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[Free] OSA Zoog Mk2


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Cheap and disposable stealth skiff, made without FCU/MFC to shave print cost.

Made as a disposable ship and assault pod for up to 2 people, there may not be a cheaper, more stress free way to zerg into the fight.

For a total of 4 stacks of t1 ore, and a print cost of 22 001 credits print without crafting parts, i can confidently say it does not get cheaper than this for brave one way trips.

For good measure, i made a 5 pod launcher variant, giving you possibly one of the most affordable stealth bombers to have fun with.



Comes unarmed for scouting or with 5 missiles for bombardment.

LaunchMissile+ and LaunchTube+ are your missile triggers, bind both to the same key, this system uses no yolo and is a simple way to cycle and launch missile tubes.

148 m/s max speed using T1 manoeuvre thrusters, no trails.

68277.5234 kg in weight without missiles, 74437.3047 kg armed with missiles.

One small prop tanks for 1 million prop, 40 mins estimated flight time.

One T1 fuel chamber + one T1 generators, gens must be ran at max to fly.

Roll is performed using Roll_L and Roll_R buttons.

This ship has no FCU/MFC, it is manually balanced, and uses direct lever control.

See attached photo of bindings for this ship.

This is done to make the print cost incredibly low, and further make a cheap ship cheaper.


Zerging the enemy has been, and always will be a strong method to win, low to no cost attacks with handheld weapons is the simplest form of combat.

It is also the basis for station assault, so i made the Zoog.

Cheaply printed even without tech tree unlocks, fast and stealthy, can be used by anyone as a easy trip into combat.

Has two pilot seats for pilot to fly based on preference, doubles as a passenger seat to allow two endos per trip.

The missile variant takes full advantage of the near zero cost of the hull, allowing you to deploy 5 missiles with next to no ship cost attached, it is basically the launcher and missiles.

Ideally the launcher will be used to breach stations during siege, but I also expect it to be used as a risk free way to deploy some missiles.


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