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The DAMk4P is a tried and true workhorse. This function first ship has proven sturdy and reliable in the harshest conditions. They have been taken all over the universe: Elysium, Szellem, Alstel, Neso, Chemosh, Kumi, and more. From Elysium deathzones to wrangling asteroids in belts where you and the rocks are fighting gravity, this ship has seen it all. That being said, this is an old model. The latest edition is the DAMk5P.

Software Features include:

  • Asteroid Avoidance: Single line (0.2s response time) code with prioritization should two opposing sides detect, feel free to grill me on this as safety is my number one concern.
  • Approach: DarkyShadow's profiled motion approach script. By far the most reliable approach I have encountered.
  • Waypoints: 20 waypoint storage with a manual edit progress bar and copy/paste-able strings to pass to/from your friends quickly.
  • Autopilot: Originally based on FixerID's autopilot system, all you have to do is load a waypoint from your list and hit the Nav button. The ship goes there.
  • Galactic Alignment: Aligns you to Z+ forward Y+ up in case you want to go precisely forward into the belt. Also comes with alignment vector progress bars so that you can manually align to whatever orientation you like.
  • Compass: Firestarr99's legendary bubble compass on a text panel. It's a home run and everyone who has seen it has loved the visual feedback of where their waypoints are.
  • Scanning: New rock who dis?
  • Laser charging on fire: Just in case you forget to turn them on or get surprised, the ship automatically makes sure the lasers are charging if you try to fire.
  • Automatic AAS on Cruise and Cruise cancel on full brake
  • Speedometer: MoriWatari's CargoLock frame speedometer. Reliable and accurate.
  • All flight controlling software is built on a human priority control system so that you always have the final say. The ship can control the levers, but you can always override the ship just by using your normal keys. When you let go, the ship will resume any automated control.
  • High density memory backup fields for button states: 8 memory chips worth of fields for less than the mass of one chip and its lightest chip slot. Standalone BP available here.
  • Room for 24 more yolol/memory chips: I built for 40 and only use 16

Hardware features include:

  • Four converged(500m) laser cannons, just in case you need to speak the local language.
  • The ability to go 150m/s with all but the heaviest of loads.
  • Converging rangefinders to cover the high visibility cockpit without getting in the way. The always-on pointing lasers also double as a visual indicator of both asteroid size and distance. (note: Rangefinders do not show for those viewing the ship in Potato LOD. Pirates can't see them unless they are super close)
  • Dual FCU/MFC stacks for increased fuel efficiency
  • 99% ducted connection with crate redundancy. Very Few pipes on the whole ship and wires primarily on the rangefinder cage for easy repair.
  • All custom bolted with a strength factor of 42.069 for the memes.
  • Hidden bolt, high visibility dash board and cockpit layout.
  • Easy Access service tunnel to get through the interior of the ship.
  • Rotationally aligned yolol chips and fuelrod spares: No mucking about with orientation, just put the thing in the spot and get on with your life.
  • Refuel point for easy prop tank refilling in the field.
  • Passenger seat with easy access to the reverse lever for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Scalable modular design. Add or remove rings to fit your needs. I like this configuration best but, I'm not your dad, do what you want.

In testing this ship has flown well over 40 hours without touching the controls (or an asteroid of course) on automated flights out to ISAN limit and back to prove to myself and now you that this is a highly robust automated flight platform. In practice, this ship has been used everyday for months. Thank you to everyone who has tested this ship, and a special thanks to Sinsidious for his exceptional dedication to the testing and development of this craft. Any purchasers who provide feedback that gets included into the ship get their choice of several rewards scaling with value of the input(including unadvertised BP's). All code is available for review as I believe any safety system worth its salt should stand up to public inquiry. Test flights upon request. Please do not distribute or share this blueprint.


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1 year ago

Pavlov's Frog#0407

This is a very good ship. Well designed, well laid out and full of features. 5Star

2 years ago


Amazing ship built here! Got into a fight just outside the warp ring to Elysium, it was 1V10 and I was able to take down 4. I am an unexperienced fighter let alone pilot and the ability of this ship to take multiple system critical hits, and keep working boggles my mind! Keep up the great work! cant wait to see what improvements come in future generations!!

2 years ago


This is an outstanding ship! Very well polished and well thought out. The lasers tucked in there are particularly useful for pirates as well. I would definitely recommend this ship!

Origin 02

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

211,152 credits

Warp Class:



1,800 km


Ore Crates:

272 crates

Resource Bridges:

2 bridges


Dry Weight:

7,623,714 kg

Wet Weight:

15,041,722 kg

Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

140 m/s


400,000 units


60,000 eps


60,000,000 units



32 m


12 m


12 m


Primary Thrusters:

136 units

Secondary Thrusters:

56 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

0 units

Flight Time:

4.4 hrs

Required Ores


81.9 stacks


14.3 stacks


1.2 stacks


144.3 stacks


222.6 stacks


11.4 stacks


26 stacks


0.1 stacks


21.2 stacks


15.8 stacks


15.9 stacks


97.3 stacks


5.3 stacks

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Miner

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Automated
    • Weapons