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Subzero Ships


Ore Crates: 126 crates

The Nebula is a fast and medium sized ship with 126 cargo crates for hauling and 2 mining lasers for mining. It comes with a full interior to walk around in and a secret panic room. The Nebula is an advanced mining ship. Please DM TheHappyWaffle#3024 on discord to buy this ship.

Ship: 900 K
BP: 2 M




Ore Crates: 264 crates

The Knecht is our first Starbase-Ship. Designed for crushing and collecting ores with no effort. It comes with 6 Semi-Auto Lasers filling its built-in 264 crates in minutes. The Knecht's 'forms follow functions'-Design ensures an easy to use experience that is fun to fly and work with. Most of its hull is plated with strong Aegisium. critical parts are protected by dense Charodium. The Knecht can fly for hours without refilling and comes with ISAN Quad preinstalled. Specs -6x Semi-Auto Mining Laser -2x Ore Collector -264x Modular Ore Crates -Asteroid Approach Assistent -Material Point Scanner (results converted in stacks) -T2 Power Generator (14 Fuel Chambers, 28 Generator Units, 28 T2 Enhancers) -T2 Thrusters -Up to 118m/s -64 Million of Propellant -16x Redplacement Fuel Rods -Clear Cockpit with good View -Aegisium/Charodium Armor

Ship: 8 M

[FREE] Pioneer

Von Braun Raumschiffbau


Ore Crates: 108 crates

The pioneer is a multirole, multicrew ship, able to perform well in a variety of different tasks. It excels however as a deep space exploration cruiser, due to it’s warp core and reconstruction chamber, allowing for easy travel to Elysium, as well as on the fly reconstruction in case of any mishaps on expeditions. It is the ideal ship for a small group of Endos to explore, set up a base or mine in faraway places. Two separate cockpits allow for precise controls, one on top giving access to ISAN Navigation and waypoints while the other one is located in the very front for mining tasks. Crafting benches are provided. For defence, the Pioneer is clad in lightweight but sturdy Aegesium plating and is equipped with turrets waiting to have guns bolted to them. Each component of the ship is designed to be easily expandable and reachable, allowing on the fly repairs and upgrades without any problem. If you want to encourage me to design more ships in the future, you can donate some credits to me via Email.


RoidPlow [FREE]

Roman Shipyard


Ore Crates: 300 crates

RoidPlow A OP 300 cargo fast miner that's designed Mine the safe zone with its giant Plow like extremity that easily funnels roids into its 6 Constant Laser Array that Vaporises roids in seconds. Its so effective it should be illegal.


Tadpole [FREE]

Roman Shipyard


Ore Crates: 96 crates

I small 96 cargo dual-laser miner dubbed "the TadPole" capable of warp travel and meant for slipping into the Belts un-noticed.





Battery: 40,000 units

75000 + Ore or 200420 total. The Lance is a small handheld dual mining laser setup. The Lasers converge a bit less than 20 Meters away. The Lasers pulse by default, but this can easily be changed if you have the power to support them. You will need a Cargo lock frame or cargo lock beams to transport them with your ship as The Lance is too large to fit in your inventory. You also must link the Lance to another ship with a properly configured resource bridge, or it will run out of power.

Ship: 75 K

HKAS YF-80-01/02



Primary Thrusters: 14 units

40%OFF!!!! Until 1/11/2021 Design with appearance and firepower in mind, the YF-80-01/02 is a space superiority fighter ship that look like it should have no business being a fighter. Equip with six laser cannons, it can defend itself outside of the safezone and do so with style. Top speed of this fighter is around 130m/s and it can fly for 3 hours with it's four fuel rods. ISAN Mono and laser sights included. Has two veriants, YF-80-01 is a single seater, and YF-80-02 is a twin seater Price Blueprint - 10,000,000 Unarmed Ship - 2,000,000 + Ores Unarmed Ship - 2,500,000 Armed Ship - 3,000,000 + Ores Armed Ship - 4,000,000 Specs - 3 Hours flight time, not counting spares - 4 fuel chambers, with and extra 4 stored internally - 130m/s - 6 Laser Cannon - ISAN Mono - Laser Sights - Cruise mode - YF-80-01(One Seat) - YF-80-02(Two Seat)

