Sasqtch Skunkworks


A sub-division of Caveman Incorporated.

Sasqtch Skunkworks strives to craft high quality ships that fit a range of use-case-scenarios. Each ship is designed with care and tested to the highest quality cavemen can achieve.

We can be found lurking on the Icarus Project discord, sometimes in the Starbase official discord, and perhaps sometimes reading reddit Starbase posts.

In game txt / e-mail: Sasqtch


Hunter Seeker

Sasqtch Skunkworks


Primary Thrusters: 2 units

Stats: 150 m/s in full forward, 54ish in Stealth drive Maneuver only. Features: 1 autocannon Charodium plate towards the front. Glass canopy with custom bolt for accurate gun-sight. (Little to no side armor for the pilot.) Combat button to warm up the guns, gen / batt indicators on the dash to help with situational awareness, and an ammo count, so you know when to start looking for an exit. Stealth Mode: forward thrusters cut off and maneuver thrusters for forward momentum only carry you invisibly out of the battle zone. (Or for sneak attacks.) The ship has 3 variants: Scale fighter ship, tier 2 thruster version that doesn't get to max speed, tier 3 thruster variant to get 150 when in full forward. $Free (go to Icarus Project discord) [ You would need 0.7 stacks of glass for the windshield not listed in the list below. ]


Galaxy Map

Sasqtch Skunkworks


No attributes :-(

Galaxy map specifically for Capital Ships.. you could use it on space stations or moon bases too. This is just for the plates. I will not share the blueprint as its too easy to copy. This version is on 2 high, 3 wide 432 ajatite plates. The plates are weld-blobbed onto a beam for easy 2 x 2 transport you can pickup, just unweld the beams and take the blobs off. Put the plates into your inventory and easy-build into place on your cap-ship! (I found this in my screenshots and re-created it with smaller plates. If you are the original creator, send a message for credit.)

Ship: 5 M