button works (I changed all mining laser buttons to tow laser buttons)
2) Added a towing beam to the back
3) Changed beams and plates to naflite to reduce weight
4) Changed the 3 rangefinders closest to the cockpit to cargo lock beams for contrast them with the edge rangefinders and better visibility at Elysium.

If you want to add more enhancers, it seems like doubling them will still be usable with the current heatsink/radiator setup. Tripling the enhancers will require more heatsinks.

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Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

353,881 credits


Ore Crates:

1,040 crates


Dry Weight:

18,762,662 kg

Dry Max Speed:

145 m/s


104,000,000 units

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  • Role
    • Hauler