Ship: 2 M
BP: 3 M

Solar Skater

Orbis Vipera


Dry Max Speed: 115 m/s

Orbis Vipera, The Solar Skater, Are you a pirate who wants a stealthy, cost effective ship that has no giveaways in the outer reaches of space to allow you to sneak up on your prey quickly? Well Orbis Vipera has the ship for you. Introducing the Solar Skater. A small fast and undetectable ship designed for pirates and pvpers who want to get in quick and silently for the kill. Its so light and efficient you can even PICK IT Up Then this compact, stealthy and efficient ship is perfect for you at only 100k its a steal. Price Full Ship - 100,000 Specs - 115m/s - Solar converter - 3x Solar panels - 4x T2 Maneuvering thrusters - 1x Resource Bridge for on the go refuels - Perfectly weight balanced - Easy to us control panel - Max Speed - Lightweight - Stealthly - Can be picked up with E - Perma cruise mode for max control - Light Sensor We don't require ore we just charge for cash

Ship: 100 K
BP: 1 M

Buzzer MK2

Ring Theory


Battery: 10,000 units

The Buzzer MK2 is a solar skateboard. Boasting a speed of 70 m/s and 6.8 hours of flight time, this little bugger can get you to where you need to be. And if you do run out of fuel, it has a resource bridge for easy refueling. This stylish skateboard may not have an FCU, but does come with a mass-shifting steering system complimented by an auto-leveling system so you can always go in the direction you wish. And if you find yourself pinned against the wall of the building right outside the SSC, the Buzzer MK2 is light enough to be picked up and carried around. Disclaimer: Currently the belt seems to block sunlight, which means this board is only useful at certain times, and probably not at all from inside the belt itself.

BP: 200 K

Scarab SRV



Item Crates: 0 crates

!Heat Ready! Designed as a support vessel for the LLROE fleet, this ship excels in it's job as both a fuel tanker, and a search and rescue ship. Features include: - 90 million propellant in cargo tanks, 8 million in main drive tanks - Automatically toggled fuel controls, so you don't burn your cargo traveling, and don't transfer your main drive tanks to your target - Space for up to 18 extra fuel rods - Automated fuel transfer system, to maintain balance and not end up with an off-axis center of mass - Integrated ISAN 2 Quad and waypoint system - Intuitive MFDs with detailed status reports on your ship - Easy access to all ship internals, for repairs if necessary - Asteroid avoidance system - Easy to bolt on ore stacks for repairing others if necessary, can support up to 16 ore stacks with minor speed penalties - Extensive YOLOL automation, for ease of use

Ship: 900 K

Sutler Mk1P

Spiral Designs


Ore Crates: 160 crates

(Long distance prospector) Max speed miner with 160 crates, capable of going 130-140m/s with full cargo. Has flight time of ~12 hours and range of ~7000 km. Warp ready. Cold start to max speed. Outfitted with 4 mining lasers and automatic mining script with adjustable pattern. Can sustain constant laser fire on warmed up reactor. Has an automatic collision prevention system with decent RF coverage. Specs: -160 crates -150 m/s unladen (130-140m/s Full, depending on the ore) -Compass by Firestar99 -Warp Core -12 hours of flight time -32 Medium Propellant tanks -30 T2 Generators, 5 enhanced chambers -(5+35) Fuel rods total -48 Batteries -4 mining lasers, 1 collector, ISANv2.5(Q), Ore Scanner, All workbenches -Thrusters (All T2 Triangle): -114 Main -24 Maneuvering -16 Reverse -Decent RF coverage for collision prevention -3 Resource bridges -3 Passenger sits -Automatic mining script with adjustable pattern -Automatic collision prevention system -Total mass(unladen): 5806t

BP: 600 K

HKAS YF-90 Durandal Heavy Interceptor



Primary Thrusters: 24 units

A stylish max speed fighter, the YF-90 Durandal is the latest fighter in the YF line of fighters by HKAS. Having four Laser cannons and have six other hard points for extra fire power. This fighter is best used as it's own, booming and zooming it's prey at high speed Ship with ore: 2500000 Ship Without ore: 3000000 Free customization of colours and decals upon request

Ship: 2.5 M
BP: 6 M

DragonHoarder1136(Heat update)



