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XL-1200 | XL-1452 | XF-960 | [FREE]

Roman Shipyard


Ore Crates: 3,612 crates

This is a bundle of 3 plasma hauler blueprints all for only 2 million credits! First up is the XL-1200, a gargantuan hauler for the largest loads. Not only does it haul, it hauls FAST. Twin plasmas can move this ship up to 150 empty, 127 with random ores, (calculated as 15 tons per stack) and 107 fully loaded with lukium. (26 tons per stack) Next is the XL-1452. This is pretty much the XL-1200 but with an additional 252 crates and double the propellant tanks. This ship is more economical too, due to it only using 1 plasma it is much cheaper to construct, however it is much slower too, roughly 30-50m/s slower than the XL-1200 Lastly is the XF-960! Have you ever wanted more speed? More hauling power? Introducing the XF-960! Featuring a twin plasma setup with a whopping total of 36 rings, as well as 56 tier 3 box thrusters, this monster boasts a speed of 150m/s empty, and guess what? also 150m/s loaded, all while carrying 960 crates of ore! Speed... above all else! (Having a full 960 crate load of lukium does manage to drag it down to 146 point something according to the ship calculator here but its close enough, and id be really confused on why you would have THAT much lukium...) :P (heat updated as well) >> <<


Bugger X



Ore Crates: 448 crates

The Bugger X is a premium version of the [Bugger]( with T3 enhancers and thrusters. # Comparison | | Bugger | Bugger X | |---|---|---| | Thrusters | T2 | T3 | | Top Speed (empty) | 100m/s | 120m/s | | Generators | T3 | T3 | | Fuel Chambers | T3 | T3 | | Enhancers | T2 | T3 | | Power Generation | 72,000eps | 81,000eps | | Mining Time | 90mins | 100mins | # Purchase Blueprint The blueprint is available for purchase on the [EGOTech Discord server]( # Changelog ## v1.0.2 (Current) - 27/12/2022 - Added Discord link to help chip - Added cruise safety chip - Added lasers safety chip - Added missing redundant ducts - Added some missing small plates - Added bolts to entry ramp so strength factor does not drop when open - Removed auto `Hover` function which didn't work well enough - Added side "feelers" ## v1.0.1 - 05/11/2022 - Piped 12 heat sinks that were not piped - Removed now 11 redundant heat sinks ## v1.0.0 - 08/10/2022 - Initial release

BP: 500 K

Debug Ship



Assembly Cost: 0 credits

This is a debug ship. please ignore it.

[FREE] ECO Brawler

Happy Ship Shop


Dry Max Speed: 135 m/s

This is The ECO Brawler, a very well armoured ship deigning to take a beating and fight back It's designed as a corporation ship : it is reasonably cheap and designed to accommodate up to 8 tripod weapons The ship has 16 autocanons and a full charodium armour with an average of 2 plates thick and much more at the front Max speed of the ship is about 135 m/s You can download it for free here :

BP: 1




Ore Crates: 288 crates

this ship was created to make mining has very long distance with that capacity of 216 million properlant is it 11h of fuel road with the rods of spare. with this 10 laser mining no more T10 will resist you the ship can embark 4 t10 I advise you to mine next to a station or a transporter for an optimal use. specs: 145 m / s empty, 288 ore crate, Box thruster T2 nozzle T3 52, laser mining 10, ore collector 2, fuel chamber T2 24, generator T2 72, thruster triangle T2 nozzle T3 90, radiator base 12, radiator expansion 96, 216 million propellant, 169 Battery, basic crafting bench, advanced crafting bench, too l& weapons crafting bench.32 spare fuel roads, warp class: 1,616, Mode Navigation 45% of thruster power, Mode turle, Mode cruise, Speed mater for réel speed, compass, ship diagnostic, transponder, auto approche, ore scanner, simple Button green inside safe zone red outside safe zone, Fuel_time : fuel rods and propellant, system ACAS with for self avoidance. Each time the Blueprint is modified, I give you a new Bp version.

