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Exec Shuttlecraft T1


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"We got tired of bolting on gate drives to ships, so we made a ship out of a gate drive, then when gate drives went away, we realized we had all this space." - ITC CEO.

Presenting the ITC Executive Class Shuttlecraft T1!

When a gate drive married a Lamborghini, they produced this Tier 1-only max-speed armored sport utility Endo transport vehicle - a vehicle which graduated from an elite Special Forces academy at the top of its class, and served as an agent in the Interstellar Secret Service before making itself available for civilian use.

The Executive Class Shuttlecraft and its variants have been micro-engineered by ITC's incredible team of engineers, and QA'ed meticulously to provide a maintenance-free experience while delivering the highest quality in flight control and performance. You will literally oil the underside of your pilot seat the first time you launch it into space. We have provided a complimentary YOLOL pad near the pilot seat to help with cleaning up any messes afterward.

The gate drive is designed to be easily removed and replaced with any interior you desire, making this a multi-role vessel supporting a number of mission profiles from fighter, to respawn assault lander, S.O.S. rescue ship, and deep space exploration vessel (see the Tier 2 version for details). At max speed, any threats you encounter will be hard pressed to intercept you.

For those that are foolish enough to give chase to your space limo, tripods may be mounted onto the fold-out ramp doors for rapid hidden deployment, and the vessel supports any configuration of mounted weapons on its available hardpoints. This vessel exists to protect your corporation's top executives and VIPs as they travel in style.

At only 547k per ship for the Tier 1 version (assembly and ores), and 557k for the Tier 2 version (assembly and ores), your search for an expendable max-speed armored assault transport, fighter, and rescue vehicle for your corp, is now over.

Both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 blueprints are included in your Tier 2 blueprint purchase, and come with an unlimited corp distribution license so you can share with all your corp members:

Tier 1: 1.5 hour propellant range, 2 hardpoints, Tier 1 Gens/Engines/Chambers

Tier 2: 3.5 hour propellant range, 6 hardpoints, Tier 2 Gens/Engines/Chambers

In addition to tripods, the Tier 2 can mount and support 4x dual laser cannons for that satisfying X-Wing pew pew feel as you melt the face off of any pirate that is foolish enough to give chase. We'd add more, but we feel it wouldn't be fair... to the pirates.

Comes with ISAN, autolanding scripts for both stations and gravity, and more.

We have made these ships available to our members for free. It's one of the many benefits to joining the best corp in Starbase. Feel free to check out the ITC Discord to learn more!

ITC Executive Class Shuttlecraft Credits:

  • Chief Designer - Inigma
  • Programmers - Angelklaine, Rubick, and Silra
  • Subsystems Design & QA - Angelklaine, Inigma, and Firebird

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1 year ago


All Executive Shuttlecraft variants are now updated for heat!

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago

La_fleur_ (Корочка хлеба)#6296

I really liked the ship. I'm very impressed. Thank you and please us with other beautiful projects. I really like cozy cabins and when the control panel and buttons are in front of my eyes. I feel convenience, comfort and the fact that I manage everything in the ship.

ITC Shipyard

Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

221,000 credits

Warp Class:



810 km


Resource Bridges:

2 bridges


Dry Weight:

900,630 kg

Wet Weight:

923,630 kg

Dry Max Speed:

150 m/s

Wet Max Speed:

150 m/s


60,000 units


5,000 eps


4,000,000 units


Primary Thrusters:

16 units

Secondary Thrusters:

2 units

Maneuvering Thrusters:

8 units

Flight Time:

1.5 hrs

Required Ores


7.6 stacks


5 stacks


2.8 stacks


13.8 stacks


19.9 stacks


0.8 stacks


2.3 stacks


0.1 stacks


2.5 stacks


28.1 stacks

  • Updates
    • Heat

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Fighter
    • Explorer
    • Pocket
    • Other

  • Features
    • ISAN
    • Multicrew
    • Automated
    • Warp
    • Weapons
    • Armour