Primary Thrusters: 1 units

Updated on 5/31/22- added heat sinks, removed excess batteries, added more fuel rod spares, added yaw thrusters, removed gen script for a simple pinned number, removed warp core, added crafting tables, added cabin floor, removed broken buttons from dash Price dropped to 2,000,000 credits for BP due to this old design not meeting my current quality standards. Be aware this ship is functional, but not super polished. Original Description: Tired of making multiple trips? Do you need something that can get through the belts intact? Want to make your friends envious of your supreme power? Dragon_Ventures has you covered! Introducing the DragonHoarder1136 (H) Designed from the ground up to be extremely durable, repairable, and to get your cargo to far away destinations safely. This ship is designed for big companies moving huge amounts, or wealthy solo players looking for the best on the market. The entry price is high, but the payoff is only a couple runs away! Build your hoard like a pro! Over 40 hours of Min-Maxing the editor's build limits has delivered this creation to reality. It features an enclosed engineering section to ensure your explody bits stay unexploded, and ablative beam structures on the front to keep your critical systems in working order for any chance impacts. Ducting is bolted double the normal amount to reduce time spend repairing. Crates are arranged in a protective buffer all around your core thruster and system. The Asteroid Avoidance YOLOL has been revamped to increase the effectiveness. The cross section was carefully maintained to ensure the ship can avoid threats before they even get into one of the 240+ rangefinders paths. The asteroid avoidance system is a "Pause and strafe" style system, it checks in 3 sections (top mid, bottom) and then strafes away from the detected threat. For Top and Bottom, it cuts forward power while it maneuvers, and resumes old thrust level once clear. For the middle section, it pitches the ship down slightly, and does not cut power to main engines (however this pitch may trigger the Top section power cut and strafe). after a short pause to allow the vector to change away from the middle detected threat, the ship resumes the old heading. Known shortcomings of the system as it stands are that it may strafe at low speed (<25 m-s) into a threat on the top or bottom in unlucky circumstance, but this is an edge case scenario, and the ship is robust enough to just bounce off these with little care. Features: -Avoidance YOLOL with dense checkerboard pattern for comprehensive coverage of threats. -Avoidance YOLOL display, designating when system is active, what action is being taken, stats for number of activations on current trip, and lifetime of ship. -1 20 ring Plasma main drive, with 92 supporting T2 Triangle thrusters. -24 T2 Triangle thrusters for PITCH, ROLL and Up-Down Strafe -NO BRAKES. ship is designed to point towards destination and let 'er rip. -147 M-s empty, strength 1.028 -135 M-s with common ores (14,000 weight) -126 M-s with Exorium (24,600 weight) -1136 capacity for ores. -Turtle, Cruise modes. -MONO Isan 2.5 -Transponder -High cable&pipe budget and still over 1000 bolts available for repairs. -Critical systems are able to be accessed in most cases for repair. Stuff that is not accessible is buried in crates and unlikely to be damaged. -3 resource ports. One for pilot and general use, 2 in engineer bays near back exit with in/out flow buttons for double duty as tanker (roughly 40 million propellent extra will remain once fuel rods are exhausted) -10 generator modules, with 6 t2 units per generator. -50 backup fuel rods, giving approx 2588 km range. -Open "air" control section, with double pane glass to avoid "asteroid-in-face" syndrome -2 passenger seats at the control section. -1 "suicide seat" on a pole at the rear. not protected by AA YOLOL. For those that have more bravery than sense, or do it for the memes. Nice views though! -Non default color scheme of Red, Black and gold. Subject to change from Images. Cost: Need more details? Message me on discord at Tegxra#0836. I will have a model ship to tour soon and allow for test drives and demonstrations within the Safe Zone.

BP: 2 M

stealth Scooter

Random Ship Seller


Ore Crates: 0 crates

u can pay 100k flat or with ores and pay the build cost build cost 50k Ajatite ore 1 stack bastium ore 2 stack Charodium ore 1 stack Ice ore 2 stack Nhurgite ore 1 stack vokarium ore 2 stack flight time is at 100% thruster efficiency flight time propellant 2.44h flight time Fuel 3.56h Forward speed 100 m/s Backwars speed 45 m/s

Ship: 100 K

Fuel_Send_Frigate (Heat Updated)