BP: 300 K

Flag(s) Art

JamsJelly Edition


Bastium: 3.4 stacks

50,000 for each design comes with the small and large version USA, Australian & Chinese Flags will get stars when a more accurate one can be found/ designed (might use the Star of David for them instead) Large size: 1728 X 864 cm Small size: 288 X 144 cm Canadian small flag: 384 X 144 cm

Ship: 7.5 K
BP: 50 K




Range: 5,000 km

In need of one-way trips, at maximum speed, anywhere, for a disposable cost? Zippies will do 150m/s easily. Zippies will get you 5000km of travel. Become a space-litterbug when you're done. Zippies are expendable. Printing each Zippy is *under 30000* in combined ore and assembly fees if you pre-craft a few of the parts. Use a Zippy for the one-way-trip to fetch ships that you've left parked at a station after an insurance transfer. *Since the removal of fast travel cores from the game, Zippies can now fly through fast travel gates without issue!* *Your blueprint includes the Zippy SCOUT, a Zippy with **luxury** features such as a 'ponder, roll and upwards strafe, and passenger seats. The ultimate leetl 'splorer.* *You can get a blueprint for the [Zippy PACK]( (for expert players) for free.*

BP: 30 K

[Free] Mk II Community Center

Faulty Designs


Assembly Cost: 81,788 credits

A community center to improve your local Origin & show goodwill toward your fellow endos. Equipped with all crafting benches (two of the basic variant) & eight chairs, four of which are seated around the central meeting table. A [_two-storey_ variant]( is now available as well, freely of course! New to this version are glare guards as first added by `Railang#5753` & a rangefinder-based light switch that is accessible to all endos, not just those granted "operator" access to the ship. Also, while the typo joke was fun it was also quite confusing to new players, so I did in fact go ahead and fix it in this version. [The original _Mk I_ variant](, complete with typo, will always remain available! Flies incredibly slowly & the cockpit area is basic and terrible, but it gets the job done. Equipped with excessive battery capacity to keep the lights on. As the creator is incredibly lazy, the blueprint may be [downloaded immediately]( at no cost. For exactly the same reason, it is provided with absolutely no warranty or support. Instead, it's offered on a pay-what-you-believe-is-fair donation basis: the minimum is simply a request to send a message to the creator (`Fault` in-game or `Fault#9610` on Discord) if you end up printing & enjoying the ship. Huge thanks to: * `Railang#5753` for adding the light guards and YOLOL "message" panel & providing valuable feedback * `Oloneus#5521` for donating to enable continued development, helping maintain the Origin 23 center, providing a great energy-management script & valuable feedback * `Lovel#0509` for upgrading the Origin 23 benches & providing tons of valuable feedback * Everyone who has expressed appreciation for the center, you warm my Endo "heart"! Live long & prosper.


[FREE] Grog V1A

Duh idk


Ore Crates: 4 crates

4 crate mini salvager designed for use with handheld recycling tool\ A= advanced for the Advanced FCU\ 45min flight time and 150 dry maybe 120 full of lukium\ download [here](


Percheron Mk2

Scrap Metal Militia


Item Crates: 0 crates

This is Serdzas' endorsed Mk2 of the Percheron series. It offers 336 increased cargo containers (for a total of 1,336), an improved cockpit and console, upgraded YOLOL scripts, and an increased maximum speed of 150 m/s while dry and 67 m/s while at maximum mass (fully loaded with Lukium). Now updated with heatsinks. The generators need to be spooled up to fly properly though.

BP: 3 M

Mini Roid Netter



Primary Thrusters: 36 units

New to the game but can't afford a larger ship yet? Introducing the Mini Roid Netter, the smaller brother of the Roid Netter and the Roid Catcher! Comprised completely of Tier 1 components, and in a smaller compact design, this is a perfect ship for new players who want to haul asteroids for a great profit margin. Fly out to the belt at max speed, catch your asteroids, then pass the asteroids off to one of your 3 cargo lock frames with the automated locking system. Powered by 24 Tier 1 Generators configured in an optimal layout, with 8 Tier 1 Fuel Chambers. Capable of 150 m/s when empty and full, unless you've really packed those roids in! Specs: - Double layered cargo lock beam net using 40 cargo lock beams - 3 cargo lock frame sections - Ore Scanner - Mono Isan - 8 Tier 1 Fuel Chambers - 24 Tier 1 Generators - 19 Batteries Ship Features Include: - Fully labelled ergonomic cockpit - Automated cargo lock frame locking system - Guide Rangefinders to line up asteroids - Automatic Generator Management - Snail (5%) and Turtle Mode (30%) Price: - 1.5mil Credits or 800k Credits + Ore BP Download Link:



Kill To Conquer


Ore Crates: 642 crates

Io is a 640 crate ore miner with 6 lasers. limited to 1200km, but has enough room for more tanks. Mining lasers rotation controlled by the control panel plus and minus as well as pitch. Can fit a fast travel core underneath. Does not have asteroid avoidance. Free BP. Download from Dropbox Edit: Comment from another user is stating that there is a durability error, and they are correct. this appears to be an older version on the bp where the bolts are used differently. Only way to fix durability error on this on is to bolt on frame outside scc.

