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[Free] OSA Azathoth Mk3


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Azathoth Mk3 is a 1040 crate late game miner, with 12 mining lasers, 5 tractor beams, 4 collectors and 145 m/s dry.

Third of 6 free ships to be released everyday leading up to Eos Con.



145 m/s max speed dry using T2.5 thruster setup.

19063554 kg in weight.

1040 Crates.

Basic workbench and Tools workbench.

Mat scanner using Happytrigger's scanner scripts.

12 mining lasers using Happytrigger's advanced cradle sweep, 4 collectors.

5 tractor beams, 1 fixed, 4 on turrets, turrets point inwards when grabbing, useful for mining shell or in Astel's grav belt.

8 large + 8 medium prop tanks for 104 million prop, 3 hours 50 mins estimated flight time.

24 T3 fuel chambers + 72 T3 generators + 24 T1 enhancers, estimated flight time 3 hours 30 mins.

Basic script for current Fuel/Prop times.


Aeg 109.9 stacks (189928 kv)

Aja 5.3 stacks (9224 kv)

Ark 26.7 stacks (46198 kv)

Bas 393.5 stacks (679942 kv)

Cha 297.5 stacks (514041 kv)

Exo 31.1 stacks (53715)

Ice 74.1 stacks (128000 kv)

Kar 0.9 stacks (1557 kv)

Kut 28.0 stacks (48469 kv)

Luk 10.8 stacks (18577 kv)

Nhu 33.6 stacks (58079 kv)

Vok 165.6 stacks (286094 kv)

Ymr 22.9 stacks (39576 kv)

Total ore 1199.9 stacks (1073401 kv)

Assembly cost 385286 credits

Manufacturing cost 2255310 credits

Total cost 2640595 credits


Back when living out at Arma, i asked a question.

How hard is it to build a 1000+ crate miner like the Gido?

Turns out pretty hard.

This is the result, a personal made miner for my tastes, refining away what i did not need within the Elysium belt while adding some features i needed (or just wanted).

This ship has little autonomy, this means no CAS, no auto approach, no isan.

I am a manual flyer, preferring to navigate the shorter distances around Arma without CAS, and i despise auto approach.

It is also lighter on both prop and fuel than the Gido, this is due to me preferring to do my hauling with dedicated haulers, and leave my miner at stations/cap ships.

Where it excels is speed and carrying capacity.

1040 crates leaves more room for chunkers (the Gido would often come short on my last T10, unacceptable)

145 max speed dry, with angled thruster pods to help keep this beast on the straight and narrow, has surprising agility.

This ship is a brute, a massive box surrounded by thrusters, perfect for those who want to manual fly around stations and cap ships without distraction.

A huge thank you to Happytrigger for his free mods, and allowing me to borrow from his Pangasius Bp, this ship would not be without him. (SB link Ship Shop)

A huge thank you to Zehtuka for allowing me to use the M1K cockpit + turret cradles, this ship started as a mod to the M1K, before starting from scratch. (SB link Shipyards)


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Common Statistics

Assembly Cost:

385,286 credits


Ore Crates:

1,040 crates


Dry Weight:

19,063,554 kg

Dry Max Speed:

145 m/s


104,000,000 units


Flight Time:

2.3 hrs

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  • Role
    • Miner