Item Crates: 0 crates

This is a simple Fuel tanker, made to keep your deep station ships fueled! It also includes the 3 crafting benches in the aft, so you can craft whenever and wherever! Get to where you are going safely with the Anti Asteroid rangefinders on the front, ensuring you can operate anywhere in the belts! Update 9/13/21: added warp core, ported in 2.0 version of AA system. fixed loose wiring causing small yaw imbalance Update 5/11/22: removed warp core, added heatsinks. added decals on side. update buffed storage capacity to over 1 billion prop. This makes a great support ship to park in your deep stations, providing both fuel and a way to craft parts/repair ships if they become non-functional near your station. Features: -over 1 billion million propellent -288 T2 fuel rods -50,000 km approx range -approx 135 m/s speed with no ores. -6 t2 fuel input units, 3 generators per -96 t2 triangle thrusters forward drive -32 triangle thrusters attitude control, extremely responsive pitch and yaw, roll is sluggish. -24 crates of storage to bring repair materials along -Tool wall under pilot seat to bolt hand-tools to (tools not included in BP) -1 passenger seat to pickup suspicious hitchikers -3 crafting benches in aft compartment -5 Resource ports, 1 in pilot section, 4 in aft to fuel up multiple ships at once. -AA system, with simple YOLOL scripts to keep you in one piece! -Deflector beams on front as a second line of defense against asteroids! -Stylish Minecraft inspired texture to remind you that 90% of the ship is explodable! -ISAN mono, latest version -cruise, turtle mode -transponder

BP: 300 K

Scav MV



Ore Crates: 143 crates

!Heat Ready! Description: Produced as LLROE's first entry into the market of mining ships, this ship has been utilized to great effectiveness in their industrial convoys. Stats and features: - 143 ore crates - Full-hull aegisium plating, to protect both your cargo and your ship - 135 m/s top speed empty, with a respectable 110 m/s top speed when fully loaded - 2 sets of mining lasers than can be triggered individually for use with both smaller and larger rocks - Toggleable pulse system for both set of lasers - Battery and cutting angle safety shutoffs for mining lasers - 3 mining laser presets - LLROE's brand of asteroid avoidance system - ISAN Quad with waypoint modules - Convenient alert system on the dash to inform of low consumables - Enough automation on board to raise eyebrows on a possible AI revolution - If AI revolutions don't scare you, there are plenty of easily accessible YOLOL expansion bays on board

Ship: 2.75 M

[FREE] Moon9 502 Miner



Ore Crates: 502 crates

I've moved on to other games for now so I'm making my blueprints available for free: Perfect mix of capacity, mining speed and automation. Lots of space without giving up speed. This ship has an abundance of useful scripts including power management, turtle, cruise, ISAN with speed, Fuel Time, Approach, Material Scan (SO) with stacks displayed, and extensively tested Asteroid Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) that displays the location of the approaching asteroid relative to the ship and displays a running total of asteroids avoided. There are three endo stations on the bridge. How long will the four mining lasers run at solid beam? FOREVER!! At least until your fuel cells are empty. By the time the batteries get low, the generators catch up to the drain rate without any special power management, it's so nice. Bind a key to SO for material scan and Approach to simultaneously enable both systems (I use Mouse5). When the asteroid is in range, punch LASER (Mouse4) and the magic starts. A front white light turns on, Approach and SO (Material Scan) are disabled, 4 lasers start making circular patterns, and two collectors automatically activate. 30 seconds after you disable the lasers, the collectors will disengage and the mining light will shut off. This ship was built with accessibility in mind. There is a rear thrust bay with room for additional components and easy access to thruster wiring. The Moon9 502 Miner contains all three crafting bench types. The dual sliding doors grant access to engine bay, YOLOL stack, flight computer and rear access to forward maneuvering thrusters. There is an emergency access door at the bottom of the ship in case you lose power. Generator / socket access doors on top. Ship is decked out with tier 2 generators and thrusters. 12 tier 2 core chambers with 12 enhancers and 12 racks containing spare cores. 54,000,000 Hydrogen for long trips. This ship has come a long way, once purchased, I'll send a couple versions with explanations of what's what. You'll receive blueprints for the main 502 Miner (currently version A5), a Fast Travel version with 462 cargo and a Tier 3 version, slightly faster but it costs a lot more to produce. Have questions? Reach out! I try to stay in contact with all the Endos rocking the 502.

BP: 1

Patrol lite



Primary Thrusters: 8 units

Ultra compact combat fighter. (150m/s) Warpclass: 4.77(without weapons) / 1.22(with weapons) Price without weapons: 300000+ore Price with Lasercannon: 750000+ore -You can buy the ship without weapons and put autocannon or lasercannon on it later if you want to lower costs. (You will simply have to rename certain parameters on the weapons for Yolol efficiency). -Equipped with motion sensitivity adjustment in the cockpit. -Equipped with ISAN (position/speed). -Equipped with warning sound when low fuel/propane.