HSM Badger XL



Ore Crates: 1,008 crates

The HSM Badger V3 is developed to hunt T10 Asteriods and to work from a Capital Ship/Station with a big ship hanger. The thruster efficiency is by 99%. 2 Cockpit 12 Mininglaser 4 Orecollektor 282 Battery 36 T2 Fuelchamber 88 Generator 88 Enhancer T3 Automatic Adjust Mininglaser Pattern to Asteroid Tier 3 Side Speedometer Speedometer Based Approach up to 995 Meter Speedometer Based Brake Speedometer Based Antidrift (Stop Speed in y,z do sterring or after Avoid) automatic powermanagment with aim that the batterys at 95% Quad ISAN Navisuite with 30 Waypoints Runtime Fuelrods/Propellant incl. excepted reach adjustable yaw, pitch, roll, approach min down to 8m ,approach max up to 25 and it works every time Avoidspeed Avoidsystem 4 direction with all possible variants Streammode Button If you leave the driver seat mininglaser stop working.

BP: 5 M

HKAS YF-80-01/02



Primary Thrusters: 14 units

40%OFF!!!! Until 1/11/2021 Design with appearance and firepower in mind, the YF-80-01/02 is a space superiority fighter ship that look like it should have no business being a fighter. Equip with six laser cannons, it can defend itself outside of the safezone and do so with style. Top speed of this fighter is around 130m/s and it can fly for 3 hours with it's four fuel rods. ISAN Mono and laser sights included. Has two veriants, YF-80-01 is a single seater, and YF-80-02 is a twin seater Price Blueprint - 10,000,000 Unarmed Ship - 2,000,000 + Ores Unarmed Ship - 2,500,000 Armed Ship - 3,000,000 + Ores Armed Ship - 4,000,000 Specs - 3 Hours flight time, not counting spares - 4 fuel chambers, with and extra 4 stored internally - 130m/s - 6 Laser Cannon - ISAN Mono - Laser Sights - Cruise mode - YF-80-01(One Seat) - YF-80-02(Two Seat)

Ship: 2 M
BP: 3 M




Ore Crates: 48 crates

this ship will allow you to fly for a long time without reloading and mine asteroids in the safe zone and not only, it has 46 containers 2 medium fuel tanks 4 fuel cells 8 unit generators. Speed empty 130 m/s 110 full . there is also a resource scanner, a ship life timer, an asteroid approach system, rangefinders for more convenient targeting of an asteroid, a generator energy saving script If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord (Danket#5941) Or contact our discord channel (

Ship: 450 K




Ore Crates: 2,048 crates

Spherical Storage crate with 2048 Crates. A more aesthetic ship designed to expand Capital Ship Storage or Origin Storage. Doesn't move. Has 4 resource bridges on all 6 *edges* (24 total). Inside has 3 batteries and the maneuvering thruster. DM for Blueprint

BP: 500 K

Skytanker R4



Battery: 12 units

**Ship price:** 3M credits + Assembly cost + Manufacturing cost and of course provide the necessary resources listed below **BP:** 4M The price of the ship is a right of access, this right allows you to have the following versions free of charge (1.1 1.2 1.3 for example). 3 Tank of liquid exorium. 3 Exorium processing unit. 9 Capital Ship Super Generators. **Useful information:** 24 crates. 60 large hydrogen tank. 2 Plasma thrusters (2x20 rings). 128 little thrusters T2.5.

Ship: 3 M
BP: 4 M

SunFire [Free BP]

Cafe Incorporated


Ore Crates: 40 crates

Welcome to the Sun Fire a 40 crate work horse with the ability to add a mining laser and collector. --- ***specs*** * 150m/s dry * 120m/s With 40tones per cate * 40 ore crates * gen script * Advanced Fcu * 10 mil propellant --- To get the blueprint just join our discord at And don't forget to check out our other ships to! --- Ship Guide - Time-lapse of the build -


TriMoon [FREE]