Ship: 780 K
BP: 4 M


UA Shipyards


Ore Crates: 112 crates

Greetings fellow Endos **Updated heat mechanics** UA Shipyards presents her latest vessel perfectly fit for the avid miner and prospector. The WorkerBee comes packed with features to get YOU up and running as quickly as possible. Her modular design allows for upgrades and easy maintenance. So what are you still waiting for? Get your WorkerBee today at any UA-Shipyards retailer or spokesperson. So Long Oloneus **Price** - Option 1) - **~ 425,000 Cr. + Ores** - Option 2) - **~ 2,100,000 Cr.** depending on Ore prices ! **Specs** - 112 Cargo Crates - for all your precious resources - T3 Powerplant - for the juice necessary - T2 Engines - that will bring you up to speed, ~135m/s empty and ~105 m/s full - ISAN2.5-M - Delt UI. - Gyroscope - Avoidance System - 22 Million Propellant - for the extra long mileage - A set of double Miners - Scanner - Automated collector will have you stocking up those rocks in no time. - Approach Script to get you to those roids ;)

Ship: 2.1 M

Roomba [FREE]



Ore Crates: 428 crates

Space Roomba === ***BP Now Free*** This thing decimates roids, makes mining surprisingly fun, just push a button and fly, automatically mines the roids that gets in the cylinder. 110m/s unladen, 70m/s full. Built with safezone in mind for newer players and as a hobby project for myself, I can't go back to normal bulk mining without this ship, it's that much more efficient. You can take this ship outside of safezone to mine if you are careful but I recommend having extensive ship repair experience and knowledge before you do so since this ship is designed to get uncomfortably close to asteroids and accidents are likely if not careful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes: === - 428 crates - 24 Mining Lasers - 6 Ore collectors - 24 T1 reactor chambers T1 Enhanced, 72 generators - 24 Fuel rod storage racks - 384 batteries - 12 large propellant tanks - Material scanner - Basic crafting bench. - T10 Roid Mining capability "Bigboi" button with Laser Pulse - Automatic Align Assistance - Auto Approach - ISAN Quad - Ship control trim to better customize flight control to your liking - Approach speed sensitivity control - Lights to better see the asteroids getting shredded - AIM mode to even further fine tune your aim for asteroid approach! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See it in action: === - That's pretty much all you need to do with this ship to mine. As demonstrated in the video - you just need to hit Green button, hit White button, hit Approach button and aim at an asteroid until that middle Safety button goes from blinking red to green. That's all! - Alternatively you can mine with the Bigboi button that enables the ship to mine T10 roids! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT ME at Shu#8351 on Discord for BP copy. I no longer play SB but I am happy if you would still like to use my creation. === ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/25/2022 UPDATED by Rukia Barr === * Made the whole frame green used weld blocks and welded up all the gapped beams * Added heat sinks * Moved the Enhancers to the generator units (due to them not working on chambers any more) * Adjusted some crate bolting to reduce the chance of durability errors * Adjusted the gen setup to produce less heat * Replaced the large tanks with new large tanks so there is no buggy ness in the propellant tanks from where they changed how much it stores (9mill to 12 mill propellant) which brings it up to 144mil propellant on the ship * Cleaned the bolts off of the control panel * Added a warm up button for the gens named "50eps" * Set up a sentry battery to control the gen script that way the gen script is even faster on spooling up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BP: 1

Small Cargo Crate *Blueprint Now Available"

Intergalactic Cargo Supplier Corporation


Item Crates: 4 crates

SMALL CARGO CONTAINER 1.92m x 1.2m x 0.2m ## This all purpose small cargo container is perfect for transportation of smaller items to avoid the mess of bolting things to your ship. It is easily adaptable to any ship and each order comes with a shelving system for the crates. They are best used for stacking, and the containers snap easily into the shelving system. ## ***Blueprint now available*** Minimum Order: 4 Units (1 unit = 4 cargo crates & 1 shelf) Price without parts or ore: 12,000.00 each. Price with parts or with ore: 10,000.00 each. **Details:** **Dimensions:** 1.92m width 1.2m beam 0.2m height. **Examples of full cargo load:** 40 Control Table 48x72cm or 231 YOLOL Chips or 18 Memory Relays or 36 Network Relays or 9 Flight Units or 100+ ammunition clips for small arms and tools. **Ore Required:** Ajatite Ore: 269kv (0.2 Stacks) Bastium Ore: 771kv (0.4 Stacks) **Shelving Parts:** Beam Straight 384cm X 4 Beam Straight 192 x 9 Beam Straight 96 x 6 Beam Straight 72 x 4 Beam Intersection A 36cm - 3 connection points x 8 **Cargo Container:** Plate Basic 72x144 x 2 Plate Basic 36x144 x 1 Plate Basic 36x72 x 2 Plate Basic 12x48 x2 Plate Basic 36x48 x2 Plate Basic 12x36 x2 Plate Basic 24x36 x1 Beam Straight 48cm x 11 Beam Straight 24cm x 6 Beam Corner 36cm x 4 Beam Straight 48cm x 4 Grab Handle x 1 Hinge A 48x48 x 1 Hinge Rod 12x48cm x1

Ship: 12 K
BP: 50 K

[FREE] Moon9 80 Miner



Ore Crates: 80 crates

I've moved on to other games for now so I'm making my blueprints available for free: Fully loaded, made for frequent danger zone flyers. Low footprint (width and height), equipped with loads of useful scripts, ISAN, Forward/Back Flight, Power Management, Approach, Material Scan (AS) with stacks displayed, Asteroid Collision Avoidance System (ACAS), Turtle mode, Full power mode. Bind a key to AS for scan and Approach to simultaneously enable both systems. When the asteroid is in range, punch LASER and the magic starts. Two front white lights turn on, Approach and Scan are disabled, 4 lasers start making circular patterns, and two collectors engage. 30 seconds after you disable the lasers, the collectors will disengage and the mining light will shut off. This ship was built with accessibility in mind. There is a rear bay with accessibility to batteries, hydro tanks and rear engines. There is a front bay for easy access to front wiring and a crafting table. There are engine bay doors on the top for access to the top of the generator stack and sockets. Ship is decked out with 12 tier 1 generators, 4 core chambers and 8 racks for extra cores. 12,000,000 Hydrogen from 12 small hydro tanks, a whopping 42 batteries that keep the 4 lasers blasting away for 16.5 seconds, none of this pulsing nonsense. If pulsing is your thing, there is an extra chip bolted to the wall to the right of the YOLOL stack, just slot it in and adjust the names of your lasers to "Las1" and "Las2", the lasers will continually alternate firing.

BP: 1

BGK-1096 "Zvezda" [Updated 05.05.22]

Argent Shipyard


Ore Crates: 1,096 crates

**Changelog:** **[UPDATED 05.05.2022] - Added New Heat System** **BGK-1096 "Zvezda" (Bolshoy Gryzovoy Korabl) - is a fast, maneuverable, compact and cargo-lifting cargo ship, designed by the Russian engineer GreenSeven from the Argent corporation.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- **1. Original Version:** **Stock Color: Blue and white.** **Price: Blueprint only cost - 7,000,000 (Discount! Before - 12,000,000)** **Credit only cost - [Due to the ore crisis, the price is not calculated]** **Credit and ore cost - 3,000,000 + ore** **Specs:** **• Speed when empty 150 m/s** **• Speed when full 100 m/s** **• 192 main thrusters T2** **• 6 Resource ports** **• 16 Rangefinders** **• 1096 Resource Crates** **• 8 Large Propellant Tanks (72000000 prop) ** **• 40 Generator Units T2** **• 40 FuelChambler Units T2 (12000000 fuel)** **• 16 Heatsinks** **• 64 Radiators** **• ISAN Quad (All ISAN systems)** **• Transponder** **• Avoid System** **• Approach System** **• Fuel time - 240 minutes (4 hours) flight time.** **• Fuel propellant time - 309 minutes (5,1 hours) flight time.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- **2. Differences of Mk2 Version (It was created at the request of a corporation):** **• 1024 Resource Crates** **• 20 Large Propellant Tanks (180000000 prop) ** **• 40 FuelRods in Chamblers and 80 FuelRods is Reserved (2 reloads)** **• Fuel time - 600 minutes (10 hours) flight time.** **• Fuel propellant time - 772 minutes (13 hours) flight time.** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *It is also possible to make an individual or corporate color of the ship, any style you want !!! **When ordering, you can simply make any individual changes to the ship's drawing. Any modifications and additions you want.

Ship: 3 M
BP: 7 M

Cossack F-1

Far Out Shipyard


Dry Max Speed: 110 m/s

A long range scout/support ship with cargo lock frame, and hardpoints for adding weapons. * 8 hours of propellant and 2.5 with fuel * Rangefinder * Transponder * 10 Tier 1 Generators and 4 T1 Fuel Chambers * 8 Fuel rod racks * Tier 1 Thrusters * Cruise mode * ECO mode for generators * Radiators and Cooling rack * Great maneuverability * Redundant Radiator cooling * Space for Fast Travel Core

BP: 500 K
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