Silverstar Spaceships


Ore Crates: 0 crates

# Behold the TriMoon! A free fast cutting edge moon miner. Perfect for getting all of the precious moon ore. The ship features a full automated mining process that will go as deep as the ship itself within 30 minutes. The ship also has a full grid display cockpit with many cool features for you to play around with. # Super cheap and super fast! This super fast and cheap moon miner will make a giant hole shown in the thumbnail in under 2 hours! # Setup Controls: Bind "FD" + and - for forward thrust Bind "BD" + and - for backward thrust # HOW TO 1: Face the ship towards the ground 2: Activate turtle mode 3: Activate align and look at the pitch and yaw panels to the right. 4: Gently tap pitch and yaw accordingly to get the panel values as close to zero as possible (use the universal tool to see if you are going in the correct direction if you are having issues) 5: Deactivate align mode 6: Activate mine mode and the ship will now automatically dig in to the ground until you stop it 7: Once at desired depth deactivate mine mode and activate clear mode 8: Once satisfied with a large enough hole deactivate the clear mode. 9: Done! You can now harvest all of those juicy ores or get another ship down the hole and continue making the hole bigger. Enjoy! Note! You can mine the ore whilst digging/clearing the hole. This is actually recommended to make sure that no ore is going to touch the ship. Also note that if you de-load the area any exposed ore will most likely disappear. For example when logging out and when leaving the area. # Aligning: Press "Align" and look at the "pitch" and "yaw" values to the right to align the ship to the surface. When done with the alignment press "gyro" to reset the gyro in case you accidentally touch the controls. # Mining: Press "Mine" to enter mine mode and let it do its thing (make sure the ship is clear of any debris). When the ship is at your desired depth deactivate mine mode. To open up the hole click "clear" to clear the hole. (make sure the ship is clear of any debris) # Known bugs If ship looses power scripts might act up # Blueprint and more of my ships Enjoy!

Ship: 258.98 K
BP: 59.26 K

monkey / bear heads logo

Happy Ship Shop


No attributes :-(

Discord : Monkey / bear head logo, the backplate is 576x576 in size You can use it on any ship to give it a bit more personality You can use any material you want to fit your needs ( BP uses bastium ) When you buy this BP you get ALL the heads, no need to choose one

BP: 200 K

L-Cargo-Eos V3.1

[La Garde] Yonax


Ore Crates: 300 crates

The L-Cargo-Eos is a very good mining and cargo ship created for the single player looking for a multifunctional and automated ship for a reasonable price. The L-Cargo-Eos has 3 mining lasers that last a very long time. It can carry up to 300 cargo crates for very long distances. The ship has charodium armour to temporarily protect it from pirates. This ship is very easy to repair (number of cables and pipes minimised) and resistant to almost all asteroid collisions. This ship displays all information we need. Yolol system : - Asteroid avoidance - Eco Mode - Isan V2 - Auto Approach - Collector energy adjustment - Ores scan - Laser Eco mode - Light alert when system low ( Battery / Gen / Fuelrod / Gas ) - Automatic laser turret movement ==>To buy the blueprint contact me in our faction discord : <== UPDATE : 04/05/2022 - V3.1 Heatsink update

Ship: 870 K
BP: 900 K

Solaris Explorer MK II



Battery: 60,000 units

A small, purely solar powered scout spaceship with 5 engines that is controlled in 2 groups. Drive and navigation engines are separated from each other in order to save fuel. When the energy is full, the excess energy is used up again in a boost. Values differ depending on the use of the engine - Speed: 93m/s-120m/s-148m/s - Range: 7050km-6250km-4800km - Flight time: 22h-15h-9h Scripts and extras: - ISAN 2.5 Mono - Evadedrive (dodge script) - Solardrive MKII (automatic control of the drives depending on the incoming energy with manual bypass switch) - Timescript for battery and fuel remaining time - Ore scanner - Delta (compass) - Speedometer - Tutel button - Aim button - Isan block button button indicator for: - Savezone - Damage zone - Station allowed Flight time and range are only dependent on propellant gas and can be greatly increased with pocket refueling. - Ship Cost with Ore - 65k - Ship Cost no Ore - 200k - Ship BP no sale

Ship: 65 K


Red Moon Dynamics


No attributes :-(

A convenient armory room to display your excessive collection of weaponry and armor, full crafting bench complement. Open to custom commissions for variations.

BP: 500 K

Giga tugboat

Happy Ship Shop


Range: 800 km

This is the Giga tug boat, it is capable of pulling an eco-storage ( ) full of Lukium ( 2000 crates ! ) at 135 meters per second ! The ship possesses a massive power generation of 660'000 elec per second and an equally massive thrust of 4 x 15 plasma rings The goal of the ship is to tow anything regardless of it's mass, the most it can pull is 110'000 tons ( as a comparison the heaviest ship I ever saw was 80'000 tons ) This is an EXPENSIVE ship ( I'm not kidding ) please make sure you double check the resource cost of the ship before buying it The ship is equipped with an inertia dampener / sensitivity manager / ground avoid / easy to use power management / autonomy calculator You can expect to do a minimum of 800km ( rod time ) when pulling 2000 crates of Lukium witch is a worst case scenario, else it has a greater range

BP: 5 M
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